His True Colors Chapter 2110

 Qin Shannon was uncomfortable and didn't know what to do for a while.

        Han Qianqian's words did have merit, and it was indeed their own fault that San Yong and the others had the consequences they had now, but then again, the other disciples of the Voidless Sect were innocent.

        She did not want to stand by and watch her fellow disciples and siblings suffer the scourge of Ye Qucheng.

        At the same time, Lin Mengxi was her own mother in the end.

        "Are you really Han Qianqian?" Just then, Lin Mengxi gritted her teeth and stopped in front of Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian's frown was slightly irritated: "Yes or no, it's none of your business, get out of the way!"

        "If you are Han Qianqian, don't you want the Voidless Clan to hand me over? I'm right here, kill or be killed, do as you wish, but ......"

        "You're begging me?" Han Qianqian said with a frown.

        Lin Mengxi gritted her teeth and finally put her heart on the line, "Yes, I'm begging you!"

        Han Qianqian froze for a moment, then a golden light radiated directly from his body, sending Lin Mengxi flying several meters in front of him, "Begging is fine, but do you expect a demon to help you? How can a demon help a person?"

        After saying that, Han Qianqian raised his step and left.

        In the beginning, you and others regarded me as a demon, that demon is the one who does not cross people.

        "By the way, leave her alive, she, must die in my hands." Han Qianqian coldly swept a glance at Ye Gucheng and bellowed in a cold voice.

        Being stared at by Han Qianqian, Ye Gucheng couldn't help but swallow his saliva, and ghostly, he actually nodded his head in complete uncontrollable fear.

        "Han Qianqian!"

        Another shout, Han Qianqian turned around slightly, at this moment, Sanyong slowly climbed up and turned to Han Qianqian, in the midst of the incomparable surprise of the second and third peak elders.

        With a bang.

        He knelt heavily on the ground.

        Sanyong dropped his head, "I know that you hate the Voidless Sect, but a thousand mistakes were made by me, the one who is the head of the sect."

        "I also know that you have given the Voidless Clan a chance, but I have met a gentleman's heart with a villain's heart, I fully thought that Lone City would remember the love of the same clan, while you ...... might have communicated your personal revenge, but where could I have imagined that things would be like this, it is useless for me to say more, I just want to beg you, please save the Voidless Clan, okay? " Sanyong said with difficulty.

        "As the head of the clan, you begged me, it might have been useful before. However, when a man's knees are kneeling too much, they have long since lost their value." Han Qianqian snorted coldly.

        Sanyong was speechless, he knew that Han Qianqian was sarcastically referring to his humility, after kneeling to others, he came to kneel to him again, he simply did not care.

        After sweeping a glance at Qin Shantou behind him, Han Qianqian saw that she did not follow, took a deep breath and looked at Ye Qucheng: "I have no interest in meddling in the affairs of the Voidless Sect, however, if half a hair of Qin Shantou is missing, I want you, Ye Qucheng, to never be allowed to live forever."

        Hearing these words, Cool-Son Yeh's body involuntarily trembled again; he had obviously done nothing, yet a single word and a single look made him tremble with fear.

        Han Qianqian knew that Lin Mengxi was Qin Shushi's mother, and the Voidless Clan was also the place where she had the deepest feelings, so it was difficult for her to decide if she was to part with it for a while. Therefore, Han Qianqian still gave in and let her stay longer, while he, himself, silently walked towards the outside of the main hall.

        After only a few steps, two figures, one fat and one thin, bumped about like birds with frightened bows, and finally, brushing past Han Qianqian, flung themselves to the ground with a thud.

        Looking at the two figures, Han Qianqian stood slightly on his feet.

        "Aiya, Senior Brother Ye, oh no, Grandpa Ye, Grandpa Ye help." Folding Xu Zi held up his round body, and this big flop and kneeling was like throwing a gas can on the ground, and he slid hard on the ground for several steps.

        Next to Folded Void, kneeling next to Little Blackie, still as thin as ever, but with a fiercer look on his face.

        Seeing Han Qianqian stop slightly at the arrival of Folded Void and Little Blackie, a hint of panic flashed across Ye Gucheng's face, then he kicked Folded Void and Little Blackie to the ground, fearing that Han Qianqian would notice something: "Get lost."

        "Aiya, Grandpa Ye, you can't control us, now the Four Peaks are full of your men, killing men and humiliating women on sight, if we two hadn't hidden well, we would have been killed by their heads." The two of us would have been killed by their heads if we hadn't hidden ourselves so well." Folded Void rolled and crawled to his feet, crying like a dead mother.

        "Yes, Senior Brother Ye, we took advantage of those people suddenly flying away and rushed to escape to this side, please cover us, don't let the big water wash away the Dragon King Temple." Little Blackie begged while looking at Cool-Son Yeh, and his words seemed to be reminding Cool-Son Yeh of something.

        Perhaps in normal times, Cool-Son Yeh would have eaten this from Little Blackie, but the problem was, Han Qianqian was here, wasn't this a pot calling the kettle black!

        "Go away, I don't know you guys well, don't say what you shouldn't say." Ye Gucheng bellowed angrily, his eyes wanting to eat the two of them up.

        "Grandpa Ye, that's not right, would you have succeeded in what happened to Han Qianqian back then if we hadn't helped? Usually, the two of us kept our mouths shut and never leaked half a cent, there is no credit but there is hard work too, you must save us." He cried even more miserably as he pleaded for mercy, knowing that Han Qianqian was there.

        Cool-Son Yeh really want to strangle this damn fatty, but naive Han three thousand here, he killed to silence, Han three million a hand it!

        "Grandpa Ye, you don't need to give us a wink, what can't we say about this matter now, huh? Now the Voidless Sect is full of your men, so what if they know?" Folded Voidchild continued.

        "Yes, yes, Grandpa Ye, we have helped you to the end of our lives." Little Blackie also hurriedly said.

        The tragic sight of the Four Peaks had long frightened the two greedy people, and they kept mentioning old matters, wanting Cool-Son Yeh to spare their lives for old times' sake, and even in case they begged for their future prosperity, it would be a happy event.

        "How do you want to die after bowing and scraping, tell us." Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        Seeing that Han Qianqian had indeed opened his mouth, Ye Gucheng's heart was instantly startled, while a hint of fear flashed in his eyes.

        Then, he looked angrily at Little Blackie and Folded Void, trying to warn them with their eyes to stop talking, but the two of them were sure in their hearts that Han Qianqian was Ye Gucheng's superior because of the fear he had shown to Han Qianqian before, and had already focused on Han Qianqian at this time.

        "Oh, this grandfather, to talk about that matter, it's wonderful, I think when senior brother Ye Gucheng looked at a slave of my Four Peaks very badly, we framed him with a girl, and in the end that guy was besieged by the whole sect and died."

        "Yes, at the same time, we have all thought of a backstab, even if the matter is exposed, we have also found another backstabber, in short, this matter will never have anything to do with Senior Brother Cool-Son Yeh, you say, we do things firmly, right?" Little Blackie also hurriedly said.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian smiled faintly, and Cool-Son Ye covered his forehead with one hand, depressed to the extreme, these two fools!!!