His True Colors Chapter 2099

 The thatched hut on top of the lonely mountain, the lonely grave is desolate.

        Standing again on this homeland, Han Qianqian was filled with thoughts.

        The first time he and Lin Long had travelled to the Eight Directions, it was this land beneath their feet.

        Arriving at Zhu Ying's lonely grave, Han Qianqian burned some incense and led the crowd to pay their respects sincerely.

        Although Zhu Ying had taught himself little, he had given Han Qianqian the most, even at the cost of his own life, and the Heavenly Yin Technique had really benefited Han Qianqian a lot in the early days.

        In a sense, Zhu Ying was Han Qianqian's first master in the eight-sided world, and the most unforgettable one in his heart.

        "Master, no, it's better to call you Sifu, perhaps, that's the title you like better." Han Qianqian smiled gently and knelt in front of Zhu Ying's grave, "Qianqian is back. You are down there, are you doing well?"

        "Yes, senior, now that three thousand has made his mark, you should be smiling happily under the spring, right? I remember you said before you died that you told me to publicise more about how Three Thousand was your disciple and that you were proud of him, and now, you can really be proud." Lin Long also came out early in his incarnation and looked at Zhu Ying's grave and said happily.

        "Senior Mother, Three Thousand said that you like to have a good time, and this time we have many people coming to pay their respects to you." Su Yingxia also smiled and said.

        After saying that, one by one, the people respectfully offered incense to Zhu Ying.

        Then, Han Qianqian got up and looked at the Void Realm that was hidden in the air not far away.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng and Han Qian Qian glanced at each other and nodded, at which point, the Lin Long got up and flew, hovering in the air ahead for a moment before finally stopping at a certain corner.

        "This is the Void Realm, isn't it?" Han Qianqian asked in a soft voice.

        "This mountain is no longer connected to the back mountain, and the location where the Void Sect is located should have been the original connection, only hidden by the Void Realm." Lin Long nodded, "Right, pay attention to the strength, if the vibration is too great, it might trigger the prohibitions within the Voidless Sect.

        Han Qianqian nodded, followed by a violent force in his hand, and an incomparably powerful golden light instantly smashed into the position where Lin Long was.

        As the golden light reached it, it suddenly collided violently with a white energy in the air!


        The entire white energy boundary suddenly trembled violently.

        Inside the boundary, the Void Sect could only feel the heaven and earth within the sect shaking.

        Master Sanyong was atop the main hall when he heard the urgent report from his disciples that the boundary had been attacked!

        The Second and Third Peaks Elders and Lin Mengxi and Qin Shannon also rushed to the main hall at almost the same time.

        "What's going on? Could it be that Cool-Son Yeh can't wait any longer?" The Second Peak Elder's face was hurried.

        "Yes, is it time to start a strong attack? Senior Sect Leader, shall I go out immediately and explain?" The Third Peak Elder said.

        Just as Sanyong was about to speak, another disciple hurriedly arrived, "Report to Sect Leader, someone outside the boundary wants a message from a disciple for you."

        Sanyong frowned: "Speak!"

        "Yes ...... yes." The disciple nodded and glanced uneasily at Lin Mengxi, "They call themselves the Mystic Alliance, and if we are willing to raise the silver flag, they can protect us on the outskirts."


        "The people who attacked the boundary are from the Mystic Alliance?"

        The second and third elders froze when they heard the disciples report the words.

        "Three thousand, it's three thousand!" Qin Frost was instantly excited, "Master Master, you should quickly agree."

        "However, they have a condition, and that is that they must hand over Elder Lin Mengxi." The disciple finished speaking and lowered his head.

        Qin Shannon froze, what did three thousand mean by this, why did they have to single out and hand over Lin Mengxi?

        "Damn stinking shit, what kind of crappy Mystics Alliance? They want us to hand over someone before we even join them? What is this?"

        "Yeah, what a big mouth, does he really think he's invincible?" After the Second and Third Peak Elders reflected, they couldn't help but curse.

        "Second Senior Elder, Third Senior Elder, maybe things aren't what you think." Qin Shannon hurriedly said, in fact, she was also very confused as to why Han Qianqian was doing this.

        Could it be that he wanted to take revenge? But if he wanted to take revenge for what happened at the beginning, then all the elders of the Voidless Sect should not have been spared.

        So, he couldn't be here to take revenge!

        "Why don't we let Frosty go and ask for clarification?" Qin Frost said urgently.

        Although she couldn't figure out Han Qianqian's purpose for handing over Lin Mengxi, Qin Frost believed that Han Qianqian would definitely not harm them.

        "There is no need, his Mystic Alliance was not something we would have taken into consideration, and as a result, he dared to speak out and ask us to hand over someone, Frost, the person they want to hand over is your mother!" The Second Elder shouted coldly.

        "I believe there must be some misunderstanding, three thousand he is not that kind of person, I can guarantee that absolutely nothing will happen to her." Qin Shannon said sharply, "He really is Han Qianqian, if he wants revenge, it should be all of us elders he wants."

        "Even if we believe you and he is Han Qianqian, so what? He's just a traitor, and now he expects to cooperate with us? Does he have that qualification?" The Third Elder said in a cold voice.

        In the face of their argument, at this moment, Sanyong slowly stood up from his seat, his entire face very serious.