His True Colors Chapter 2111

 San Yong and Lin Meng Xi and the others were even more shocked after hearing these words.

        What happened to Han Qianqian and Xiaotao at the beginning turned out to be nothing but a set-up drama directed by Cool-Son Yeh from the beginning to the end!

        In other words, it was all the work of Cool-Son Yeh!

        San Yong felt dizzy, and the Elders of Second and Third Peaks and Lin Meng Xi couldn't help but frown, from beginning to end, they had all been tricked by Cool-Son Yeh. Moreover, they had listened to this scum and destroyed the true light of the Voidless Sect with their own hands.

        Even at the very moment of the Voidless Sect's life and death, they still believed in Cool-Son Yeh and rejected Han Qianqian!

        How ironic is this?

        The irony of just how foolish the group of them really were. When they thought back to Qin Shoucheng's stop, they said she was foolish, but when they thought about it, it was just a fool mocking a wise man.

        Han Qianqian's eyes, at that moment, faintly looked towards Ye Qucheng.

        Ye Gucheng instantly turned pale and couldn't help but take a step backwards on her feet, shaking her head, "No, it's none of my business, they, they're talking nonsense."

        "How can it be none of your business?" Little Blackie said while pulling out a packet of powder from his pocket, "You asked me to use this powder to stun Little Peach in the first place, you can't deny it."

        Little Blackie was not stupid, he had secretly thought of a backstabber in case things fell through, and also kept the medicine given by Cool-Son Yeh in the first place, so that Cool-Son Yeh would not deny it.

        Now that he thought about it, Little Blackie was secretly glad that he had done the right thing.

        Cool-Son Yeh's white eyes were rolling up to the sky. It was not impossible to spare the lives of two more dogs, but the problem was that these two dogs did not understand what they meant at all, and not only did they not know how to restrain themselves, but also added fuel to the fire.

        Now even more directly to take the actual hammer!

        "Grandpa Ye, you ...... look, you just spare us, okay?" Xuoxu Zi begged.

        Ye Gucheng's face was ashen, especially when he felt Han Qianqian's gaze with a smile, he only felt a non-stop chill at his back: "I ...... am really pissed off at you two idiots, don ...... t fucking ask me, I am not qualified to break your lives and deaths, if you want to forgive, you ask him."

        Little Blackie and Folded Void were stunned, really guessed right ah, that one is the big brother.

        "Grandfather of grandfathers, you spare us, hehehe."

        "Yes, yes, you save our lives as dogs, just for the sake of us working for you faithfully." The two men begged happily at once.

        "For the sake of working faithfully?" Han Qianqian couldn't help but say with amusement.

        Ye Kucheng as well as Wu Yan and the others were simply speechless, and they all turned their heads to the side. Lin Mengxi and the others couldn't help but feel gloomy when they saw these two goods like this.

        "Do you guys know who I am?" Han Qianqian asked, and then, gently picked up his mask.

        "You are, of course, the grandfather of grandfathers." Folded Xu Zi smiled while complimenting, but after he saw Han Qianqian take off that mask, his whole person instantly went from kneeling to sitting softly on the ground on his butt, as if he had seen a ghost, panicking "Han ...... Han Qianqian?"

        The smile on the side of the small black son also completely frozen in the face, the whole person completely dumbfounded.

        Isn't this Cool-Son Yeh's boss? How, how could it be Han three thousand!

        Han Three-thousand was a slave that they all despised and even bullied at will, how could ...... how could he suddenly become the grandfather of the grandfather he was talking about?!

        Ruo Yu also froze!

        When Cool-Son Yeh and Wu Yan saw Han Qianqian's face, they couldn't help but be stunned at this point.

        Although they had basically believed Qin Shant's words, when they actually saw Han Qianqian's face, they still couldn't help but be even more shocked.

        This was the slave, the trash, that none of them had despised back then.

        Yet, now he was standing in front of them, and with just a smile and a drink, he could completely control their inner fear or not, life or death, like a god-like figure.

        Little Blackie shook his head in fear while backing away, "No ...... it can't be, it's not ...... it can't be, aren't you ...... you already dead ?"

        Then, he looked at Ye Gucheng: "Senior Brother Ye, he ...... is Han Qianqian ah, we ...... we don't need to be afraid of him ah, the Voidless Sect is all your people, isn't it?"

        "Yes, yes, yes, senior brother Ye, kill him, kill him." 折虚子 also looked at Cool-Son Ye at this time, this was their only hope.

        Ye Gucheng was furious, Han Qianqian was already on his way out, but these two losers interfered and picked a fight over nothing.

        Kill him? He was only begging him not to kill himself!

        Little Blackie saw that everyone had their heads turned to the side and no one was paying any attention to the two of them at all, and his heart got even more panicked and scared: "What's wrong with you ...... guys?"

        "He's just a waste slave."

        Because everyone seemed to be afraid of Han Qianqian, and so much so that it made the two of them, now like two clowns, a grandfather and a waste slave, experience the extreme joy and sorrow of life.

        Folded Void cried, and cried at the crotch of his trousers, and his clothes were as wet as they could be.

        He was not stupid, could he not understand what this meant?

        Little Blackie was also completely frozen, and only a moment later, he suddenly knelt down in front of Han Qianqian, kowtowing with such a loud thud that the only sound heard in the entire hall was the loud crash of his head hitting the floor.