His True Colors Chapter 2136

 "Now, I finally understand why Qin Shang was in love with Han Qianqian. Han Qianqian, in both public and private life, is worthy of being a man. We, on the other hand, were blinded by lard, blinded by prejudice, and did not know the goodness of people's hearts, and instead blamed him for everything that was wrong." Sanyong let out a long sigh of remorse.

        The Second Elder also hung his head, "If I were him, I'm afraid I'd want to kill us all to vent my hatred, so why would I risk my life to save us today? Three Thousand is truly chivalrous, and when you think about us elders, you are ashamed."

        "Such a loyal and filial disciple, with great skills, has been destroyed by our hands. When this matter is over, we should leave our posts. What face do we have left to be any Elders and Sect Leaders?" The third elder also shook his head in discomfort.

        After saying that, the four elders looked at each other and turned to face Su Yingxia, "In the absence of three thousand, Yingxia, you are his wife, so say sorry on our behalf."

        After saying this, all four of them half-kneeled at the knees in unison and bowed their heads deeply.

        Seeing that the four elders had all knelt down, a group of Voidless Sect disciples, too, hurriedly knelt down.

        They felt deeply guilty about what had happened to Han Qianqian.

        "All of you get up." Su Yingxia forced down her inner excitement, she had never been jealous of what Han Qianqian had given for Qin Shannon, because she knew Han Qianqian too well as a person.

        He was doing it to repay his kindness, and also for the relationship between his senior sister and brother.

        If she were herself, she would have done the same.

        Therefore, she was all the more happy and satisfied that Han Qianqian handled things in such a way, because Han Qianqian, was a true man.

        The heart of a man who punishes the evil without mercy will always have more good thoughts for the non-evil as well.

        "I think that three thousand will forgive you." Su Yingxia said softly.

        "Three thousand's scales of rebellion is Su Yingxia, in turn, if Su Yingxia says that three thousand will not blame you, three thousand will definitely not blame you, all get up." Seeing that the crowd did not dare to get up, Lin Long could not help but interject at this point.

        The crowd hesitated for a moment, and finally, slowly stood up.

        "What are you all still standing there for? San Qian is worried about you all dying for nothing, but you can't just do nothing, right?" Lin Long said in a cold voice.

        The group of disciples instantly understood what was going on and took out their own strange beasts, then had them go forward to help.

        Outside the Voidless Sect, looking at another group of strange beasts to help in the battle, many of the Pill God Pavilion disciples had a difficult look on their faces, the strange beasts that had suddenly killed out from the periphery had already caused them to be in disarray, they hadn't even stabilised yet, and here came reinforcements.

        Wang Juzhi was also looking anxious.

        He had not expected Han Qianqian to suddenly have so many strange beasts raiding their rear, so much so that their army was in turmoil, with numerous deaths and injuries.

        If the situation continued like this, then the battle would be extremely difficult.

        He had raised so many troops to come here, and if this was the only situation, that was obviously something he did not want to see. What's more, how could he tolerate Han Qianqian being so reckless in front of him?

        "What? You're the only ones with strange beasts, are you?" Wang Juzhi's face was grim, then he bellowed, "We have them too."

        "Pass the order down, everyone summon our strange beasts, block their strange beasts for me, and for the rest of you, don't let up on Han Qianqian's attack."

        "Han Qianqian, you're fighting me? Are you able to fight me?"

        Wang Juzhi's entire expression turned fierce, and as he gave the order, more than a hundred thousand disciples immediately sacrificed their spirit beasts directly.

        In a flash, the scale was so vast that just by looking at it, one's scalp already tingled.

        "What should we do?" Hei Yu kicked away one of the people who had pounced on him, and at this point, he sidled up to Han Qianqian's side and couldn't help but frown.

        "Although there isn't a single human, there are at least seventy to eighty thousand of them, it's not easy to deal with." Hei Yu continued.

        Han Qianqian frowned, his face was icy cold, and then suddenly smiled.

        Seeing Han Qianqian laugh, Hei Yu was a little incredulous, including Lu Ruoxin who was also in the distance. A hundred thousand people were already annoying enough, but now there were 70,000 to 80,000 more spirit beasts, and this formation was so big that it was suffocating.

        But Han Qianqian was still laughing at this time?

        If he wasn't crazy, then he must be a fool.

        "This guy, what the hell is he thinking? At a time like this, he's still laughing?" Chi Meng really didn't know what Han Qianqian was up to, it was beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

        When Wang Juzhi saw Han Qianqian laughing, he felt unusually disdainful in his heart, "It's already this time, and you're still laughing?"

        Han Qianqian laughed, looked at Wang Juzhi and said, "Of course I can laugh, you are on the verge of death, how can I not laugh?"

        "Yellow-mouthed little boy, I'm dying? Are you afraid you've lost your mind?" Wang Juzhi shouted coldly, the situation in the field was clear, which no longer needed to be said.

        Han Qianqian had the help of a strange beast, did he not have any himself?

        Naturally there was, even more.

        "Whether I've lost my mind, or you're blind, you'd better turn around and look clearly before you say anything." Han Qianqian smiled faintly, and then, with his eyes, gestured for him to look behind him.

        The next second, when Wang Juzhi looked back, he saw a scene that almost took his breath away.