His True Colors Chapter 2112

 Clearly he was downstream of them, and now, far above their lofty heights.

        "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, three thousand, you ...... have mercy on us." Little Blackie kowtowed hard while eagerly begging for mercy, his forehead was by now crimson because of the continuous impact.

        Wu Yan looked at Ye Lucheng, at this moment, his body moved and flew directly over, two hands jammed one hand around Folding Void's throat and the other around Little Blackie's throat, "You two, simply deserve to die, is he also something you can insult?"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, his hands were fiercely pressed, and with just a scraping sound, Little Blackie and Folded Void were directly stuck with their throats cut, their eyes open, unwillingly and fearfully softened in Wu Yan's hands.

        Then, Wu Yan turned around and looked at Han Qianqian, bowing his head and saying, "The two people who framed you in the first place, I have already killed them for you. This matter actually has nothing to do with Lone City, he ......"

        "Did I say I was going to kill them?" Han Qianqian interrupted with dissatisfaction.

        Although Folded Void and Little Blackie were villains, Han Qianqian did not entertain the idea of killing them, after all, in Han Qianqian's eyes, these were just two mole crickets, and he really had no interest in killing two weaklings, even if they had once set themselves up.

        Why would a great tree make any calculations with withered grass?

        All they needed to do was to tell the truth, and that would have been enough.

        Wu Yan was stunned, his heart fluttering, killing the two of them was also a way to avoid them from extending harm to himself and the others.

        "Fuck." Cool-Son Yeh walked over with a few steps.


        A slap, at once, heavily slapped on Wu Yan's face, and angrily shouted, "When did it become your turn to be in charge here?"

        When he was slapped by Cool-Son Yeh, a trace of displeasure flashed across Wu Yan's face, after all, Cool-Son Yeh was his junior, so how could he lose face in front of everyone?

        However, he did not dare to do anything rude, so he lowered his head and looked at Han Qianqian: "I'm sorry!"

        Ye Gucheng also looked at Han Qiancheng, although in his heart he was upset that the trash he was at first was now towering over him, but he had to bow to reality, "Qiancheng, Wu Yan was indeed abrupt, but he really couldn't stand these two villains slandering me, so he was impulsive, I apologise for him, I'm sorry."

        "Is that the only thing to apologise for?" Han Qianqian smiled.

        Cool-Son Yeh instantly blushed with embarrassment, "The matter of Folding Void and Little Blackie has nothing to do with me."

        "Whether it's relevant or not, you know best in your heart. My score with you will also be settled sooner or later. However, today I am not interested." After saying that, Han Qianqian turned around and left.

        Ye Gucheng let out a long breath in his heart, now that the Pill God Pavilion's army was fighting the two Fu Ye families, if Han Qianqian wanted to settle the score with him, there was no way for him to fight.

        If it was later, then he wouldn't have to be so afraid.

        At that very moment, Qin Shannon ran to Han Qianqian in a few steps, with tears in her eyes, murmuring and looking at Han Qianqian, then, with both knees bent, she was about to kneel down.

        Han Qianqian was quick-eyed and hurriedly held Qin Shoung, frowning and saying, "What are you doing?"

        "Three-thousand, I know that the Voidless Clan has wronged you, and they are not qualified to ask you for help. Then let me beg you, okay?" Qin Shannon cried with pearly tears and looked at Han Qianqian with immense sorrow, her body still trying hard to kneel towards the ground even though she was being held by Han Qianqian.

        In Han Qianqian's heart, Qin Shannon had never looked after him and trusted him, and even when all of the Voidless Sect was against him, she still stood strong and protected herself.

        She was the eternal senior sister in his own heart, so how could senior brother bear to kneel for his senior sister?!

        "Senior sister, why are you doing this? Do they deserve your pity?" Seeing Qin Shannon like this, Han Qianqian could not help but feel grief in her heart, and looking back at her eyes, she pointed her finger at Sanyong and the others, "Just because you believed I was innocent in the first place, how did this group of people treat you in the first place?"

        "They saw you as a madman trapped by love, bordering on dementia, erasing your status and ignoring your efforts, are people like them worthy of your help?"

        "Even your mother, who claims to love you, has never stood in your shoes, understood you, believed in you?"

        "Of course I will listen to your plea for mercy. But ......" Han Qianqian suddenly looked at each other with anger and shouted angrily "This group of people, are they worthy?"

        A single sentence, thunderous bellow, drink the hall full of shock, but also drink the presence of two or three peaks elders, Lin Mengxi as well as three Yong heart trembling!

        Yes, were they worthy?

        They don't deserve it!!!

        Even though Qin Shant had explained for Han Qianqian time and time again, but when had they ever listened? Not only did they not, but they even regarded Qin Shou as a madman who didn't know how to love herself!

        Even the second Han Qianqian showed up!

        Even the second Han Qianqian appeared, they were still raging against her!

        They were not worthy of it!

        When she heard Han Qianqian's angry rebuke, Qin Shantou was in tears, and by Han Qianqian's arm, she was crying almost to the point of collapse.

        After years of grievances and trust in Han Qianqian, the way Han Qianqian was now repaying her by rebuking her angrily made it difficult for her to hide the years of pressure in her heart, which all burst out now.

        Han Qianqian's angry eyes could not help but lightly dotted with tears at this time.