His True Colors Chapter 2130

Their thoughts were rosy, but reality was likely to give them a hard slap in the face.

        "Second senior brother is right, as long as the Fu family's people rush over, we can join the Fu Ye allied forces in wrapping up the Pill God Pavilion's dumplings. By then, they will definitely be defeated." The Third Elder also said happily.

        Their idea was also supported by many people, and the Void Sect on including Fu Mang were quite excited.

        Only, when Qiushui and Shiyue noticed the sad look on Han Qianqian's face, they frowned for a moment.

        Fu Li took a few steps to walk up to Han Qianqian: "Qianqian, are you worried that the gang from the Fu family won't help us?"

        "Although the Fu family are not good birds, when it comes to their moment of life and death, they can't possibly get themselves into the muddy waters for a little personal grudge, right? If the battle of the Void Sect is lost, their losses could be far more severe than ours." Fu Mang said.

        "Yes, in the case of the two Fu Ye families, they are naturally unwilling to offend the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea, especially with the current pattern. But now, for the sake of the Voidless Sect's fight, they have gone out of their way to stand against the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea. This already shows that this battle only allows for success for them, and they won't stop helping us because of their grudge with us." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng also said.

        Han Qianqian still shook his head, looked at the crowd and sighed, "The Fu family will naturally help us, this, of course, I won't doubt, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, this truth, they must understand if they aren't stupid."

        "What I'm worried about is the Pill God Pavilion." Han Qianqian said sadly.

        "The Pill God Pavilion?" The crowd didn't understand.

        "You mean to say that you're afraid that the Pill God Pavilion has some kind of backstabbing?" Hei Yu regained some of his breath and frowned.

        Han Qianqian nodded, "That's right. The Pill God Pavilion has even sent out Wang Juzhi this time, but the number of people who attacked us just now was only a few tens of thousands, and together with those fighting the two Fu Ye families down below, there are only over 200,000 people. Just one of the people from Genting Mountain is as large as sixty to seventy thousand people, isn't it strange that the Pill God Pavilion is only about three times as many people when faced with such a large battle?"

        "The words of three thousand do make sense, Wang Juzhi himself went on the expedition, the Pill God Pavilion did not say that it had all its nest, but at least it had its elite gathered, more than 200,000 people, not quite right." Fu Li echoed at this point.

        "Could it be that they have other ambushes?" Su Yingxia said.

        "Most likely, it might even be an extremely elite unit, so elite that Wang Juzhi wouldn't use it even to his death." Han Qianqian nodded with certainty.

        With a man as sinister as Wang Juzhi, it was indeed highly likely that he had kept a backhand.

        He also definitely understood that if the Fu family's army came around from the direction of the Void Sect's back mountains, his army would be encased in dumplings, which would be fatal to any march, as it would not only lose, but even wipe out the entire army.

        Such an outcome was something Wang Juzhi could not afford.

        "Then we don't have reinforcements, do we? We'll still face so many of them tomorrow, so why don't I see that we let the disciples of the Void Sect help out too? Senior Brother Qin's funeral has passed its first day anyway, and the disciples of the clan who should have come to pay their respects have done so." Sanyong said.

        "Yes, more people are more powerful, you three are already tired enough today, I'm afraid ......" Lin Mengxi also spoke out in a rare voice.

        "Let them go to their deaths?" The three of you are not going to be able to get a good deal on this.

        Seeing Han Qianqian's expression, Lin Mengxi silently lowered her head, and Qin Frost was embarrassed beyond measure.

        "I'm not targeting you, I'm targeting matters. Even if you gathered all of the Voidless Sect disciples and faced the Pill God Pavilion, which was even more numerous than today, not only would they not be able to help, but they would die even more miserably." Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        "Three-thousand, what do you mean by more?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said.

        "They will definitely have reinforcements tomorrow." Han Qianqian said.

        When the gang heard this, they looked at each other even more, these tens of thousands of troops were already enough of a headache for the gang, if more were to join in, wouldn't this be pushing them to the brink of extinction!

        "Where are the troops coming from?" Fu Mang said.

        "Down the mountain, the forces of the First Spirit Master Dowager."

        "But isn't Xian Ling Shi Tai's side fighting with the two Fu Ye families? How can they still afford to support Wang Juzhi's side?"

        "Yes, if they support them, what about Shiraishita's side? According to what you said just now, if the First Spirit's side lost, wouldn't it be the same as if Wang Juzhi had been dumpling?"

        A group of people were very confused, isn't Han Qianqian a bit too much of a double standard?

        "What if there are reinforcements outside the Fu Ye army?" Lin Long had followed Han Qianqian for too long, so he naturally knew what Han Qianqian was thinking.

        When his words came out, the group of people were simply stunned.

        If either one of the two dumplings was swallowed, what would come after would be a thicker dumpling skin.

        "So, the danger we are in right now might be even greater than we thought?" Fu Li froze.