His True Colors Chapter 2124

 Outside the streamer.

        Wang Juzhi was leading the crowd, and had already blasted Han Qianqian's back for a whole round.

        The spot on Han Qianqian's back had already turned from purple to red, so it was clear that the repeated attacks on one spot had made it difficult to fight off that part of the armour.

        Everyone, too, began to notice that Han Qianqian's injuries were worsening dramatically.

        This caused the group of people to finally let out a long breath.

        "I thought you were really made of steel, but I didn't expect that you were about to be unable to carry the load as well." Wang Juzhi laughed coldly in a vicious voice.

        "Your Holiness is indeed virtuous and talented, attacking a little fiercely, even if Han Qianqian is really steel, then we will still be beaten into steel." Ye Kucheng complimented.

        "Now that this fellow obviously can't physically carry it anymore, take advantage of his illness." Someone said.

        With a thumping kick, the First Peak Elder was arrogant as hell.

        "Fuck, wasn't this grandson arrogant just now? Now isn't he being beaten like a dead dog by us? He's pissed off our Lone City, but he even dared to go against our Lord, Lord, let me end his life with this slap." The chief peak elder saw at this moment that Han Qianqian was almost finished and could not help but behave.

        Wang Juyi smiled, "Since you want to take his dog's life, then let you do as you please, anyway, I am afraid of getting my hands dirty."

        The First Peak Elder received his order, smiled coldly, took another glance at Ye Lucheng, nodded his head, poured all his energy into his right hand, and aimed a direct palm blast at that part.

        But at that moment, Han Qianqian's figure suddenly moved, and with a fierce backhanded palm, he directly stuck the arrogant Chief Peak Elder's neck in reverse, followed by flying straight towards the sky.


        In the next second, Han Qianqian's figure had reached mid-air, while the corpse of the First Peak Elder also fell violently from mid-air, smashing heavily onto the ground with a muffled sound.

        With eyes open in fear and disbelief, he could no longer move.

        He, who had been arrogant earlier, did not understand, even in his death, what had happened.


        Almost at the same time, the Heavenly Demon Streamer collapsed directly to the ground like a frosted aubergine.


        "This ......"

        A group of people looked at each other, everyone thought that Han Qianqian was dead, but where did they know that this guy suddenly woke up, some of them didn't even figure out what had happened.

        Everything, came really too fast.


        The eighteen demon monks who were sitting and chanting sutras were also directly knocked down by the backlash because of the fall of the Heavenly Demon Streamer, and one by one, they couldn't help but spit out fresh blood from their mouths.

        "The Heavenly Demon Streamer has fallen? That guy ......"

        "How is this possible!"

        A group of people were stunned, and Wang Juzhi hurriedly helped up the leader of the eighteen blood monks at this time, saying in an urgent voice, "How could this happen?"

        "He broke the formation." The leader monk forced himself to endure the severe pain and sat up with Wang Juzhi's help.

        "It doesn't matter, trap that guy with the Heavenly Demon Streamer again, he'll have less than half a life left." Wang Juzhi said in a cold voice, "Are you still holding on?"

        "We have no problem, but ......"

        "But what?" Wang Zhuzhi said sharply.

        The head monk shook his head with difficulty, "The Heavenly Demon Streamer is greatly injured, without half a year to repair it, I'm afraid it's impossible to go into battle again."

        Upon hearing this, Wang Juzhi was furious and twisted the head monk's chest, saying viciously, "Didn't you tell me that the Heavenly Demon Streamer was the most precious treasure of the Demon Sect? Even if someone accidentally escapes the formation, it can be used again? Now, you are telling me that something has gone wrong with it?"

        Wang Juzhi had already experienced the coolness of the Heavenly Demon Streamer just now, and naturally liked the effectiveness of this thing very much.

        Now that it was suddenly unusable, how could Wang Juzhi not be angry!

        "Yes, theoretically the Heavenly Demon Streamer has the Buddha's ninety-eight hundred and eleven Heavenly Demons residing within it, even if someone with a strong heart can break the formation, there are another eighty Heavenly Demons inside that can be activated at any time. But the problem is ......" said the head monk who at this point glanced with considerable fear at Han Qianqian who was above the mid-air.

        "The problem is what." Wang Juzhi looked with his gaze and became even more annoyed.

        His people, surprisingly, were afraid.

        "The problem is that Han Qianqian is encountering a demon Buddha." The head monk said incomparably embarrassed.

        Wang Juzhi froze, his hands couldn't help but let go of the head monk, and his entire body stumbled in bewilderment.

        A demon Buddha?

        What Han Qianqian had encountered was actually a demon Buddha?

        Wasn't this the strongest heavenly demon among the ninety-nine and eighty-one heavenly demons in the Heavenly Demon Streamer? In other words, it was because of the presence of the Demon Buddha that the Heavenly Demon Streamer could be called the Heavenly Demon Streamer and the supreme treasure of the Demon Sect.

        But why, however, did Han Qianqian get to encounter him?

        "This person has an extremely strong mind, the strongest person with the strongest mind I have ever met." The head monk shook his head.

        With Han Qianqian's many years of seclusion on Earth, he had long since tempered his mind to be exceptionally strong, and with the mind exercises in the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, he had long since become very human.

        The first encounter with a demon Buddha was already the best "praise" and affirmation.

        "The Demon Buddha has been broken, the Heavenly Demon Streamer has been greatly injured, so he will not be able to fight again in a short period of time, and even if he could fight again, what would it mean to him?"

        Hearing these words, Wang Juzhi slowly raised his head and gazed at Han Qianqian in mid-air.