His True Colors Chapter 2101

 The next day, just after the early sunrise, within the Heavenly Lake City, Fu Tian and several senior executives of the Ye Family also led more than 100,000 of the city's elite soldiers, riding on foreign beasts, marching towards a mountain range at the foot of the Voidless Sect, in a diagonal position with hundreds of thousands of the Pill God Pavilion's army, vaguely eyeing each other.

        The hour.

        At the peak of the mountain where the Void Sect was located, there was a sudden roar, followed by a sudden pink cloud in the mid-air, and a peaceful light emanated from the top of the mountain.

        Beneath the auspicious light, an energy shield, in the shape of a semi-circular arc, slowly opened, and a huge six-peaked mountain range appeared in front of everyone as the light circle opened.

        When the energy was fully propped up, the Six Peaks and the Head Hall were completely presented to everyone, and at the same time, the two great mountains that had been separated were completely linked together.

        The Voidless Sect completely opened the sect's ban and revealed its true form.

        "Oh, see, you treat people like family and want to help them, and they treat you like a jackal and warn you to stay away from strangers or they will greet you with the forbidden system. And what about the real enemies? People open their doors and let guests in, wagging their tails and begging for mercy. If I may say so, it is better for you to put your hot face on people's cold asses and do it less often."

        Next to the thatched hut, because of the humble surroundings, Fu Mang had not rested well all night, and after seeing the vision beside the mountain, he could not help but grumble.

        "Yes, Allied Lord, the Voidless Clan is really too ungrateful, I really don't know why you want us to stay around here." Qiushui also said with dissatisfaction.

        She was not dissatisfied because of Han Qianqian's decision, but she was dissatisfied that Han Qianqian wanted to do this to the Voidless Clan.

        In the words of the poet, calling them unworthy.

        "The Voidless Clan is in the end the place where three thousand arrived at the Eight Directions world for enlightenment, despite the sweet and bitter memories, three thousand will always have some affection for this place, and besides, senior sister Qin Shuang is also in the Voidless Clan." Su Yingxia knew what Han Qianqian was thinking and lightly explained to the crowd.

        Han Qianqian did not say anything, but did not deny Su Yingxia's words, no matter how the Voidless Sect treated him, but after all, it was here that Han Qianqian slowly stepped into the Eight Worlds cultivation method, and also here that he learned the Phase-less Divine Technique in order to enable himself to have a smooth ride in the early stages.

        Although many other people in the Voidless Sect treated Han Qianqian badly, but, without looking at the face of the monk, the face of the Buddha, Qin Shant's favor, Han Qianqian had to consider.

        However, the last wish of Zhu Ying before her death, Han Qianqian had to do, and that was Lin Mengxi, so he made the request.

        "On this point, I also agree with Three-thousand and Ying Xia's thoughts, there are people in the Voidless Sect who are really good to Han Three-thousand, apart from Qin Shannon." Lin Long also said.

        "It's good that Three Thousand is affectionate and righteous, but the problem is that others don't give us a good look." Fu Mang said in a depressed voice.

        As they were talking, dozens of streams of light suddenly flashed above the sky, followed by thousands of figures following them, parting all the way towards the Voidless Sect.

        Once the group had gone in, the arc-shaped energy shield over the Voidless Sect was once again reopened.

        "Look at ......" Fu Mang stretched his hands speechlessly, quite helpless.

        "It seems that the great battle under the mountain is about to begin as well." Han Qianqian smiled bitterly.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng nodded, "Fang must have been someone from the Pill God Pavilion who went in, looking at this, Fu Tian's military literacy is indeed very average ah, I guess he didn't even know that the Voidless Clan had secretly defected to the Pill God Pavilion before. Now they are still setting up a confrontation formation at the bottom of the mountain, once the two sides are engaged and the Voidless Clan attacks from the mountain, the two Fu Ye families are equivalent to being attacked from the back, and a tragic defeat is only a matter of time."

        "What should we do? We can't just stand by and watch the two families being pinned down, can we? Although the two Fu Ye families are very uncomfortable to me, it won't do us any good if the battle starts off with a complete rout that won't make an impact on the Pill God Pavilion." Fu Mang frowned and said.

        "Three thousand, the only thing we have to do is to attack the Voidless Sect to keep the two Fu Ye families flanked." Fu Li said.

        "Unfortunately, Three Thousand felt at that time that taking down the Voidless Clan would definitely be no problem, so those who had defected to us didn't bring out a single person, just a few of us? How easy would it be to stop the Voidless Clan plus the Pill God Pavilion's people!" Fu Mang said helplessly.

        After the crowd finished speaking, they all looked at Han Qianqian in unison, waiting for Han Qianqian's next instruction.

        Han Qianqian frowned, his mind thinking quickly, and after a moment, he frowned, "Let's wait a little longer."

        "This ......" Fu Mang looked at the crowd in confusion, and the crowd looked at each other in disbelief.

        However, since Han Qianqian had already given his word, the group of people still followed him honestly back inside the tiny thatched hut.

        Inside the Voidless Sect.

        Ye Gucheng led the twelve Ghost God Emissaries from the Pill God Pavilion's Poison God Hall, Wu Yan and the others, as well as more than nine thousand Pill God Pavilion disciples, and had already entered the Voidless Sect's mid-air realm, and when he looked up, he saw that it was densely packed with people.

        "Grand Commander, according to the plan, should we immediately reorganise our people? When the beacon fires start outside, we will kill them down?" One of the Twelve Demon Gods, who was beside Cool-Son Yeh at this moment, reminded in a soft voice.

        According to the plan of the Pill God Pavilion's Grand Marshal of this expedition to the East, Master Xian Ling, once the Pill God Pavilion occupied the Voidless Clan, an attack would be launched against the allied army of the two Fu Ye families at the bottom of the mountain, and at that time, the people of the Voidless Clan would then outflank them, so that the army of the two Fu Ye families would be attacked on their backs and headed for a rout.

        As for behind the Voidless Clan's mountain, on the Water Blue City side, the Fu family's own army, which is not too large in number, will be attacked. As long as the battle on the Heavenly Lake City side could be resolved quickly, the threat of the Water Blue City army lunging after them would also be a joke.

        However, the speed had to be quick, otherwise, once the Ye Family's Home Army from Water Blue City was allowed to bypass the Void Sect, then it would be the Pill God Pavilion that would be pinned down, which would be extremely detrimental to the Pill God Pavilion.

        "Hey, what's the hurry?" Ye Gucheng returned with a carefree voice.

        "But, the general attack under the mountain is about to be launched ......"

        "Let them launch, what's the hurry? If they don't fight more fiercely and win so easily, can we get any credit?"

        "Yes, Poisoner, the more fierce the battle, the more important we are. If it goes too well, the credit will go to someone else, so what do we get for all our hard work?" Wu Yan said with a sneer.

        Poison Elder looked at the others and nodded in acquiescence.

        "There's plenty of time, the brothers have worked hard, it's time to reward them." Ye Gucheng smiled coldly, followed by a big wave of his hand, "Tell all the brothers that there are quite a few treasures, female slaves and female disciples in the Voidless Sect's second, third and fourth peaks besides Qin Frost, and I will stay in the main hall for half an hour."

        "Yes!" The chief peak elder smiled gently and passed on Cool-Son Yeh's call.

        Obviously, Cool-Son Ye's reward was fake, but revenge for personal revenge was the real thing.

        The Second, Third and Fourth Peaks had always been at odds with them, and now that Cool-Son Ye had taken over the world, wouldn't he still take personal revenge?