His True Colors Chapter 2107

 In the next second, Han Qianqian's entire body was completely covered with golden light, eclipsing above, like a golden man.

        "I see you have a hard time!" With an angry shout, the Pan Gu axe in his hand slashed fiercely at those golden fetters on his body, and those long golden ropes of energy that seemed to be cut and tangled were now quickly cut off like molehills under the sharp mouth of the Pan Gu axe.

        Immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian flew up, his golden axe slowly raised above his head.

        "Ten thousand swords, is it? I only have one axe!" Han Qianqian's gaze was like a torch, his expression indifferent.

        The axe came down!

        As if the air could not withstand its immense pressure, it was cut into two waves of air, and a golden blanket erupted from the axe and struck the Ten Thousand Swords.


        With a loud bang, the ten thousand swords, like a rain of arrows, directly met the golden blanket cut out by the axe.

        The sky shook and the ground shook.

        Even the Pill God Pavilion and the two families of Fu Ye, who were already at war in mid-air, could not help but be shaken by this tremendous movement, not to mention Fu Mang and Su Yingxia, who were close by.

        Inside the boundary, Ye Qucheng and the others, who were originally wearing playful smiles, were also shaken by the tremendous shock, while their faces were covered with expressions of disbelief.

        After the explosion, Han Qianqian was still shining with golden light, standing on top of the boundary like a god of war.

        "What the hell?" A cold colour flashed across Ye Gucheng's eyes as he murmured.

        "Senior Brother Preceptor, did you make a mistake?" Looking at Han Qianqian who was unharmed amidst the ten thousand swords, the First Peak Elder at the side could not help but frown slightly.

        "Yes, could it be that Senior Brother Preceptor you are not well versed in the art and have no way to control the formation?" The Five Peaks Elder also said oddly.

        Wu Yan frowned without uttering a word, but his gaze was fixed on Han Qianqian.

        You are not proficient in the art? How could this be possible. Wu Yan had long been coveting the sect leader, and had secretly studied the Voidless Sect's forbidden spell formations early on, and was now quite accomplished, so there was no problem at all with the attack and defence of the spell formations.

        San Yong and Lin Meng Xi and the others did not speak either, especially San Yong, whose mouth was slightly open, looking at the young man above the boundary with some surprise.

        As the Sect Leader, he was certainly clear whether there was any problem with the forbidden spell formation that Wu Yan had activated. He could even say responsibly that ninety percent of the energy of the entire formation had been turned on by Wu Yan, and had almost pushed the entire formation to the extreme.

        Although the Voidless Clan's formation was mainly defensive, the offensive nature of the counterattack was just as terrifying. When the ancestor designed this ancient formation itself, it was set up to protect the Voidless Clan from being bullied by experts, so its strength was extremely strong, and it was impossible for ordinary experts to resist it.

        But the young man on the boundary was not only not knocked back by those attacks, it could even be said that not even a single hair on his head was injured.

        How could this be possible!

        That young man, could it really be the, mysterious person, as Qin Frost said?!

        So, was he really wrong?

        At least, it turned out that he had believed in the wrong Cool-Son Yeh. As for this young man in front of him, Sanyong couldn't decide right now.

        Qin Shannon revealed a faint smile at this moment, although she had also sweated hard for Han Qianqian just now, but when she saw that Han Qianqian ended up standing overhead without any danger, she could not help but feel happy in her heart.

        She knew that Han Qianqian would not let her down.

        "What? Did you really think that he could resist the formation's counterattack and spring into action?" Seeing the threat on Qin Shannon's face, Cool-Son Yeh's nameless fire flared up furiously and his face grimaced as he roared.

        "Oh, scared? So annoyed and angry?" Qin Shoushang sneered.

        Qin Shoushang's words pierced the fragile heart of Cool-Son Yeh, gritting his teeth and saying with a fierce face, "I would be afraid? What do I, Cool-Son Yeh, have to be afraid of?"

        "Just because that trash blocked the formation's counterattack? Grass, old me can do it just as well." Cool-Son Yeh roared hysterically.

        But he himself knew clearly that it was just a tough talk, what confidence did he have that he could do it?! Even if today's cultivation level had long been different from that of the past.

        "It's just resisting the counterattack of the formation, look at what you can do, the Voidless Sect's forbidden spells are defence-based and counterattacks are supplementary, being able to resist an attack is nothing, if he's capable, he can break the Voidless Sect's defence." The Sixth Peak Elder spoke out sarcastically.

        "With an attack like that, anyone with a little bit of ability can block it, Qin Shant, what's all the fuss about?" The Fifth Peak Elder also spoke out.

        Qin Shrost smiled coldly, "Since you all think he can't do it, have the guts to go out and fight him."

        With a single word, the First Peak Elder and the Fifth and Sixth Peak Elders shut their mouths, they were good at bragging, but if they were to get real, who would dare to touch that frown.

        After all, they had withstood the counterattack of the formation, and even if it was worthless in their mouths, it was not something they could do.

        "Do we need to go out? What a joke! Just because we have the Void Sect's forbidden formations, can he do anything to us? What would it be if we all had to go out if anyone stood outside and fought indiscriminately? We'd be busy." Wu Yan was faint in his heart, but his mouth still smiled coldly.

        Then, he took a few steps to Cool-Son Yeh's side: "The strength of that kid outside should not be underestimated!"

        Ye Gucheng's face was cold, he was most worried that the kid outside was somewhat capable, so he had pinned his hopes on something going wrong with the formation, but now it seemed obvious that he had thought too much.

        Could it be that what Qin Frost said was true? That guy was really a mysterious person?

        After sweeping his eyes at Qin Shoushang, Cool-Son Yeh said coldly, "Do you think he won just because he dodged an attack? Even if I don't go out, he won't be able to enter."

        Qin Shannon looked coldly at Cool-Son Yeh, she was also very clear about this, the Voidless Sect's forbidden formations were extremely perverse in terms of defence, so it was almost impossible for Han Qianqian to come in from outside, and it was because of this that Qin Shannon had been angering Cool-Son Yeh. It was because only if Cool-Son Yeh went out could Han Qianqian win.

        But if he didn't go out, even if Han Qianqian came, there was nothing he could do.

        And once it dragged on, it would obviously be detrimental to Han Qianqian.

        "Coward." Qin Shannon said with hatred.

        However, at that moment, just above in the distance, Han Qianqian held the Pan Gu Axe in both hands again, raised it to his head, ready to strike.

        "What does that guy want? Come again?" Wu Yan frowned at this point.

        "Is he a fool?"

        The huge axe suddenly blasted down into the sky, slashing out a giant coloured golden light several metres wide, piercing straight through the boundary.

        "Break it for me!"

        With Han Qianqian's angry shout, the golden light slashed the boundary, and the entire Void Sect shook once again, everyone only felt that suddenly the golden light stung their eyes, and they could no longer open their eyes.

        By the time they opened their eyes, the roguish smiles on the faces of the few people in Cool-Son Yeh were all frozen on their faces.

        The boundary over the Voidless Sect had broken!