His True Colors Chapter 2138

  "Three thousand, three thousand!" Fu Mang and the others were also very excited, each one cheering incomparably.

        Han Qianqian slowly fell down, and the crowd immediately gathered around.

        "Han Qianqian, you're awesome, you've repelled over a hundred thousand troops of the Pill God Pavilion with your own strength, and you're led by Wang Juzhi, the new god himself."

        "Haha, sealing a god in one battle, Brother Three Thousand, you're too strong."

        "Brother Three Thousand, accept my knees."

        A group of people roared loudly in fervour, their admiration for Han Qianqian overflowing.

        But Han Qianqian's eyes were always gazing at each other with Su Yingxia, never making contact with others.

        "Thank you for your hard work." Su Yingxia's eyes were full of love as she looked at Han Qianqian.

        "It's not hard." Han Qianqian smiled gently, "After all, for the reward you promised me."

        Hearing those words, Su Yingxia froze, and then blushed.

        "Hahahahahahahahaha." Although Fu Mang didn't know what Su Yingxia's reward for Han Qianqian was, he instantly understood in seconds when he saw Su Yingxia's red face.

        As soon as Fu Mang roared, a group of people followed suit, and it was a lively moment.

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        Only Qin Shant, silently lowered her head, looking gloomy.

        San Yong at this moment glanced at the second and third elders and Lin Meng Xi, and after nodding affirmatively at each other, they walked in unison to Han Qian Qian, and immediately afterwards, the four of them knelt directly in front of Han Qian Qian.

        "What are you doing?" Han Qianqian frowned.

        "Three thousand, I'm sorry."

        "Yes, when we treated you like that, you still helped us regardless of our past, and if it wasn't for you this time, our Voidless Sect might have been wiped out and replaced by that bastard Ye Kucheng."

        "Ai, you are our benefactor, yet we treated you like that, it was really uncalled for."

        The four men lowered their heads heavily in remorse. There were even some tears in their eyes, and it was hard to let go of the big mistake they had made.

        "Get up." Han Qianqian said blandly.

        For San Yong a few people, Han Qianqian just thought they were stupid, since they were stupid people, why should Han Qianqian bother with them?!

        "Look, I said long ago that when Yingxia forgives you, Sanqian will forgive you, so get up." Fu Mang smiled and said.

        San Yong several people looked at each other, and then at Han Qian Qian, before slowly standing up.

        "You all get up too." Han Qianqian looked at all the Voidless Sect disciples who were kneeling and said.

        The Voidless Clan disciples also followed suit and stood up.

        "No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, I just hope I can make you understand one thing, don't look at anyone with tinted glasses, just treat them with a sincere heart. Otherwise, once others have soared to great heights, you will not only lose something you might have gained, but you may even get jealous and put yourself in trouble." Han Qianqian said blandly.

        "You are magnanimous and have such an awareness, O Three Thousand, in fact the waste is not you, but us." Sanyong said with a bitter laugh.

        "Yes, only today have I finally understood that the difference between a man above and a man below is not appearance or perhaps even strength, but one's character." The Second Elder echoed.

        "Even if a person is strong but has a bad character, it is difficult to achieve great things, let alone being a man above others. This is the case with Ye Kucheng and Han Qianqian, and now that the two of them are looking at it again, the highs and lows are immediately apparent." The Third Elder also said.

        San Yong nodded, "Yes, back then we were also wrong to trust this bitch Cool-Son Yeh, so much so that our Voidless Clan is in the predicament it is in today."

        "Meng Xi, you go and have the kitchen prepare a feast, celebrate today's great victory, in addition, I have an important announcement to make." Sanyong commanded.


        After Lin Mengxi left, Sanyong respectfully said to the crowd, "All of you have worked hard for my Voidless Sect, please also rest in the hall."

        At Sanyong's invitation, Han Qianqian took the crowd back inside the hall to rest, and in just half an hour, a feast was already set up outside the hall.

        And at that moment, the Pill God Pavilion.

        After the defeat from the mountain, they immediately returned to the base camp of the front line battlefield of the First Spirit Master Dowager, as the Medicine God Pavilion army retreated and the two Fu Ye families retreated in time.

        The disciples knew that they were outnumbered and were not confident enough to face the more aggressive Fu Ye army.

        However, it was a good thing that the army was retreating, so her vanguard could finally breathe a sigh of relief, and the long-awaited victory was just around the corner.

        But as soon as she entered the tent, she saw everyone with sad faces.

        Wang Juzhi's face was cold, his head half-lowered, and his anger hard to dispel.

        Only when he saw that Master Xian Ling had returned did he raise his head slightly: "Master has returned, ah, you have worked hard."

        After saying this, there were no further words.

        First Spirit Master Dowager swept a strange glance at the crowd, and finally, gently came to Cool-Son Ye's side: "What's going on?"


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