His True Colors Chapter 2100

 "Don't even argue." San Yong bellowed coldly and looked at his disciple, "Go out and tell the mysterious man or Han Qianqian, whether my Voidless Sect is dead or alive has nothing to do with him, if he is sensible, go back to wherever he came from, if not, my Voidless Sect's forbidden defence formation is waiting for him at any time."

        "Master Uncle, it's not allowed." Qin Shuang was so anxious that she was on the verge of tears.

        She had been born in the Voidless Clan since she was young and was strongly attached to the place, so naturally she was unwilling to see the Voidless Clan destroyed at the hands of Ye Gucheng.

        "Yes!" The disciple nodded his head and turned to leave.

        Qin Shoushang was sadly about to chase out, when Sanyong said in a cold voice at that moment, "If you dare to chase out, Qin Shoushang, not only will you no longer be a disciple of the Voidless Clan, but even, you will never be able to enter the Voidless Clan again."

        Qin Shannon incredulously stopped to look at Sanyong, "Why?"

        Why was it that Sanyong had such a tough attitude towards Han Qianqian's alliance of mystics, yet he was so tolerant towards Ye Qucheng, why was this?

        Sangyong's way of asking for people was indeed uncomfortable, but wasn't Cool-Son Yeh's way even more excessive?!

        Moreover, Cool-Son Yeh's wolfish ambition was clearer to Sanyong than anyone else.

        "There is no reason." Sanyong said in a cold voice, "You only need to understand that I am doing this for the good of the Voidless Clan."

        After saying that, Master Sanyong walked towards the palace room behind his hall.

        Within a few moments, Lin Mengxi slowly walked in, "Senior Brother Sect Leader, Frosty is young, she didn't mean to offend you today, so don't take it to heart."

        "Actually, I put it on my heart." Sanyong said softly, "I have watched Frosty grow up, I know this child's character well, she would not lie to deceive her elders."

        "You believe what Frosty said? Then you ......" Lin Mengxi frowned.

        "The Fu family's Han Qianqian is dead, but I believe that this impostor Han Qianqian of our Voidless Clan is indeed not dead, because I have seen him in the dungeon of Dew Water City." Sanyong said softly. "But I have never associated him with the Mystic."

        "But when I think about it, when Frosty was once in danger at the top of Qishan Mountain, but later returned safely, I could tell that it was probably the Mysterious Man who saved her, and later, Frosty was even willing to quit the Void Sect in order to help the Mysterious Man, and that was when I felt that it was not simple. So, the words that the mysterious man is Han Qianqian, I believe." Sanyong said.

        Lin Mengxi froze, which meant that Qin Frost wasn't overthinking, but that what she said was true?

        "But if that's the case, you said before that Han Qianqian is in possession of our Voidless Sect's greatest treasure, the Phase-less Divine Gong, so wouldn't it be better for him to help us?" Lin Mengxi wondered.

        "The problem is, have you forgotten what our Voidless Sect did to him? Third Master's words are not without merit, if he were Han Qianqian, would he have spared us?" Master Sanyong said blandly.

        "So, you trust Cool-Son Yeh more?" Lin Mengxi said.

        "That's right."

        "But that person of yours, Cool-Son Ye, is wolfish, I am worried that if I believe him, when the time comes, the Voidless Clan will only become his puppet, or even, his plaything, he is a person who is arrogant beyond measure, and who will do anything to achieve his goal." Lin Mengxi said.

        "Lone Castle is always a disciple of my Voidless Clan, and I am always his master, so I can more or less discipline him, right? But what about Han Qianqian? That's an enemy! If I were Han Qianqian, I would definitely take revenge too, wouldn't I?" Sanyong gave a miserable laugh and continued, "The only thing that could make Han Qianqian worry could probably only be Qin Shant, placing the Void Sect on Qin Shant's body, or mine? I think I'm more confident in myself."

        Lin Mengxi nodded heavily.

        "When the Voidless Clan besieged him, I thought about making amends, but then I realised that something that is wrong is wrong, and it is useless to make amends, so I can only make the mistake." Sanyong said.

        But what Sanyong forgot was that making mistakes up will only add to them, because if one wrong thing is not faced honestly, then it will take more wrong things to make up for it, until one day everything falls apart.

        His villain's heart met the gentleman's heart, and in fact, all it brought to the Voidless Sect was a disaster of annihilation.

        "Meng Xi, today you have to control Qin Shuang, Shuang'er is always too innocent, how can she know the hearts of people, ah, never let her have any contact with Han Qianqian take, in order to prevent putting into the enemy. In addition, you gather disciples, synchronize as soon as possible to drive away Han Qianqian and others, it's almost time to hand over to Ye Kucheng tomorrow, in the process, there should not be any chaos, understand?"

        "Yes, Senior Master!" Lin Mengxi nodded her head.

        "Go down."


        When Lin Mengxi left, Sanyong looked at the divine platform inside the house and muttered, "Blessed by the ancestors, my Voidless Clan will have a smooth journey."

        If the ancestors of the Voidless Clan really had spirits, they would have wanted to lift the coffin board, then get up and kick Sanyong's ass.

        At least, a certain spirit of nothingness was desperately rushing towards the Voidless Clan at this moment.

        And that night, under the bright moon, sand and dirt flew as the Pill God Pavilion's thousands of troops attacked in the same way.

        A great battle was imminent!