His True Colors Chapter 2125

 And Han Qianqian in mid-air.

        Although he had already come to his senses, he had also discovered the abnormalities in his body.

        Even now, Han Qianqian's body was in spasm due to overexertion and serious internal injuries, and his whole body kept twitching slightly.

        If it wasn't for someone of Han Qianqian's strength of will, if it were anyone else, he would have fallen to the ground and counted down the minutes of his life.

        Han Qianqian was able to endure the pain and break through the group of people all the way to mid-air.

        He couldn't fall down!

        This was the only thought and obsession in his mind.

        He knew exactly what it would mean if he fell.

        "Miss, he has indeed broken out from the Heavenly Demon Streamer, but, looking at him, he seems to be in a bad situation."

        Somewhere far away in the high mountains, Chi Meng frowned and said.

        Lu Ruoxin nodded, relief flowing from her eyes while there was also a hint of worry. This was the first time she had ever worried about someone, Han Qianqian did meet her expectations, but she also understood how weak Han Qianqian's body was today.

        "Is the team ready?" Lu Ruoxin said indifferently.

        Chi Meng nodded, "Almost, should we let them go now?"

        "No!" Lu Ruoxin nodded, but quickly shook her head, "Don't show your cards until it's absolutely necessary, I want to observe again."

        "You can tell her to get ready. However, don't do anything rash without my order, I want ...... to take another look."

        "Yes." Chi Meng nodded and hurriedly led the order down.

        Lu Ruoxin at this time slightly slowly sat up from the bed, looking towards Han Qianqian in mid-air, her eyes extremely complicated: "Han Qianqian ah Han Qianqian, what exactly is your limit?"

        "The sky?"

        On the one hand, Han Qianqian was like a god of war, looking down on the people beneath his feet, but on the other hand, he began to force the Dragon's Heart to release energy to quickly help repair his body.

        However, because the damage was simply too severe, Han Qianqian's repair, although much faster than normal, was at least too slow in the current situation.

        The Pill God Pavilion and Wang Juzhi would never be able to give themselves too much time.

        Taking advantage of their own illnesses to take their own lives, this was the only choice they would make.

        What should be done?

        Han Qianqian's mind raced.

        If the Heavenly Lu Pixie was around at this moment, perhaps with its help, he would at least be able to fight with them at speed for a long time and buy some time to heal, and at the same time, he could also help himself to heal and recover, but unfortunately, at the critical moment, he had sent it away.

        However, if one were to ask Han Qianqian if he regretted it, he would never regret it.

        He would never lose his freedom and affection to bind others because of his own gains, and it was the greatest happiness for the little Tianlu Pixie to be reunited with its mother, so how could Han Qianqian stop it?

        There was only one way out.

        Han Qianqian gritted his teeth and then, poured a few of the inferior pills he had made into his mouth.

        And at that moment, Wang Juzhi waved his big hand, and again, the four sons of the Demon Sect from before plus four experts scattered in a scattered and combined manner from all sides, surrounding Han Qianqian.

        "Do you think that just because you can evade the Heavenly Demon Streamer, there is nothing I can do to you? It's just the difference between dying sooner or later, or a waste of human resources or not for me." Wang Juzhi looked at Han Qianqian sinisterly.

        Facing the encircling crowd, Han Qianqian held his breath, his eyes quietly staring around.

        "Surrender, you are already badly injured and we all know you are only at the end of your tether."

        "If you meekly fold your arms and give yourself up, we promise you that we will leave your body whole."

        Han Qianqian's dry, pale mouth split into a smile, "Is that so?"


        Suddenly, Han Qianqian's body fiercely flashed with golden light, and in the next second, his flesh turned into a phantom shadow at an extremely fast speed and charged directly towards the party closest to him, with the largest number of people.

        To this group of people, although Han Qianqian's rushing out of the Heavenly Demon Streamer had surprised them greatly, it was only for that split second.

        Everyone knew exactly how serious Han Qianqian's injuries were, so they naturally let their guard down, but how could they have imagined that Han Qianqian would suddenly move like flying and even take the initiative to attack?

        The three people closest to Han Qianqian had barely reflected when Han Qianqian's golden form had already flashed before their eyes.

        "Everyone, don't panic, so what if he can initiate an attack? With such serious injuries, it's just a bluff, if he wants to fight, let's fight with him." One of them shouted in a cold voice.

        But just as he finished shouting, he suddenly frowned and his whole body directly froze.

        His pupils were wide open and full of incredulity.

        The two men not far beside him, gods in sync, opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

        The man looked down at his abdomen, which seemed to be intact, but it always felt cold there.

        Trying to look forward, he suddenly lost his breath and the upper half of his body fell straight down from his waist due to inertia, followed by his broken body falling through the air like a kite with a broken string.


        The other five experts, who looked back, were horrified to find that their three comrades had been cut in two, cut off at the waist.

        And in the middle of looking back, Han Qianqian was already standing sideways in front of them, his long silver hair covering half of his face, revealing an eerie and terrifying side face, and a golden axe in his right hand with a jagged divine light.

        "Pan Gu Axe!?"

        The five men couldn't help but exclaim in shock at the same time, simultaneously retreating with frightened bodies.

        "What!" Above the ground, Wang Juyi's group all froze in shock as well.

        "Is this the legendary King of All Weapons? The Pan Gu Axe?"

        "My goodness, what a powerful divine might!"

        "By now, is this guy still so fierce?"

        A group of people were collectively dumbfounded, and the five people in the sky were also looking at each other at the same time, as far as they were concerned, thinking through the sky was only that Han Qianqian still had the slightest ability to resist, but Han Qianqian had shown such a strong ability to kill, it was really something they could not think of until their death.

        Lu Ruoxin, who was at the high mountain, was also shocked by Han Qianqian's sudden extreme counter-kill at this time, and slapped the side of his bed.

        "The task of delaying was originally given to your four sons of the Demon Sect by the Exalted Lord, you guys hold on for now, I'll go report to the Exalted Lord." One of the experts finished speaking and fled in desperation.

        "I'm afraid he won't be able to speak clearly, so I'll go down and help speak as well, you guys hold on."

        In the blink of an eye, the two experts fled in a hurry, one after the other, leaving only the three of the four sons of the Demon Sect, in disarray in the wind.

        But at that very moment, drums sounded in unison above the ground, and shouts shook the sky.

        Wang Juzhi waved his big hand, and the army of ten thousand people once again came running in the same way as before.

        "Han Qianqian, is your limit, not yet reached? How high does it really go?" Lu Ruoxin stared at Han Qianqian with a deadly stare and muttered.