His True Colors Chapter 2104

 At that moment, at the entrance of the main hall, the Twelve Poisoned Elders escorted Qin Shannon slowly in.

        Although Qin Shou fought hard, it was obvious that he would not be a match for the Twelve Poison Elders. After a series of attacks, his entire body was poisoned by the Twelve Poison Elders, and although he was still conscious, his entire body was sealed with his meridians and veins, and he was taken down by the Twelve Poison Elders and escorted back to the main hall.

        "Frosty!" Seeing Qin Shrost, Lin Mengxi was tense, Qin Shrost was not only her beloved disciple, but also her own daughter, and in the world, what mother would not love her daughter?

        Qin Shoushang had a smear of blood at the corner of her mouth due to her injuries, her face was haggard, even though her meridians were sealed, her eyes were still full of coldness and hatred as she looked towards Ye Gucheng above the main hall.

        "Yo, the big beauty is here?" With a soft laugh, Cool-Son Yeh kicked away Master Sanyong in front of his feet and slowly walked towards Qin Sharon.

        "You beast!" Qin Shrost cursed angrily through clenched teeth.

        Above the four peaks, the image of men killing and humiliating women, like a human tragedy still kept flashing in Qin Shou's mind, that simply should not be something a human could do, but a demon, a demon from hell.

        "Beast? Are you talking about me?" Cool-Son Yeh laughed softly, "When I play with you later, you will know that I am even more beastly."

        "Bah!" Qin Shannon angrily spat at him, her entire being unable to dispel her righteous anger.

        Qin Shannon knew that Cool-Son Yeh was not a good person, but she could never imagine that he could be so bad as to condone outsiders to do those horrible, animal-like things to the disciples of the Voidless Sect.

        At least, they were his junior brothers and sisters.

        Wiping the saliva from his face with one hand, instead of being the least bit angry, Ye Gucheng wiped his face with his hand and then greedily sniffed his hand, "Fragrant, it really is fragrant."

        Smiling indifferently, Cool-Son Yeh gently looked at Qinshang, "Senior sister Qinshang, don't you know that the way you look when you're angry is also very charming?"

        "However, don't worry, I, Ye Gucheng, said that when I enter the Voidless Clan, I will break your body in front of the ancestors, and I will keep my word."

        "The number one beauty of the Voidless Clan? Is she still under my spell?" Ye Gucheng laughed grimly.

        Qin Shuang's stunning good looks had always haunted countless men, and this certainly included Ye Gucheng. At the same time, for him, to be able to possess such a beauty of the world, that was also a very worthy thing to show off.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, if you dare to touch Qin Shannon even a bit, I will fight you to the death." Lin Mengxi shouted angrily as she saw Qin Shantou being bullied.

        "Just by you?" Cool-Son Yeh laughed coldly, "Fight for your life? You are just a stinking bitch, what can you do to me? What qualifications do you have to fight for your life with me? I tell you, if you dare to make a move, I want your female disciples who have been humiliated to be not only humiliated, but also killed one by one!"

        "You!" Lin Mengxi was furious.

        "Cool-Son Ye, don't go too far." The second and third peak elders bellowed.

        "That's right, Qin Shant is my daughter, don't you force me." Lin Mengxi gritted her teeth and said, if Cool-Son Ye intended to use those female disciples as threats, Lin Mengxi had decided that she could even leave them alone.

        Sometimes, a mother's love was great, but it was also selfish.

        "Excessive? Is it?" Cool-Son Yeh looked at his group of people and couldn't help but sneer, then, disdainfully drank, "Yes, old me is excessive, but what can you do? Without the protection of the forbidden system, you bunch of trash are nothing more than pigs and sheep to be slaughtered."

        As soon as the words left her mouth, Lin Mengxi's hand moved and a true energy transformed into a sword, her face filled with a solemn killing intent.

        As soon as she moved, the twelve poisonous elders also immediately stood directly in front of Ye Lucheng's body.

        The Second and Third Peaks Elders were also slightly moving their aura at this time, ready to attack.

        This group of elders were indeed powerful in the Voidless Sect, but against him, the elders behind him and the Twelve Poison Elders, killing them was as easy as killing ants.

        At this moment, Sanyong's brow was furrowed and his eyes were complicated, not knowing what to do.

        He wanted to join in, but he was afraid that if he couldn't beat them, everything they had conceded would be ruined, but if he didn't join in, how could he have any semblance of the dignity and responsibility of a Sect Leader in this situation?

        "That's enough!"

        Suddenly, just at this moment of sabre rattling, Qin Shannon suddenly spoke out.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, don't you just want to insult me? Come on." Qin Shrost finished speaking and gently unbuttoned the first clasp of her long skirt herself.

        "Frosty, don't!" Lin Mengxi shouted in haste at once.

        "What's not to want?" Qin Shrost smiled bitterly, not seeing any look in her full eyes at all, if there was, I'm afraid there was only despair, "Is it hard to say that you have to fight them?"

        "Can you fight them? Or, if you did, would it not be a slap in the face to your previously agreed decision to join the Pill God Pavilion? Is it not what you wanted? What you want is nothing more than the self-security you seek by submitting to the lustful authority of Cool-Son Yeh. Wouldn't it be ironic if the sword was moved?"

        With a single word, Lin Mengxi and the second and third elders, including Sangyun, lowered their heads.

        Yes, if they moved to fight, then what was the point of everything they had done before!

        "Sacrificing me to make you all whole, how good. It's like you sacrificing all your disciples to protect your safety." Qin Frost smiled disdainfully.

        "I just hope that you all, in the future, will live happily." After saying that, Qin Frost unbuttoned the second button, and his white jade-like skin was faintly visible.

        "We ...... us ......," Lin Mengxi lowered her head, not daring to look at her daughter at all.

        Yes, she was right!

        The second and third elders were equally silent, and they were also asking themselves inwardly if the decision they had insisted on was the right one, by now.

        "Ai!" Sanyong let out a long sigh.

        Although he said that all the choices were for the good of the disciples of the Voidless Sect, but ask yourself, was it really for their good? I'm afraid it's just a bunch of people who are afraid that if they choose Han 3,000, they will be avenged by him on their own heads! How much does it have to do with those poor disciples?

        But is there any use in regretting?

        "Come on, Cool-Son Yeh." Qin Shuang smiled miserably and untied his third gag, his face bitter beyond belief.

        Lin Mengxi raised her head fiercely, biting her lips tightly, then with an aura infused body, she directly charged up to the Twelve Poison Elders.

        However, with her cultivation level, running hard into the Twelve Poison Elders was like hitting a stone with an egg. In just one round, her entire body was directly knocked away by the Twelve Poison Elders, and she fell directly to the ground with a heavy blow, a mouthful of blood spurting out from her mouth.

        Seeing this, the legs of the Second and Third Elders, which had been slightly lifted up from wanting to rush over to help, could not help but silently retreat half a step back in fear.

        The Twelve Poison Elders were about to strike Lin Mengxi dead when Cool-Son Yeh smiled coldly, "Let her live. Isn't she proud of Qin Frost? I will let her watch how miserable her proud daughter will be crying in front of me later!"

        With an evil smile, Ye Lucheng walked up to Qin Shoucheng: "If you want her to live, do you want me to help you take it off? Or do you want to continue on your own?"

        Qin Shrost's tender teeth clenched slightly as her hand slowly reached for the fourth button.