His True Colors Chapter 2129

 As the Saint of Medicine of the Eight Worlds, no one in this world would know better than him how difficult it was for Han Qianqian to go and return, but with all his serious injuries completely dissipated.

        Even he himself, together with the heavenly treasures, would have found it difficult to accomplish in such a short time.

        "What kind of demon are you? Han Qianqian, ah, Han Qianqian, you are simply a great danger to my heart, if I don't get rid of you, how can I have any peace for the rest of my life?"

        After muttering to himself, Wang Juzhi's eyes narrowed sharply and he bellowed angrily, "Send everyone up to help, and at the same time, go and draw some men and horses from Madam Xian Ling's side."

        "But Your Holiness, Master Xian Ling is at war with the two families of Fu Ye, so I'm afraid that rushing over here will affect the battle there."

        "Tell her to hold out for me, when we have collected our troops, we will send someone to assist her in time." Wang Juzhi said with a cold face.

        His handlers froze, "If the Xian Ling Master Tai fails, this will bring great benefits to the two Fu Ye families, and at the same time will have a major detrimental effect on our future pattern, Your Holiness, you must think twice."

        Wang Juzhi was instantly enraged, "Do I need you to teach me how to do things?"

        "My subordinate does not dare, my subordinate is also doing this for the future of the Pill God Pavilion."

        Hearing these words, Wang Juzhi's tone softened, and at the same time, he also understood that rashly withdrawing Seerling Division's men and horses would cause great military turmoil on Seerling Division's side: "If we lose the duel below, why wouldn't I know that it would affect our total battle, or even our future. However, if this Han Qianqian is not removed in front of us, my Pill God Pavilion will not have a future at all."

        As soon as his handlers heard this, "I understand, I will go down here and dispatch my men."

        "Rush the reinforcements from the Everlasting Sea."


        After his men had left, Wang Juzhi glanced at the masters around him and then shouted at everyone, "Don't panic, if we can cripple him the first time, we can cripple him the second. Follow the original strategy, let's go!"

        With Wang Juzhi's words, as well as another group of experts around him flying in to help, at that moment, the 50,000 or so people of the Pill God Pavilion, led by many experts, instantly spread out, stretching the battlefield to infinity.

        Han Qianqian, along with Heiyu and Tianlu Pixie, leaned together at once, the two men and the beast back to back, helping each other defend.

        "Can you still hold out?" Hei Yu asked Han Qianqian in a soft voice as she condensed several to the circle of water in front of herself.

        Leaning close to her, Han Qianqian could smell the unique, ethereal scent of her body: "Of course it's no problem. However, how did you come here?"

        "I lured the Heavenly Lu Pixie away for you earlier, but later found that it hadn't followed me, so I was worried that it had gone back to look for you again, so I came back to take a look, but I met them on the way. I wanted to leave, but I didn't know that the little Heavenly Lu Pixie suddenly felt that you were in danger, so I came with them to see if there was anything you wanted to help." Hei Yu said indifferently.

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and patted the little Heavenly Lu Pixie's head, "It wasn't for nothing that I raised you for so long."

        "Ow!" Hearing Han Qianqian's praise, the little Heavenly Lu Pixie roared and rubbed its head against Han Qianqian's hand.

        "They are delaying tactics, they won't fight us hard, they are retaining their strength, take it easy, don't be too fierce or too aggressive, so as not to consume too much." Han Qianqian reminded.

        Hei Yu nodded, and the Great Heavenly Pixie also roared, facing the encircling crowd that slowly rushed up, the three of them met each other back to back.

        With Han Qianqian's experience to remind them, the two men and the beast were able to deal with the Pill God Pavilion's attack with much greater ease, although very slowly.

        However, it was clear that the Pill God Pavilion was also patient, after all, it took time to pull out the men from the First Spirit Master.

        A slow attack would not only stall for time, but would also reduce casualties and allow them to spread out their attacks in a more orderly manner.

        The battle only came to a temporary end when it was late at night.

        The Pill God Pavilion surrounded the Voidless Sect and took a break to recuperate.

        Han Qianqian and Hei Yu finally had a rare chance to catch their breath and returned to the main hall of the Voidless Sect.

        Although Han Qianqian had quite a lot of energy, unfortunately the injuries on his body were relieved but never healed, while Hei Yu and Tian Lu Pixie were so tired that they had long since shed their strength, and once they returned to the main hall, they went limp in their chairs and on the main hall, panting heavily.

        Qin Frost tended to the injured Ginseng Wa, and no one mentioned anything about Han Qianqian's injury.

        "As long as we can get through this night, we'll be fine when we get to tomorrow." Sanyong sighed and brought the soup, which had been made with green energy from a green energy bottle to make tonic, to the two of them.

        The second and third elders dropped a number of treasures in front of the Great Heavenly Lu Pixie and the Little Heavenly Lu Pixie as well.

        "Yes, with our Void Sect open, it won't take three days for Water Blue City to come over, as long as tomorrow, the main army of the Fu Family over there will rush over, even if the Fu Family army isn't helping us, as long as they show up, they can hold back the main force of the Pill God Pavilion, so that three thousand of them will have a much lighter burden." The Second Elder also nodded his head and said.

        But at that moment, Han Qianqian shook his head.