His True Colors Chapter 2102

 Above the main hall, Sanyong was leading the elders of the second, third and fourth peaks in strict salute, when he saw the ten million soldiers in the air suddenly flying towards the second, third and fourth peaks, his heart was suddenly tightened and his eyebrows were furrowed.

        Just as he was about to rush back, at that moment, Ye Gucheng had already led a group of people to slowly fly over.

        "This Grand Commander is here, where are you all going to go if you don't give a proper welcome?" Cool-Son Yeh smiled coldly as he slowly landed in front of Sanyong.

        "Since you have joined the Pill God Pavilion, you have to follow the rules of the Pill God Pavilion, and you have not seen the kneeling salute to meet Grand Commander Ye?" Wu Yan said in a cold voice.

        Hearing this, the four of Sanyong looked at each other, Lin Mengxi gritted her teeth in a cold voice, "In terms of seniority, we are all his senior uncles, senior uncles and Sect Leader, asking us to kneel for him? Can he afford it?"

        To have the older generation kneel down to the younger generation, this was not any kind of etiquette, it was clearly an insult to the four of them.

        "Hey!" Sanyong hurriedly stopped Lin Mengxi and bent down about to kneel down.

        "Senior brother, don't, how can an elder kneel to a junior? If this gets out, where will your face be?" Lin Mengxi said in a cold voice.

        "Yes, Senior Sect Leader, this must never be allowed." The second and third elders also hurriedly spoke out.

        A trace of viciousness flashed in Ye Gucheng's eyes as he looked at the Poison Elder at the side, "It seems that you need to teach them a lesson about how important it is to respect your superiors in the Pill God Pavilion."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, the Poison Elder's figure transformed, and in the next second, several disciples standing at the side of the main hall suddenly had their heads disembodied.

        "For the sake of you guys being my elders after all, let's kill some chickens first to show you monkeys, but if you still don't understand, I can't help it." Cool-Son Yeh laughed coldly.

        Seeing the headless corpses of several disciples lying down, the four Sanyong were shocked and angry.

        Lin Mengxi gritted her teeth and said angrily, "Cool-Son Yeh, you also know that we are your elders, asking us to kneel to you, are you not afraid of being struck by lightning from heaven?"


        Cool-Son Yeh suddenly slapped Lin Mengxi's face heavily and said fiercely, "Lin Mengxi, who do you really think you are? I used to respect you because I thought you were my future mother-in-law. Now? Do you think I care? Twelve Poisonous Old Men!"


        "Bring me Qin Shantou, today, I will break Qin Shantou in front of the ancestors of the Voidless Clan." With a bellow of anger, Cool-Son Yeh looked at Lin Mengxi with a lecherous smile, "Stinking bitch, I'll make it easy for you today, so that you can take a good look at how your daughter is in pain and pleasure under my span."

        "Yes!" The twelve poisonous old men laughed coldly, turned in unison and left.

        Lin Mengxi glared angrily at Ye Gucheng, if her eyes could eat people, she could even eat Ye Gucheng alive right away.

        "Kneel, kneel, kneel!" Sanyong hurriedly spoke out at this moment, kneeling down while greeting the three senior brothers and sisters as they knelt down together, then, with an awkward smile, "I, Sanyong, have met Grand Commander Ye."

        The second and third elders looked at each other and sighed, how could they have thought that Cool-Son Yeh would treat them like this!

        Helplessly shaking their heads, they pulled the extremely reluctant Lin Mengxi and slowly knelt down!

        "Haha, hahahahahaha, Sanyong? The head of the Voidless Sect? Hahahahahahaha." Ye Gucheng laughed coldly and arrogantly took a step towards the seat of the Sect Head in the main hall, patting the seat with satisfaction, his vanity being greatly satisfied for a while.

        Wu Yan and the others could not help but grin coldly, the rival who had fought against them in the past was now so humiliated, it was naturally a great pleasure.

        "Get up." Ye Gucheng hummed disdainfully.

        Only then did Sanyong and the others stand up.

        "By the way, Grand Commander Ye, at the risk of asking a question, just now I saw quite a few soldiers flying in the direction of the second, third and fourth peaks, I wonder ...... if they are to rest, there are quite a few vacant houses behind the main hall." Sanyong stood up and cautiously asked what they were worried about.

        Cool-Son Yeh smiled playfully, "What? Does this Grand Commander need to account to you Sanyong for doing something?"

        "But, the Voidless Clan is after all under my jurisdiction ......," Sanyong said with difficulty.

        "Oh, right oh. How about this, from today onwards, Senior Wu Yan will officially take over your class and be the head of the Voidless Clan, you're old and it's time for you to retire." Cool-Son Yeh said blandly.

        "This ......" Sanyong was stunned.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, don't go too far, we have kneeled, and you still want to board your nose?"

        "The position of the Void Sect's Sect Head has always been decided by the Sect Head, when did it become your turn to make the decision?"

        Lin Mengxi and the Second and Third Peak Elders immediately sharply and angrily said.


        Ye Gucheng suddenly slapped his palm chair in anger, gritting his teeth and saying coldly, "A mere position of the Voidless Sect's Sect Leader, what I say is what I want to do! Fine, since you say that the position of Sect Leader should be decided by the Sect Leader, Sanyong, let me ask you, if I tell you to go eat shit, do you dare not go?"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, bang, bang, bang!

        A few more sounds rang out on the ground, and the few trembling Voidless Sect disciples on top of the main hall were suddenly killed by Wu Yan again.

        Lin Mengxi was immediately enraged and was about to make a move, but he heard Wu Yan laugh coldly, "Try to move?"

        San Yong hurriedly pulled Lin Meng Xi back and shook his head at her with difficulty. If they clashed with Ye Gucheng and the others at this time, it was obvious that they would not have any good results and would only bring the Voidless Sect to ruin and cost the lives of countless disciples.

        After persuading Lin Mengxi, Sanyong then said, "If Grand Commander Ye commands, naturally, I dare not disobey."

        "Good, words are better than deeds, shit is not necessary, eat this." After saying that, Cool-Son Yeh raised one leg and revealed the sole of his shoe.