His True Colors Chapter 2109

 In mid-air, Han Qianqian was holding a huge axe, wearing a mask, with a golden light on his body and a faint flash of purple light, just like a god of war, ruling the world.

        Even from a distance, all the people in the main hall could feel the strong oppression he brought.

        Ye Gucheng and the others looked at each other, staring at each other, and for a moment, they were all stunned.

        "What the hell are they doing? Block it for me!" Suddenly, Cool-Son Yeh reflected and shouted angrily.

        However, at the order, the group of people all looked at each other, and no one dared to take even half a step forward first.

        After all, that was the mysterious man, who had that guts to confront him? It was no different from seeking death.

        "Go on." Ye Gucheng roared in anger.

        Only then did the twelve Poison Elders glance at each other, which was a mutual affirmation, followed by a direct charge towards Han Qianqian.

        Wu Yan was not idle either, drawing a large circle in his hands in the void, then through the way Fang had done, he directly sent word to all the Pill God Pavilion disciples who had come in to meet the enemy.

        Looking at the twelve Poisonous Elders that greeted them as well as the monstrous crowd that came from the second, third and fourth peaks, Han Qianqian smiled disdainfully, looked at the Pan Gu Axe in his hand and smiled gently, "I know you've been holding it in too hard, today, let you relax properly."

        The Pan Gu Axe flashed with a golden light, as if responding to Han Qianqian.

        "Heavenly Fire, Moon Wheel!"

        With a furious cry, the red Heavenly Fire, and the purple Moon Wheel transformed into two golden lights, attacking straight towards the crowd of three mountain peaks, while Han Qianqian was also very dry, lifting his Pan Gu Axe and charging directly towards the Twelve Poisonous Elders.

        The two waves soon came close, but the closer they were separated, the more panicked the Twelve Poison Elders became.

        "This guy, what the hell, what a strong aura!" The First Poison Elder couldn't help but say with difficulty while forcing himself forward against the energy.

        "I don't know, but with the twelve of us joining forces, plus the nearly ten thousand disciples who have rushed here, what's the point of being afraid of him?"

        "Let him taste the power of our Twelve Poison Elders."

        No sooner had the Twelve Poison Elders spoken than they suddenly felt a golden light strike them, followed by ......

        Second kill!!!

        "What !!!!"

        Above the main hall, Wu Yan was directly frightened and shivered, he was about to observe the battle, but suddenly found that the twelve poisonous old men who had just rushed up, after a flash of golden light, were gone!

        Not to mention the corpses, there was not even a single crumb!

        Cool-Son Yeh's eyes were almost open to the sky, he could not believe what he was seeing.

        Boom !!!!

        Just then, there were two more earth-shattering thuds.

        Several people hurriedly looked, only to see the second, third and fourth peaks just assembled flying in the air ten thousand disciples, at this time vocal huge two explosions.

        One side of the fire light rushed to the sky, once the purple light jagged, ten thousand people brigade, hard smashed out of two huge holes, under the hole, only vague remnants left.

        "My goodness." The Second Peak Elder was simply dumbfounded.

        This was no battle, but a one-sided magnificent massacre, like a show.

        Sanyong sat dumbfounded and frozen on the ground, speechless for a moment.

        "Hurry ...... up and go!" Wu Yan hurriedly shouted at Ye Gucheng.

        But at that moment, golden light suddenly flashed in the hall, and Han Qianqian's upright and slender figure was already standing in the hall.

        Ye Gucheng's group immediately leaned in collectively and kept backing away, not even having the courage to fight.

        Looking at Han Qianqian, who was approaching step by step, Ye Gucheng was resentful in his heart, he was the one who was at the top of the world, yet at this moment, he was frightened by a man who was retreating step by step.

        But the powerful aura emanating from Han Qianqian's body made him gnaw in his stomach even if he was not willing to do so.

        One step, two steps, three steps, as if the god of death was approaching them, the five or six peaks elders already felt their trousers were wet and their feet were shaking violently without obedience.

        Ye Gucheng could not help but shrink towards the back of the crowd at this point, the arrogant and cocky aura from earlier had long since run away to the clouds.

        "Great, great." The second and third peak elders immediately celebrated with mutual joy.

        It was fortunate that Han Qianqian had come, otherwise the Voidless Sect would have lived forever under never-ending sunless conditions.

        Han Qianqian arrived in front of Qin Shannon, who smiled faintly, "I knew you would come."

        "And how could I not come? You're my senior sister." Han Qianqian smiled lightly.

        Qin Shrost nodded and was just about to explain something when Han Qianqian shook her head, "No need to explain, I know all about it, I certainly respect their choice."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian placed his gaze on Ye Gucheng's body, who instantly shivered.

        "Don't be so scared, I'm just taking Qin Shantou away, do you have a problem with that?"

        Cool-Son Yeh was stunned, what did he mean by that?!

        "Let's go." Han Qianqian looked at Qinshang and said.

        "But ......" Qin Shrost's eyes were full of reluctance as she looked at Lin Mengxi and Sanyong and the others.

        "They are adults, adults have to be responsible for their actions, let them pay for what they choose." After saying that, Han Qianqian directly turned around and was about to leave.

        As far as Han Qianqian was concerned, Qin Shannon had been kind to him and did have the feelings of a senior sibling in her, so if something happened to Qin Shannon, Han Qianqian naturally could not sit idly by and do nothing, but for the others, Han Qianqian did not have any feelings and did not seek revenge on them, which was already considered kind and righteous, for the sake of the same disciple.


        The moment Han Qianqian's words fell, the joyful smiles of the second and third peak elders froze, sitting on their asses on the ground, even Lin Mengxi could not help but retreat in a daze, and Sanyong's heart was suddenly ashen!