His True Colors Chapter 2139

 "The Voidless Clan didn't attack." Cool-Son Yeh replied softly in an annoyed voice.

        Hearing these words, Master Xian Ling was stunned, "What? The Voidless Clan didn't attack? How could that be?"

        With the number of people and Wang Juzhi himself sitting on the battlefield, the word failure was almost never in Precedent Spirit Master Dowager's consideration.

        Although First Spirit Master Dowager was surprised to learn of Han Qianqian's identity, she really wouldn't doubt the outcome of this matter in the slightest as Wang Juzhi arrived with a large army.

        But where did she think that it would be defeated.

        How was this defeat?

        Cool-Son Yeh glanced at Wang Zhuzhi, and at that moment, took a step forward, "Your Holiness, Han Qianqiang was able to get so many strange beasts to help, I think it might have something to do with the Voidless Sect's Death Spirit Forbidden Land back then."

        Then, Ye Lucheng told Wang Juzhi all about the beast king's golden body and the rebirth of the beast king that was suppressed in the Death Spirit Forbidden Land.

        After listening, Wang Jiuzhi pondered for a long time: "In that case, Han Qianqian might be controlling the Beast King, right?"

        Cool-Son Yeh nodded his head.

        "Your Holiness, even so, we actually don't need to be discouraged, Han Qianqian's victory this time is actually because we don't understand his ways and let everyone bring out the strange beasts, instead of inadvertently enhancing his fighting power. However, those are all contracted beasts, as long as our people break the contract as soon as ......" someone suggested.

        "That's right, we've lost a lot of disciples this time, but when the disciples die his strange beasts die with them. Everyone's losses are about the same, and as soon as the living ones break the contract, all those of our strange beasts on Han Qianqian's formation will die, and the scales will tilt to our side just the same."

        Wang Juzhi nodded, "Good, immediately order everyone to destroy their contracts, so that all those contracted strange beasts following Han Qianqian will die out."

        "Yes." One of his men hurriedly retreated.

        "How long will it take for the people from the Eternal Sea to arrive?" Wang Juzhi raised his head and asked.

        "Your Holiness, they will arrive tomorrow evening."

        "In other words, we still need to hold out for another day." Wang Juzhi frowned, "Lone City, you lead 50,000 disciples to guard the bottom of the Voidless Clan's mountain in order to prevent them from raiding, while Master Xian Ling Tai leads the vanguard troops to block the two Fu Ye families, and do not initiate an attack for the time being until reinforcements arrive."

        In order to avoid being attacked back and forth, Wang Juzhi arranged the corresponding strategic adjustment at this time.


        Only after the general direction was deployed did Wang Juzhi breathe a little easier.

        "In addition, Wu Yan, go and invite someone for me." After speaking, Wang Zhuzhi handed a token to Wu Yan's hand.

        Seeing the words on the token, Wu Yan froze, followed by a bitchy smile, "Yes, Your Holiness."

        When he had left the tent, Wu Yan looked at the sky and said in a cold voice, "Han Qianqian, do you think you're really invincible?"

        And at that moment, the Voidless Sect.

        It was lively and crowded.

        Han Qianqian's group was placed at the main table, and the disciples of the Voidless Clan took turns to toast Han Qianqian.

        However, as she did not drink, they had to say a word of thanks to her after toasting Han Qianqian.

        Seeing that the time had come, Sanyong slowly stood up and raised his hand, gesturing for everyone to quiet down.

        After the people were quiet, Sanyong smiled to himself, "Gentlemen, all of you be quiet for a moment, I will make an announcement."

        After saying this, Sanyong looked at everyone awkwardly, "I have been in charge of the Voidless Clan for a hundred years, and I had wanted to lead the Voidless Clan to glory with dedication, but unfortunately my abilities were limited, and not only did I misjudge the traitor Ye Kucheng, but I even lost three thousand such generals from my clan because I listened to his slanderous words."

        "This is a shortage of my abilities, and I offer an apology on behalf of all the disciples of the Voidless Clan." After saying this, Sannaga bowed deeply.

        "At the same time, it also shows that Sanyong is not capable of leading the Voidless Clan, therefore, as of today, I am officially stepping down as the head of the Voidless Clan." After saying this, Sanyong let out a bitter smile.

        "However, the Sect Head Order has been taken away by Ye Kucheng and the others, so if you still recognize me as the Sect Head, then I will announce the next Sect Head, okay?"

        With a single command, the crowd looked at each other in disbelief.

        Sanyong was still alive, and the disciples of the sect naturally supported the Sect Leader, and in just the next second, the crowd of disciples chanted in unison, "Yes!"

        Sanyong smiled heartily.

        "Good then, then I will announce the new head of the Voidless Sect."

        "The new Sect Leader, it has to be Han Qianqian, and only he is qualified to be our new Sect Leader."

        "That's not true, with three thousand as our head, who else will we be afraid of in the Voidless Sect? We won't even be afraid of the Pill God Pavilion!"

        "Yes, I'm determined to follow Han Qianqian anyway."

        The crowd of disciples were excited.

        However, the more they did so, the more embarrassed Sanyong and the few elders were, and how could the Voidless Sect have the face to invite Han Qianqian to be the head of the Voidless Sect when things were so bad!

        However, for the sake of the future of the Voidless Clan, Sanyong and the few elders thought about it and finally came up with a more appropriate candidate.

        And this person, not only had her own skills, but most importantly, she would pull in the relationship between Han Qianqian and the Voidless Clan.

        "I declare ......"