His True Colors Chapter 2122

 What exactly did this kid Han Qianqian take in the God's Mound that should have been his own? How could he be so strong? After all, even Wang Juzhi himself would never have been able to survive such a defenceless situation, surrounded by people, and still not die!

        The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to kill Han Qianqian and get back what was rightfully his.

        "Your Holiness, what should we do? This kid is too damn strange, he's practically a monster." On the side, one of the executives was already sweating like rain, and his entire eyes showed even more fear, hardened by the strength of Han Qianqian's body.

        They were all masters among masters, and most of the people in the Eight Directions world could not even pass a single move under their palms. But today, even with dozens of them counting their palms together, they couldn't stiffly resolve this fellow in front of them.

        This was not just a blatant insult, but also a great heart shock.

        "If we don't kill this person, there will be no end of trouble ahead." Another person also said.

        If Han Qianqian wasn't trapped by the Heavenly Demon Streamer, once it was normal, I was afraid that it would be the end of their group of people.

        Wang Juzhi took a cold breath, "I don't believe this kid is made of steel, and even if he is, I'll cut a hole in the steel. Everyone listen to my orders, hit me on one spot on the back."


        The crowd obeyed the order, led by Wang Juzhi, and aimed a direct blow at a certain spot on Han Qianqian's back.

        After Wang Jiuzhi nodded his head, Cool-Son Yeh led thousands of soldiers and horses, quietly breaking away from the group and heading straight for the Voidless Clan.

        At this moment, the entire Voidless Clan was guarding the spirits and doing mourning according to Han Qianqian's wishes, without the slightest defense.

        "Miss, Han Qianqian is trapped by the Heavenly Demon Streamer and is now unable to move, should I go forward to help him?" Far away in the chaotic mountains of the Voidless Sect, somewhere high above.

        A few maids lightly held up white remote green scarves, bushel fans round diamond, a huge exquisite giant wooden chair in front of them, like a small palace, Lu Ruoxin's slender and mysterious body gently lying on it, beside which, Chi Meng respectfully asked for instructions.

        Lu Ruoxin's face was as frosty as she quietly looked at Wang Juzhi and the others in the distance, her jade lips lightly opened: "No need."

        "Didn't you say that you would help Han Qianqian? He is already facing a difficult situation now, if he doesn't step in again, I'm afraid ......" Chi Meng said somewhat strangely.

        The fact that Lu Ruoxin had indeed but more than once ordered Chi Meng to help Han Qianqian, but for some reason, at this extremely critical moment, Lu Ruoxin suddenly decided not to help, which made Chi Meng greatly confused.

        Although she hated Han Qianqian's early death, she was even more puzzled by Lu Ruoxin's behavior.

        "Do you think I'm temperamental?" Lu Ruoxin bellowed coldly.

        "Slave servant doesn't dare." Upon hearing this, Chi Meng hurriedly lowered her head in fear.

        "I want to help Han Qianqian, that's because Han Qianqian is a potential stock worth helping, he has the ability to mess up the order of the Eightfold World, besides, the Eightfold World is indeed too chaotic and bloated, it's time for a change. But I don't help, based on my respect for him." Lu Ruoxin said blandly.

        "Respect?" Chi Meng frowned.

        "Perhaps it was you, or someone else, who was trapped in the streamer, this miss would have stepped in to save him, but Han Qianqian is different. How can the man that this lady truly looks up to be mediocre? Although the Heavenly Demon Streamer is strong, I believe Han Qianqian is even stronger." Lu Ruoxin said.

        Chi Meng gritted her teeth, she could see that Han Qianqian had a high position in Lu Ruoxin's heart, and even she, who had always held herself in high esteem, was willing to respect him.

        "Miss, perhaps Han Qianqian isn't as strong as you think." Chi Meng gritted her teeth and said.


        Suddenly, Lu Ruoxin did not move, but slapped Chi Meng directly on the face.

        Lu Ruoxin's cold eyes shrank: "Are you questioning this lady's vision?"

        "Slave servant doesn't dare." Chi Meng panicked and pressed her body very low, holding back the burning pain on her face and begging for mercy in a low voice, "Slave servant is only worried that the Heavenly Devil Streamer is after all the most precious treasure of the Devil Sect, so if Han Sanshang has a shortcoming, it will not only disappoint Miss's expectations, but also ruin Miss's grand plan."

        Only when Lu Ruoxin heard this did she blush slightly better: "If he wants to become the kind of man this young lady wants, he will inevitably take on more difficult challenges, if he can't even break through a Heavenly Devil Streamer, how can he become a top existence?"

        "Yes." Chi Meng nodded, but then was quite unconvinced in her heart.

        And at this time, although the entire Han Qianqian in the streamer was still standing, his whole body was already trembling slightly involuntarily due to the lack of strength, and Han Qianqian knew that his physical strength was completely exhausted. Even though he had almost done so long ago, he had been relying on his willpower to hold on.

        However, the Buddha's palm was too big and too fast, and it was extremely difficult to dodge it.

        Most importantly, for some reason, his physical strength was depleted extremely fast in this, and it seemed that every step he took, he used up a great deal of strength, which was really unbelievable.

        It was strange to know that although Han Qianqian's body was not that of a strong as an ox, it was still extremely muscular and, with the blessing of his golden body, far stronger than most people, such excessive physical exertion was really strange.

        "Don't struggle anymore, you are just an ant in front of this seat, all things are just karma, your karma is over, and your life will naturally end." The demon Buddha laughed softly.

        Han Qianqian clenched his teeth and did not say a word.

        "Oh, do you still have the capital to resist? Even the Pan Gu Axe that you are so proud of is just like pieces of dust before this seat. With this slap, you will die a miserable death. However, for the sake of my Buddha's compassion, I will give you one last chance to be captured and follow me in my Buddhist teachings." When the demon Buddha finished speaking, the Buddha's light was slightly scattered, with the appearance of my Buddha shining on him.

        However, the words Pan Gu Axe and Piece of Dust echoed in Han Qianqian's ears.

        "Who would cultivate Buddha with you, Demon Buddha? Isn't the little master still alive? If you have anything, just come." Han Qianqian smiled miserably, but his eyes were steely.

        "Arrogance!" The demon Buddha bellowed, "Under the Vajra Buddha's Palm, you will surely die."

        Han Qianqian only felt a certain death echoing between his ears, and the next second, the huge Buddha's palm struck again!

        Han Qianqian's eyes were cold, was it really certain death?


        Sure death?

        Why did he emphasise these two words again? Just like last time, he emphasized the Pan Gu Axe and the fragmented powder!

        Could it be that ......

        Right, perhaps, that was it.

        Thinking of this, the corners of Han Qianqian's mouth suddenly twitched up into a smile as he faced the Vajra Buddha's palm that blasted into the sky, Han Qianqian suddenly didn't move or shake, slightly closing his eyes and waiting for the Vajra Buddha's palm to strike!