His True Colors Chapter 2105

 "NO!!!" Lin Mengxi roared with difficulty, and tears couldn't help but flow down her face.

        The Second and Third Peak Elders and Sanyong even simply parted their heads to the side.

        Insulting Qin Shant like this was not just insulting her, it was insulting Lin Mengxi and the others. But now that the matter had come to a head, did they have any choice but to close their eyes and not look?

        They had no one else to blame but themselves for the outcome of everything, not to mention expecting anything to save the situation today.

        What happened to Qin Shant today is all because of them.

        Boom !!!!!

        Suddenly, just at that moment, the entire Void Sect violently shook with a violent and incomparable shake.

        Everyone on top of the great hall could not help but stagger along.

        Ye Gucheng and the others instantly frowned and could not help but look outside the hall.

        "What's going on?" Cool-Son Yeh said in a cold voice.

        "I don't know, it seems like an earthquake?" The First Poison Elder gulped softly at this point.

        "Not true!" Wu Yan shook his head coldly, and after a moment, he suddenly frowned widely and said in a sharp voice, "Someone is attacking the boundary!"

        After saying this, Wu Yan walked out with quick steps, followed by a movement in his hands and an incantation, and the entire boundary over the void void suddenly took on a transparent shape, so that one could directly see the outside from the inside.

        And in the sky above the outer circle at that moment, a figure was hanging there!

        It was like a god of war!

        Qin Shuang looked back, and in a pair of stubborn and godless beautiful eyes, there was suddenly life and emotion, and even, tears.

        It was Three Thousand!

        It was him!

        He had really come.

        This showed that he always had weight in his heart. Although lovers were dissatisfied, never as much as Su Yingxia, but to have his help at such a critical moment, she had no regrets in this life.

        "Are you here to save me?" Looking at Han Qianqian's figure, Qin Shuang forced back her tears and murmured.

        "Fuck, who is that?" Ye Gucheng roared in anger at once.

        Knowing full well that he was in the Voidless Clan, how dare anyone have the audacity to attack the Voidless Clan, did this put him in his eyes?!

        The second and third elders, along with Lin Mengxi and Sanyong, could not help but look outside the boundary at this time, and at this point, their faces were full of suspicion.

        "Wearing a mask ...... Murphy, could it be that he is the masked man that Frosty spoke of?" Lin Mengxi slowly frowned while saying.

        "Masked man?" Cool-Son Yeh's eyebrows furrowed, his heart could not help but tighten and become angry: "Who is the masked man again?"

        "Tell me and I'll scare you to death." Qin Shushi smiled coldly.

        "Scare me to death?" Cool-Son Yeh spoke coldly and disdainfully, "Is he worthy too? I'm afraid he'll only piss himself when he hears my big name."

        "Is that so? Then I tell you, listen carefully, the masked man is the mysterious man!"

        Hearing this, Cool-Son Yeh visibly froze, on the top of Qishan Mountain, he had been stolen the limelight and beaten up by the Mysterious Man, and even hated out of jealousy, and followed Wang Juzhi's orders to try to kill that bitch who had stolen his limelight.

        However, wasn't he dead?

        Thinking of this, Cool-Son Yeh bellowed coldly, "Stinky bitch, are you scaring me?"

        Qin Shoushang gave a smile, "What? Scared?"

        "Scared? I, Cool-Son Yeh, would be afraid? Not to mention that he can't be the Mystic, even if he is, so what? If Wang Juzhi and I could kill him once at the beginning, we can kill him a second time today." Cool-Son Yeh shouted angrily, and then, placed his gaze on Sanyong: "Hand over the Sect Leader's Order!"

        Sanyong subconsciously put the Sect Leader Order into his arms, unwilling to hand it over.

        "You're forcing me?" Ye Gucheng's pupils shrank and he gave a glance at the Chief Peak Elder, who immediately recited a magic trick in his hand, and a circle of light appeared in the air on the main hall.

        In the circle of light, a scene of human extermination was unfolding in the second, third and fourth peaks.

        Countless male disciples had fallen into the pools of blood, many with their eyes wide open and full of resentment before they died. Those female disciples, on the other hand, were being insulted in turn by one Pill God Pavilion disciple after another with evil smiles, screaming incessantly.

        With just a nod from Ye Gucheng, the Chief Peak Elder let out a soft cry to the circle of light, "Kill!"

        In the image, before the countless female disciples could understand amidst their cries, they were already killed by those Pill God Pavilion disciples who suddenly raised their hands and knives.

        "Kill until you hand it over." Cool-Son Yeh shouted disdainfully.

        Sanyong's face was cold as he looked at the scene in the circle of light, and for a moment, he could not help but cry old tears.

        What kind of sins had he done.


        There was a crunching sound, and the palm decree in his hand fell helplessly to the ground.

        How could he ever have the face to meet his ancestors again!

        Sucking the token with one palm, Cool-Son Yeh threw it directly to Wu Yan, then, glancing at Han Qianqian on the periphery of the boundary, he smiled coldly, "Have a good time with that fellow."

        Wu Yan smiled gently and took the token, and his entire person instantly revealed a wicked smile. "Good!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Wu Yan moved his hand and silently recited a few incantations to the token, and suddenly, the originally transparent and slightly white energy shield shook with a violent burst of golden light.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian, who was on the periphery of the energy shield, was also bounced away several meters because of the sudden golden shaking of the energy shield.

        "Joke, you guys really think that your saviour has come?" Cool-Son Yeh laughed coldly and looked at Wu Yan, "Play him to death."