His True Colors Chapter 2103

 Seeing Cool-Son Ye's actions, not to mention Lin Mengxi, even the Second and Third Peak Elders were completely unable to hold back at this point.

        "Cool-Son Ye, we joined you with good intentions, and this is how you treat us?"

        "Yes, don't go too far, big deal, the fish will die."

        At this moment, the second and third elders were red-faced and quite angry, and they couldn't help but start to regret quite a bit in their hearts for the decision they and the others had made.

        "Shut up, all of you!" Sanyong shouted coldly, and with a grit of his teeth, he looked towards Ye Gucheng: "I'll lick it!"

        After saying that, Sanyong took a few steps towards Cool-Son Yeh and walked towards him.

        "Who told you to walk over? What is your status? Are you also qualified to stand in front of me?" Cool-Son Yeh suddenly shouted coldly.

        Gritting his teeth, Sanyong fiercely knelt down directly, and then, slowly crawled towards Cool-Son Yeh.

        When crawling in front of Cool-Son Yeh's feet, Second and Third Elders and Lin Mengxie uncomfortably tilted their heads to the side, Sanyong was their senior brother, moreover, a symbol of the Voidless Sect, so how could they not be heartbroken at being humiliated like this?!

        Sanyong was also pale at this moment, such a great humiliation, he had never met in his centuries of living.

        But what choice did he have?

        For the sake of all the lives of the disciples up and down the Voidless Sect, Sanyong felt that it was worth it to endure the humiliation.

        As soon as he closed his eyes, Sanyong's mouth came up!

        "No!" Lin Mengxi could not hide her grief, and with tears in her eyes, she let out a long roar.

        The second and third peak elders also lowered their heads, unable to hide their hard feelings.

        "Hahahahahaha, hahahahaha!" Ye Gucheng let out a loud laugh in triumph.

        Around them, the First Peak and Fourth and Fifth Peak elders could not help but follow and laugh. In their eyes, the love between master and brother was as light as tea, or maybe a little bit, but who let this bastard Sanyong refuse to listen to them all the time?

        If he had favoured their side earlier, Sanyong would not have been ashamed of himself.

        When Cool-Son Yeh finished laughing, he kicked Sanyong in the chest, directly knocking him to the ground: "Old thing, now you know that the soles of my shoes are much better than Qin Shou's stream, right? You damned son of a bitch, you've always favoured Qin Shou, and I'm the saviour of your Void Sect, but what about you? Always neglecting me, always neglecting me, if not for my ability, I don't know how badly I would have been crushed by this damned old thing like you."

        In Cool-Son Yeh's eyes, Sanyong should be fully supportive of him, not with Qinshang as his main and him as his secondary, because a person like Cool-Son Yeh is extremely self-centred in himself, even if you treat him well, he thinks it is deserved, but if you treat him slightly badly, he will hold a grudge for the rest of his life.

        "In the past, it was Sanyong who was never understanding, so please forgive me." Sanyong covered his chest and slowly stood up from the ground, apologising at Ye Gucheng.

        "Very well, if you can change after knowing your mistakes, there is no greater good, old thing, hand over the Voidless Sect's Sect Head Order." Cool-Son Yeh said in a cold voice.

        Sanyong nodded, Lin Mengxi hurriedly spoke out, "Senior brother, the Sect Master's Order is the key to control the Voidless Sect's forbidden spells, don't."

        "Yes, if we hand over the Sect Leader's Order, we ......"

        This might be their last bargaining chip, if all the Voidless Sect's forbidden spells were taken, then the Voidless Sect would be completely undefended and Cool-Son Yeh would be even more reckless.

        "Damn it, what are you guys interrupting when Laozi is talking, no big deal." Cool-Son Yeh shouted coldly, and Wu Yan immediately led the First Peak and Fifth and Sixth Peak elders to attack Lin Mengxi and the others straight away.

        "Stop!" At the critical moment, San Yong let out another loud shout, followed by a movement in his hand, a green-coloured plaque appeared in his hand, this, was none other than the Voidless Sect's Sect Head Order!

        Cool-Son Yeh smiled with satisfaction and was about to take over.

        At this moment, a woman covered in blood suddenly burst in front of the main hall, holding a long sword, in a wretched state, walking into the hall and then running out of strength, directly falling to the ground.

        "Ruo Yu?" As soon as Lin Mengxi saw the woman, she rushed up in a hurry.

        "Master, many ...... many people dressed in medicine word clothes rushed into the four peaks, see the men will kill, see the women will be humiliated ...... four peaks ...... four peaks became a purgatory on earth, many senior brothers have been killed, many senior sisters have also been ......" Ruo Yu spit blood, extremely difficult to say.

        Hearing these words, Lin Mengxi's entire body was trembling, gritting her teeth, her entire person was hideous.

        She finally understood what those Pill God Pavilion disciples had gone to do by flying to the second, third and fourth peaks!

        "Qin ...... Qin Frost is also being ...... chased by twelve experts as well, Master, go and save her." When Ruo Yu finished, another mouthful of blood spurted out.

        As one of the few experts in the four peaks, she also fought with all her might before she could barely kill her way out of the heavy siege, Qin Shannon had also broken out, but was surrounded by twelve experts who suddenly arrived and could only fall and run helplessly.

        Lin Mengxi's teeth were gritted to death, hatred bursting in her eyes.

        "You guys! You guys are simply worse than animals!" After hearing this, the second peak elder obviously understood what was happening to his peak centre today, and looked at Ye Gucheng with anger.

        The Third Elder was similarly ashen-hearted and looked angrily at Cool-Son Yeh.

        San Yong's face was pale and he muttered nothing.

        Ye Lucheng smiled coldly and said indifferently, "A great battle is imminent, my brothers are going to fight in blood, so what's wrong with you guys being from our Pill God Pavilion and resupplying in the rear?"

        After saying that, several people looked at each other and laughed wildly up at the sky.

        Just at that moment.