His True Colors Chapter 2132

 The group of people were not sure what to do.

        San Yong made an immediate decision, "Don't even ask, since he wants it, we will give it. Second senior brother, you tell the people of the Voidless Clan to gather collectively, then immediately give a detailed map based on the insight of the people, I will go and fetch the Voidless Chi. By the way, Ying Xia, when does three thousand he want?"

        "I don't know, he went out, and before he left he asked you to prepare." Su Yingxia shook her head.

        Sanyong's brow furrowed, it was so late, where was Han Qianqian going? However, this was not what he had to think about, and glancing at the few senior disciples, he said, "What are you all doing standing still? Hurry up and get ready."

        "Make sure to finish it as soon as possible, in case he will come later and wait to use it."


        After receiving their orders, the Second Elder and the others hurriedly retreated to the halls, then personally went to each peak to wake up the disciples and gathered them at the Cultivation Hall in the main hall.

        The Second Elder and the others first drew a rough outline of the map of the surroundings, and then the disciples added details to it according to their knowledge.

        At this time, Han Qianqian's figure flew around the surroundings of the Voidless Sect.

        Halfway through midnight, it was already early morning.

        After a few hours of hard work, a huge map as long as several large tables was jointly drawn out by the disciples.

        Every part of the landscape was marked out in vivid detail, based on the knowledge of each disciple.

        It was not until three o'clock in the morning that Han Qianqian came back from his journey.

        When he saw the huge map, Han Qianqian smiled.

        "You guys are still very sharp." Han Qianqian laughed as he came over to the map.

        The crowd smiled reluctantly, Han Qianqian was their saviour, could his words not be done with care? Everyone was counting on him to come through tomorrow's calamity safely.

        "Three thousand, take a look, if you have any questions, you can always ask us." The Second Elder said in a coy manner.

        Han Qianqian nodded, and then studied the map carefully.

        Sanyong also brought the Void of Nothingness over and placed it by Han Qianqian's side.

        He was about to say something, but when he saw Han Qianqian concentrating on the map, he gently beckoned, indicating that all the disciples should hurry up and go down and not disturb Han Qianqian.

        A few moments later, the group of disciples and several elders, including Sanyong, all left the room, leaving Han Qianqian alone to study the map in silence.

        After studying the map, Han Qianqian studied the Void of Nothingness. Throughout the night, the Cultivation Hall was lit up, and according to the disciples who were guarding the periphery, Han Qianqian spent the whole night pointing and drawing on the map, and sometimes making marks on the Void of Nothingness.

        It was only when it was slightly light that the busy figure in the Cultivation Hall put out the lights and hurriedly walked out of the house without leaving a single word before flying away towards the outside of the Voidless Clan.

        The early sun rose.

        Outside the Voidless Clan, the sound of drums and shouts of killing shook the sky, as a new round of attacks by the Pill God Pavilion, had begun.

        This was anxious for everyone in the Voidless Clan.

        For at this time, Han Qianqian had already been out for an hour or two, but still had not returned.

        "Sect Leader, Han Qianqian couldn't have run away, could he? Asking us for a map, he actually wanted to see where he could escape quietly around here."

        "Yes, although he's very capable, however, when faced with a deadly situation like the Pill God Pavilion, if one were normal one would run away."

        At this moment, a few Voidless Sect disciples said with discontented suspicion.

        The words immediately drew the discontent of the other disciples, if that was the case, then Han Qianqian was simply too hateful, keeping them almost awake all night, only to end up messing with something that gave him something to run away from, was this something that people did?

        "No nonsense, Han Qianqian fought for our Void Sect for a whole day yesterday, are your consciences eaten by dogs when you talk about him like this now?"

        "That's right, someone else gave his life to protect us, and we still doubt his words, what's the difference between us and animals?"

        There were also other disciples who believed that Han Qianqian had not escaped and immediately shot back.

        "Humph, it's because he almost got killed yesterday, that's why he was scared and went through the map overnight to find a way to run. Otherwise, what would he be looking at the map for?"

        "Yes, and down to every tree and every inch of grass, if you're marching to war, do you need to be so detailed?"

        "Don't forget, Han Qianqian used to have a grudge against us."

        The disciples with different stances were arguing with each other.

        "Alright, shut up all of you." Sanyong was annoyed, "What's all the noise there?"

        When Sanyong yelled, everyone shut up at once.

        "Senior Sect Leader, why don't we gather all the disciples and let's deal with it on our own first." The second elder said in a faint voice at this point.

        "What? Even you believe that Han Qianqian is running away?" San Yong frowned and said.

        "Those disciples' words, again, are not without merit. The matter of the map, there's really no explanation for that. Besides, the Pill God Pavilion has already blown the call to attack, so we can't wait for Han Qianqian for nothing." The Second Elder said.

        San Yong was worried in his heart, and then, shifted his gaze to Lin Meng Xi's body.