His True Colors Chapter 2106

 After Wu Yan finished responding, his hands moved again, and the entire energy shield, which was already golden in colour, suddenly turned into countless tortoise-like armour, one piece firmly connected to the other.

        Outside the boundary, Han Qianqian frowned.

        Immediately afterwards, the energy in his hand moved, and a golden energy blasted out directly from his hand, smashing straight into the entire forbidden system.

        But this time, the energy did not cause the entire boundary to tremble like it had just done, but instead, it suddenly disappeared into the golden turtle shells and then turned into nothing.

        Before Han Qianqian could reflect, a beam of extremely strong golden light suddenly shot out from it, and then quickly bound Han Qianqian like a silk worm.

        Han Qianqian wanted to break free, but these beams of light were like cowhide plasters, unable to break free at all. Even if he managed to rip some away, a new energy would soon repair it instantly.

        "Oh no, this guy has touched the defense system of the forbidden formation, the defense system is completely bringing his own energy to bind him, so no matter how hard he pushes, it's hard to go break free, because it's his own spiritual energy, even if he pushes harder, it's still reciprocal." Inside the main hall, Sanyong felt bad at once.

        Seeing this, Cool-Son Yeh smiled in satisfaction, "I thought how capable he was, but it turns out that he is just a fool, making a cocoon of himself, fun."

        "The fun, is still to come?" Wu Yan laughed coldly.

        Immediately afterwards, he gave another chant to the token.

        The entire defensive energy shield suddenly let out a roar, followed by those golden turtle shells suddenly turning into golden sharp swords, ten thousand of them, aimed directly at the trapped Han Qianqian.

        "There's no rush to release it first, let that guy struggle enough, don't you think this is interesting?" Cool-Son Yeh laughed blandly.

        Wu Yan nodded, "The Voidless Sect's forbidden system is originally a great ancient formation created by our sect's ancestors, it has both attacks and extremely strong defenses at the same time, if you want to break the formation, even if someone who doesn't know the spell is consumed to death on it, it won't move it one bit, this guy struggling on it is just like a worm struggling on a spider's web."

        Wu Yan's words were not without reason, this, even if Wu Yan and the others were well aware of the Voidless Sect's forbidden spell, it would still take tens of thousands of people and a lot of time to break through. Otherwise, they would not have had to seek out Sanyong to negotiate.

        And it would be downright difficult for someone who didn't know the spell to break through it the hard way.

        Without the sacrifice of ten thousand people, I'm afraid I wouldn't even think about it.

        Qin Shrost looked worriedly at Han Qianqian in mid-air, his eyes full of anxiety.

        Seeing Qin Shrost's eyes, Ye Gucheng was furious: "You're so nervous about him? Qin Shrost, you're not in love with him, are you?"

        "Yes!" Qin Shrost nodded her head firmly.

        Hearing this answer, Cool-Son Yeh was furious, "You are not qualified to like anyone, what you like, can only be me, because only I am worthy of you!"

        "You are no better than him, not even a toe of him, save your breath."

        "Fine, when you liked that Han Qianqian, I unleashed ten thousand disciples of the Voidless Sect to kill him in front of you, today, you like that masked man, I will still kill him in front of you." Cool-Son Yeh threatened in a cold voice.

        Qin Shannon gritted her teeth, "You didn't kill Han Qianqian last time, today, you will do the same." Qin Shoushang said in a cold voice.

        "Then try it, Wu Yan, kill him for me!" Ye Kucheng roared in anger.

        Wu Yan nodded and moved his hand, at which point, ten thousand swords stood upright.

        Then, the ten thousand swords stabbed straight at Han Qianqian, like a rain of arrows in the sky, with no gaps.

        "If he doesn't break free, he will be pierced through the heart by the forbidden ten thousand swords." The Second Elder hurriedly said.

        "It won't break free, there's no chance." Sanyong shook his head helplessly.

        As the Sect Leader, he understood the power and uniqueness of the forbidden system better than anyone else.

        At this moment, outside the boundary, Su Yingxia and the others, looking at Han Qianqian in mid-air, could not help but clench their pink fists, and their palms were even tense with cold sweat.

        Han Qianqian in mid-air, looking at the rain of swords coming from the sky, also felt a strong sense of urgency at this time.

        However, the golden energy that bound him was too difficult to break free, and even though he tried his best, there was nothing he could do.

        What should I do?

        Han Qianqian's gaze was like a torch as his mind desperately pondered.

        It was too late!

        Han Qianqian suddenly stopped struggling, and immediately afterwards, his left hand slightly gathered energy, while the palm of his right hand was slightly open, ready to make a grip.

        Just as the ten thousand swords were getting closer and closer to Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian's left hand suddenly exerted itself, violently erasing the energy binding his right hand, and taking advantage of the moment of a thousand eventualities, his right hand gripped with a fierce force.

        Immediately afterwards, an incomparably huge golden energy suddenly gushed out directly from Han Qianqian's right hand.

        Whether it was outside or inside the boundary, at this moment, one could only feel the golden blanket on Han Qianqian's body flourish, and an extremely strong pressure was released from him.

        "What is this?" Fu Mang's brows furrowed as the immense pressure even made him feel a little difficult to breathe.

        The golden energy within Han Qianqian's body surged at this moment, and immediately afterwards, a huge golden axe was suddenly held in Han Qianqian's right hand.