His True Colors Chapter 2127

 Lu Ruoxin, in particular, had seen too many masters and thought she held Han Qianqian in extremely high regard, otherwise she would not have been able to take Han Qianqian so seriously. She was already proud of the fact that she was not looked down upon, not to mention looked up to, by Lu Ruoxin.

        But Han Qianqian, time and time again, refreshed her expectations of him, and time and time again gave her surprises that she did not even think were possible.

        Even if she was as cold and arrogant as she was, she couldn't help but be impressed by Han Qianqian's bravery at this moment.

        "Chi Meng, save him, at all costs." A hint of joy and imperceptible affection flashed across Lu Ruoxin's icy, stunning face as she softly instructed Chi Meng.

        Chi Meng was still immersed in the great shock brought by Han Qianqian.

        She had never seen such a way of killing before, just a simple mouthful of blood could bury thousands of people with it, it was so evil that it made her panic.

        What shocked her even more was that she thought she could easily crush Han Qianqian after she had achieved a qualitative leap with Lu Ruoxin's help, but how could she have imagined that Han Qianqian's growth would be so perverted to such an extent.

        The last time they fought at the Qishan Temple, he was still no match for herself, and now, even two of herself would never be a match for him.

        This guy, how could he be so powerful?

        Chi Meng secretly had in mind, fortunately Lu Ruoxin changed her mind later and told herself not to lay a hand on Han Qianqian, otherwise, today's self, I'm afraid, would have died in his hands.

        "What are you still standing there for?" Looking at Han Qianqian's body falling from the air, Lu Ruoxin sharply shouted.

        "Ah? Yes!" Chi Meng led the order and quickly retreated.

        At this time, although Wang Juzhi was extremely shocked by Han Qianqian, seeing Han Qianqian fall from mid-air, he quickly reflected and hurriedly sent his men to hurry to catch Han Qianqian.

        However, a group of Pill God disciples, including all the experts such as Cool-Son Yeh, were completely shocked by Han Qianqian's blood mist, so they did not slow down at all.

        When they had slowed down, they were about to rush down.


        Suddenly, a beastly roar rang out, only to see a light and shadow floating past, Han Qianqian's body was immediately carried away by the light and shadow, turning into a stream of light, rapidly flying towards the distance.

        The crowd was stunned and was just about to give chase when they heard another roar.


        An even larger stream of light suddenly flashed past, and immediately afterwards, the crowd only felt a violent blackness of light in front of them, and when they raised their eyes, a behemoth suddenly stood in front of everyone, blocking them all.

        With claws like swords and a pair of large feathered wings on its back, it was none other than the Great Heavenly Lu Pixie!

        The group of people were hard-pressed by this sudden giant beast.

        "Shit, the Heavenly Lu Pixiu ...... this thing ...... this thing how can be here?"

        "Shit, how could this king of the extreme north...be here?"

        The crowd looked at each other, and for a while no one dared to go forward a bit.

        "Shit, there are so many of us, why are we afraid of it? It's not bad to take him as a strange beast, and by the way, kill Han Qianqian and snatch the Pan Gu Axe!"

        I don't know who in the crowd shouted, but a few experts attacked the Heavenly Lu Pixie, followed by more and more people joining the ranks.

        With a roar of rage, the Heavenly Luo Pixie charged straight into the crowd.

        The two sides fought fiercely and fiercely, and for a time it was fierce.

        Relying on its fantastic speed and huge body, the Heavenly Locust Pixie almost tumbled through the crowd. Although people from the Pill God Pavilion were constantly knocked down, they relied on the large number of people and the tight defence to surround the Heavenly Locust Pixie.

        Almost at that moment, a blue figure suddenly appeared, followed by several strange circles of water that suddenly appeared in mid-air, and these circles of water were very peculiar, some of them sprang up in a booming flood, some of them suddenly sucked in all the people in front of them, and some of them suddenly sprang up in a blue light to attack others.

        And the figure relied on these circles of water and flew through them, wailing everywhere it passed.

        "What is that?" Ye Gucheng's eyebrows were furrowed, and he could vaguely see the mysterious figure and white skin under the blue figure, and for a moment he was a little dazzled.

        "Oh no, it's a sea maiden." The First Peak Elder said in a cold voice.

        "A sea devil girl? Fuck, it's really weird today, the ones from the seaside and the extreme north are all running towards us, what the hell is this?" When Cool-Son Yeh heard the word Sea Maiden, he got a headache.

        A full-bodied Heavenly Lu Pixie was already annoying enough, but suddenly another sea maiden came out of nowhere.

        He was not afraid of not being able to deal with it, but he was afraid of delaying the capture of Han Qianqian.

        "No matter what, bring the men and follow me to chase Han Qianqian." Ye Gucheng roared in boredom, pulled the Shoufeng elder and greeted a group of people who were about to withdraw from the battlefield to chase Han Qianqian.

        But the light turned around and a circle of water suddenly appeared in front of him ......

        And at this time, Han Qianqian, by the flow of light flying speedily with flying towards the Void Sect.

        His body, he is the original departed little heavenly Lu Pixie, at this time, it is a flow of light slightly turn, is trying to heal Han three thousand.

        But just as it was half a distance away from the Great Hall, a figure, however, suddenly crossed in front of the one man and the beast.

        "It's useless, he's too badly injured, he won't recover in a few months' time."