His True Colors Chapter 2108

 A breeze blew through the entire Void Clan.

        It was the fresh breeze of the outside world, with the fragrance of the earth and the smell of nature, and it had been an unknown time since the Voidless Clan had smelt this less innocent, yet full of natural flavour.

        The whole of the Voidless Clan was quiet.

        There was no sound, even the breathing had stopped, it was as if it was a no man's land, so peaceful and silent that people felt scared.

        Ye Gucheng and the others' faces were cold as they stared blankly at the sky.

        For a long, long time, they failed to return to their senses.

        Sanyong and Lin Mengxi and the others, just as frozen in place.

        How could ......

        could it be like this!

        "Did I get misty-eyed?" Wu Yan wiped his eyes and tried to retry the Sect Leader Order in his hand to activate the formation, but apparently, at this moment, the Sect Leader Order was nothing more than a scrap of wood.

        The elders of the five and six peaks retreated several steps almost unanimously, a subconscious move driven by their inner fear.

        Sanyong reflected and grabbed his hair with both hands as he felt nothing but hair on his scalp.

        The Voidless Sect's proudest defence formation, which had stood in the eight worlds for hundreds of thousands of years since the founding of the sect, had been destroyed today.

        He did not know whether to laugh or cry, whether to be happy or sad.

        "This is impossible, this is impossible, the Voidless Sect's forbidden spells cannot be easily broken without the power of ten thousand people, this is never possible." Ye Gucheng murmured and shook his head, clearly having difficulty accepting the reality before him.

        "It seems that the legend is true." Qin Shannon, at this point, smiled faintly.

        "A legend?"

        Above the main hall, everyone looked towards Qin Shannon in unison, waiting for her answer.

        "Han Three Thousand has the Pan Gu Axe." Qin Shannon smiled and said naturally.

        The Pan Gu Axe?

        Upon hearing this, everyone was collectively stunned.

        "Frosty, you mean ......" Sanyong looked at Qin Shrost incredulously.

        "No, no, this is not right, you said that the masked man is the mysterious man, the mysterious man is Han Qianqian, but how can Han Qianqian have the Pan Gu Axe? The Pan Gu Axe is only owned by that Han Qianqian of the Fu family, ah." The Second Peak Elder shook his head firmly, really struggling to understand.

        The Third Elder also nodded his head at the same time and said.

        "It's you guys who are making it complicated yourselves, having to think that Han Qianqian of the Voidless Clan is impersonating Han Qianqian of the Fu Family, haven't you really thought that they are the same person? Isn't it ironic to see people with tinted glasses and confuse yourselves?" Qin Frost scoffed.

        "You ...... are saying that Han Qianqian is Han Qianqian?" Sanyong's face went pale.

        "I said so yesterday." Qin Shoushang said blandly.

        "But, isn't he dead?" The Second Peak Elder said.

        "He's not dead, he's just alive in a different way." Qin Shannon smiled.

        The Third Peak Elder sat on his butt and his entire jaw dropped, "Mystic!"

        "That's right." Qin Shou smiled.

        In fact, except for a moment of haste when she had spoken out, Qin Shannon was never willing to divulge any information about Han Qianqian's identity, but when Han Qianqian had already taken out the Pan Gu Axe, she knew that Han Qianqian didn't need any secrets anymore.

        "Are you saying that the one who fought with many experts at the top of Qishan Mountain was ...... Han Qianqian? The one who got the Pan Gu Axe was also ...... also Han Qianqian, they, they were one person from the beginning to the end?" Sanyong's mind was about to explode.

        "That's right!" Qin Shou said indifferently.

        "Pfft !!!!"

        Sanyong could no longer hold back, and a mouthful of blood directly spurted out as if he didn't want any money.

        "Haha, hahahahahahahaha, I ...... what have I done to Sanyong? Han three thousand, mysterious man, Pan Gu axe !!!! Hahahahahahahaha!"

        "Ancestors, ah, I Sanyong wasted as a human being, ah, weak water three thousand, only take one scoop, hahahahahaha, so, it refers to Han three thousand ah. But I ...... but I think he is but ...... but just a waste, from the beginning, full of discrimination against him."

        "Am I qualified to discriminate against him? He is a god, what am I? Just a mole."

        Sanyong laughed maniacally, looking at his own hands, his whole person laughed harder than he cried: "I, Sanyong, boast that I do everything for the sake of the Void Sect, and even laughingly think that I must be the one who will prosper the sect, but in reality? Just a sinner, I've ruined everything."

        "What face do I have left to live in this world? But how can I face my ancestors when I am dead?" Sanyong fell to his knees in dismay.

        The second and third peak elders looked at each other with widened eyes, shocked.

        Lin Mengxi's eyes were equally dumbfounded, the weak water is three thousand, only take one scoop, the ancestor's intention, but actually they will be wrong is just, but even hand-made into a big mistake.

        San Yong is a sinner, and she is not!

        "Impossible, impossible, that waste, that waste how can be Han three thousand, and ...... and how can be the mysterious person?" Ye Kucheng's eyes were panic-stricken beyond measure, and his heart was even more resigned.

        That person who had caused him perversion and even distorted psychology at the top of Qishan Mountain, how ...... could he be the waste he had always despised?!

        He is just a waste, how can he be qualified to compare with himself as a human being?

        At this moment, he raised his head in uncertainty, and in mid-air, Han Qianqian had already entered the domain of the Void Sect!