His True Colors Chapter 2133

 "What do you think, senior sister?" Sanyong asked.

        "Senior brother, this ......" Lin Mengxi didn't know how to answer.

        "What? Are you guys really dead pigs not afraid of boiling water?"

        Just then, a cold cry came, and the crowd looked back at them, only to see Qin Frost walking over with the ginseng wares in her arms.

        "Frosty, no nonsense. We are your elders." The second elder instantly said with an embarrassed look on his face.

        "Elders? Just because you are elders, you always like to lean on your elders, right? You have already chosen wrongly time and time again, and Han Qianqian has given you chance after chance, but you really don't know how to cherish it at all?" Qin Shannon finished her sentence and looked at Ginseng Wa, "You go and tell Su Yingxia and the others to withdraw, and if Qianqian comes back, let him go too, this group of people are simply not worth dying for."

        Ginseng Wa nodded, jumped off Qin Shant's body and made his way to leave.

        San Yong hurriedly pulled Qin Shuang and Ginseng Wa back and said with an awkward smile, "Frost, don't be angry, your uncle and we are not trying to suspect Han Qian Qian, but there are really some things we can't explain."

        "He even left his beloved wife and child here, what explanation do you need?" Qin Shannon shouted coldly, not giving Sanyong any face at all.

        With a single word, he blocked Sanyong to death.

        All of them also all lowered their heads in disbelief, yes, others even left their wives and children in the Void Sect, so what reason did they have to suspect others?!

        "This is the last chance I will give you, if you are still like this, don't blame me for being ruthless in the future. San Qian may sell me another favour, but I, Qin Shant, will never have the face to beg him a second time, so be good to yourselves." Qin Shoung dropped a sentence, turned around and left.

        The gang looked at each other in disbelief, speechless.

        Sanyong let out a long sigh, lifted his head, looked at everyone and said, "Are all of you deaf? Can't you hear what your senior sister Qin Shuang said?"

        "Everyone all do what you need to do, and anyone who doubts Han Qianqian again in the future should quit the Void Sect themselves." San Yong also felt guilty in his heart, dropped a sentence and went back.

        The disciples, too, quickly dispersed.

        Somewhere in the Voidless Sect, Jianghu Baixiao Sheng and Lin Long were hidden there, and from afar, they could see that under the foot of the mountain, countless Pill God Pavilion disciples were supporting the Voidless Sect, and as they looked down, they were densely packed with almost all human figures.

        Seeing this situation, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng's heart was in a state of anxiety.

        The other side had indeed increased their numbers as expected, but Han Qianqian was nowhere to be seen, and no one knew where he had gone after leaving this morning, including Su Yingxia.

        Lu Ruoxin, who was far away in the high mountains, had also withdrawn her concealing energy shield.

        It was a good thing that Han Qianqian seemed to have some urgent business and passed by here in a hurry, so he did not find any clues.

        "Miss, do you think that Han Qianqian has escaped? He left in such a hurry before, and I haven't seen him return after such a long time." Chi Meng said.

        Lu Ruoxin's gaze was like a torch, and after a moment, she shook her head, "If he was allowed to run away without his children, he wouldn't be called Han Qianqian."

        "Then what did he, exactly, do?" Chi Meng frowned.

        She also believed that Han Qianqian had not fled, but if he had not fled, what had he gone to do?

        Chi Meng thought and thought, but she couldn't think of any answer.

        Lu Ruoxin was stunned, but glanced down to see Chi Meng looking at herself with bated breath, which made her feel quite irritated, and coldly shouted, "If you ask me, who am I going to ask?"

        After saying that, Lu Ruoxin sat back on the bed with a cold face.

        Chi Meng felt embarrassed and touched his head, is this a nail in the coffin? There were people and things that she couldn't guess, too, Miss.

        Lu Ruoxin sat back on the bed, although her face was cold, but her heart was a bit strange.

        Half an hour later.

        The charging horn sounded, and 90,000 troops from the rear of the Pill God Pavilion came to support them, hardening the combination of nearly 150,000 troops, densely surrounding the front of the Voidless Sect.

        As the trumpets sounded, the 150,000-strong army spread out to all three sides, standing at attention.

        However, after the trumpet had sounded, there was no sign of Han Qianqian in the mid-air of the Voidless Clan.

        There was only Hei Yu and the large and small Heavenly Lu Pixi, barely responding to the battle.

        "What? Is that dead trash Han Qianqian scared of the fight? You don't dare to take the field today? Sending a woman to deal with us?"

        "You're pretty and well-built, pretty girl, why use this body to defend yourself against our spears and swords? Come down and play with our brothers, otherwise, wouldn't it be a waste of your capital?"

        Seeing that Hei Yu was the only one to face the battle, the people from the Pill God Pavilion laughed wildly, and the disciples behind them also followed with loud laughter.

        Hei Yu's face was cold, neither angry nor happy, her beautiful eyes just stared at the group of people below.

        "With you all, do you need his hand?" Hei Yu said in a cold voice.

        "Arrogant!" A certain person shouted coldly and rushed directly towards Hei Yu.

        Just at that moment, a human figure suddenly flashed past, and that person just flew halfway into the air before he was directly slapped down by the figure.