His True Colors Chapter 2098

 At these words, the Second and Third Peak Elders looked at each other in disbelief, and even Sanyong and Lin Mengxi could not help but look at each other.

        "Frosty, what did you just say?" Sanyong said in a soft voice with a slight frown.

        Qin Frost's face froze slightly before she realised that she had accidentally blurted out Han Qianqian's secret because she was in too much of a hurry. However, she quickly lowered her head, "No, I didn't say anything."

        "The masked man is the mysterious man? The mysterious man, that is Han Qianqian? Frosty, you ...... hey." The Second Elder heaved a sigh.

        Obviously, Qin Frost's words just now had really disappointed him to the extreme.

        Ever since a Han Qianqian came out of the Voidless Clan, Qin Shrost had gone from being that high-minded frost goddess to this near-madness today, like a madwoman who was still thinking about Han Qianqian even now, long after he had died.

        In the eyes of the Second Elder, Qin Frost had gone mad with love.

        The Third Elder could not help but sigh, "Frost, there are things that, when they are past, you have to look forward, obsessing over the past will not do you, and those around you, any good."

        The Third Elder also shook his head in disbelief, Qin Shuang had always been the most important future star on their side, but now that it was like this, it was really a blessing.

        Lin Mengxi gritted her teeth tightly, she had beaten and scolded, but what could she do!

        "If you want to preserve the Voidless Clan, listen to me, the Voidless Clan join the Mystic Alliance, only then will the Voidless Clan be safe forever." Qin Shannon forced himself to hold back the stifled anger within him and looked at the four people present.

        Qin Frost believed that as long as Han Qianqian was willing to help, the Voidless Clan would be able to escape this calamity, moreover, with Han Qianqian's personality, he would definitely not hollow out the Voidless Clan, instead, he would respect the fact that the Voidless Clan itself existed.

        "Frosty, don't be ridiculous, the masked man of the Mystic Alliance is just a person who is seeking fame, what strength can he have? If he had the strength he wouldn't be posing as a mystic." The Second Elder said with some impatience.

        "Yes, this is a matter of life and death for the Voidless Sect, how can we bet our future on such a person." The Third Elder also nodded and agreed.

        Qin Shannon was getting anxious, if he didn't get Han Qianqian's help, then the Voidless Sect would be ruined ah, thinking of this, Qin Shannon looked at Sanyong and hurriedly spoke out.

        San Yong raised his hand and interrupted, "Frost, the two senior uncles have a point, you don't need to say much, the fate of the Voidless Sect is solemn, how can it be thrown into the hands of others at will."

        After saying that, Sanyong looked at the three elders, "The only way out today, I see that we no longer have any choice, let's prepare to put the ban away."

        Hearing Sanyong's decision, Qin Shannon could no longer hold back and shook her head, disdainfully saying, "Master Sanyong, although Ye Gucheng is a bastard, he is right in one thing he said, if the Voidless Sect is controlled by people like you, it is only a matter of time before the sect is destroyed." After saying these words, Qin Shang turned around and left the main hall without looking back.

        Poor people must be hated, these words were obviously not spoken casually.

        "This ......" The second and third elders looked at each other, and Master Sanyong even looked embarrassed.

        He was not surprised when Cool-Son Yeh said that kind of words, but if even Qin Shant, who had always respected his teachers, said such words, it really made Sanyong a million times more embarrassed, while he could not help but fall into deep thought.

        "Could it be that I really can't be a good master?" Master Sanyong smiled bitterly.

        "There is no need to take it to heart, Master, the state of Qin Frost today is well known to everyone, her words just now are in themselves logically faulty, the masked man is the mysterious man, how can the mysterious man be Han Qianqian?"

        "Although Han Qianqian has some skills, he is only a waste after all, how can he be compared to the mysterious man? Besides, our clan's original trash traitor, Han Qianqian, was actually taking the name of someone else, Han Qianqian of the Fu family."

        "Yes, we know quite a bit about this Han Qianqian person, even if what Qin Shant said is true, it's just that trash impersonating someone else's mysterious person again, after all, he has impersonated Han Qianqian of the Fu family, so it doesn't matter if he impersonates him again. Putting the lifeblood of my Void Sect into the hands of such a person, isn't it tantamount to bringing about one's own demise?" Lin Mengxi also said in a cold voice.

        Sanyong nodded, "Good, then let's proceed as planned."

        "Yes!" The three elders looked at each other and retreated.

        Qin Frost, who had rushed out from the main hall, stood in the square of the main hall in an uncontrollable rage.

        In the beginning, it was in this square that she first saw Han Qianqian, only, the square was still the same, but Han Qianqian was long gone from the Voidless Sect.

        "Frosty, you're getting more and more rude, how can you talk to your Sect Master like that?" Lin Mengxi slowly walked out at this point and said with a slight reproach.

        Qin Frost swept a glance behind her without turning around, "Is there anything wrong with what I said? Pedantic and stubborn, if the Voidless Sect is handed over to Ye Qucheng, all that awaits is destruction. Only Han Qianqian can help us. Mother, count me as begging you, will you? You go and speak to Master Master."

        "Frosty, that's enough, stop fooling around."

        "When has Qin Frost ever fooled around? What do you have to do to believe me?"

        "A few of the senior seniors have made it clear just now, I know you like Han Qianqian, but liking someone is not the same as blindly worshipping them. Han Qianqian has been in my Void Sect for a long time, we know him no less than you do, if he can impersonate Han Qianqian, the son-in-law of the Fu family, why can't he impersonate a mysterious person?" Lin Mengxi said in a cold voice.

        Qin Shuang smiled bitterly: "No wonder people often say that prejudice is sometimes the biggest mountain in the world, blocking one's way and not being able to dig it away or push it away. You guys claim to know Han Qianqian, but do you really know him? Your so-called understanding is nothing more than prejudice with tinted glasses."

        "How do you know that the Han Qianqian of the Voidless Sect is not the real Han Qianqian? And how do you know that this Han Qianqian is the real masked man!"

        "You'll never know!!! It's like you'll never know what really happened in the top of Mount Qishan."

        "But I just want to tell you that my life was saved by Han Qianqian at the top of Qishan Mountain, and that I am the only one who has seen the face under the mask of the mysterious man!"

        "I also want to tell you that Han Qianqian could have raised Wang Juzhi to the rank of True God on the divine platform, and he could have easily pulled him down!"

        "Even ...... the Eternal Sea and the top of Blue Mountain!"

        After saying these words, Qin Frost looked at Lin Mengxi with hatred, followed by turning into a light shadow and leaving.

        Lin Mengxi froze in place in complete incomparable shock, she found anger in Qin Frost's eyes, anger that was resigned to the fact that she didn't trust her.

        For decades, although Qin Shushi had always been cold to her, the filial and understanding girl was only outwardly as she was, she cared for herself and had never even been angry with herself.

        But this time, Lin Mengxi could be sure that Qin Shou was angry.

        "Could it be that I really misjudged you?" Lin Mengxi murmured.

        Outside the Voidless Clan, Han Qianqian's group had also arrived.