His True Colors Chapter 2135

 The crowd looked back in horror.

        In the middle of the mountains, the jungle shook and dust rose in all directions, accompanied by the roar of angry and mighty beasts of all kinds.

        There was a strange scene between the mountains of the Four Peaks of the Voidless Clan, a scene that took even the entire Voidless Clan by surprise.

        Above the back mountains of the Four Peaks of the Voidless Sect, those strange beasts raced towards the outside of the Voidless Sect.

        "What's going on? A great calamity has descended from the sky, so the wild birds have scattered in all directions?" The Second Elder looked at the flocks of strange beasts in the sky and couldn't help but say in surprise.

        The crowd of disciples also murmured speechlessly, not knowing how to express the shock in their hearts.

        Beasts walking and birds flying, this had never happened before in the history of the Voidless Sect.

        "What on earth is going on here!?"

        "There are all kinds of strange beasts and beasts on three sides, and they all seem to be coming for us."

        "Are these guys crazy?"

        "Impossible, there have always been only beasts afraid of people, where are the people afraid of beasts? Could it be that there's some kind of mutation somewhere here?" A group of senior executives from the Pill God Pavilion looked at each other in disbelief.

        But the next second, when those all kinds of strange beasts rushed out quickly gave them the answer.

        Under the iron hooves, there is no perfection!

        An endless number of strange beasts ferociously attacked from behind the Pill God Pavilion disciples, and the Pill God Pavilion army, which had not at all expected to be attacked by a sneak attack, was immediately overwhelmed by the enemy on their backs, and their powerful camp was rushed to pieces.



        In a flash, the entire battlefield shouted and shouted, and beacons of fire rose in all directions.

        "You ...... you ...... these ...... these strange beasts are helping you?" Wang Juzhi looked at Han Qianqian with a stunned expression, his eyes revealing disbelief.

        Strange beasts weren't rare in the Eightfold World, as everyone would catch one as a pet to improve themselves, but those were the ones that had recognized their owners. It was uncommon for wild ones like this to suddenly attack humans in groups.

        It was no wonder that all those present had their jaws dropped.

        "Do you think you're the only one with help?" Han Qianqian smiled coldly.

        On the high mountain in the distance, Chi Meng frowned.

        "This Han Qianqian, he's really strange, where did he find so many strange beasts to help him in his battle?" Chi Meng mumbled strangely to himself.

        Lu Ruoxin was also wondering, mortals and beasts, were really two different species, strange beasts were even more hostile to humans actually because they had been enslaved by humans for a long time, trying to operate so many strange beasts by one person, it was simply a fantasy.

        "He is really intriguing me more and more." Lu Ruoxin smiled wryly.

        Chi Meng smiled bitterly, "Miss, not to mention you, even I am very curious about him now."

        It was rare for Lu Ruoxin not to scold Chi Meng, but instead nodded approvingly, "What an enchanted man."

        Inside the Voidless Clan, after seeing tens of thousands of strange beasts and tens of thousands of armies fighting furiously together, the entire Voidless Clan was also all but frozen.

        "I remember, I remember, back then, when our Voidless Clan was besieging Han Qianqian, the strange beasts from the back mountains of the Four Peaks killed out and attacked us. Nowadays, these strange beasts are obviously helping Han Qianqian as well."

        "It's not just from our Voidless Clan, it seems like all the strange beasts from the mountains near the Voidless Clan have come out."

        "Could it be that Han Qianqian asked us for a map just to see where there are strange beasts around here? But, it's not like he has any friendship with strange beasts, so why would all these beasts help him?"

        The group of people were talking and were very curious.

        "It's the beast king." Qin Shuang said indifferently at this point.

        "The Beast King?" Sanyong froze.

        "Frosty, are you talking about the sealed Beast King in our back mountain?" The Second Elder immediately said sharply.

        "Yes!" Qin Shrost said blandly, "There is something you may not know, the Death Spirit Forbidden Land was actually broken by Three Thousand rather than me."

        Then, Qin Shannon told the crowd all about the encounter with the Beast King back then, including the subsequent taking of the Beast King's golden body to save himself.

        "You mean to say that Han Qianqian took the reincarnated Beast King as his pet? And even, became a new round of Beast Kings?" Sanyong said incredulously.

        "Yes." Qin Shannon nodded her head.

        Everyone couldn't help but suck in a cold breath, no wonder the ten thousand beasts had attacked them like they didn't want to die back then, it turned out that Han Qianqian was their king.

        However, the beast king was extremely resentful, even if he was reborn and reincarnated he was quite powerful, and the time of reincarnation and reincarnation was unknown to anyone but the strange beasts, but it was unexpected that Han Qianqian had the strength and luck to take the beast king as a pet.

        This simply made people envious.

        "I never thought that three thousand would have such a strange encounter, and could even break my death spirit forbidden land, this is simply a talent."

        "Frosty, such a thing, why didn't you tell us earlier."

        "Yes, if we had known this, how would there have been that misunderstanding." San Yong and the second and third elders shook their heads in pity.

        "Hmph, if we had said it, with your prejudices, would you have believed it?" Qin Shuang said in a cold voice.

        San Yong and Second Third Elder instantly lowered their heads, and Lin Meng Xi even lowered her head in silence, it turned out that not only had Han Qian Qian saved her daughter in the first place, but also allowed herself to die nine times for her daughter's sake, and subsequently even handed her something as precious as the Beast King's Golden Body. Most importantly, in order to protect his daughter's reputation, he had even hidden the truth and put all the credit on his daughter's shoulders.

        With such a disciple, Lin Mengxi felt blessed in three lives, but what about herself towards him? Yet he was cold-eyed and ashamed to think of it.

        "I'm sorry." Lin Mengxi couldn't help but look at Han Qianqian's figure fighting in mid-air in the distance, tears falling like rain.