His True Colors Chapter 2097

 "Qin Frost, don't talk nonsense." Lin Mengxi shouted coldly.

        Although Lin Mengxi was not used to seeing the villainous look of Ye Gucheng and those elders, it did not mean that she approved of Han Qianqian's affair.

        To the Voidless Clan, Han Qianqian was a disgrace to the Voidless Clan's past.

        "Did I say something wrong? If Han Qianqian was still around, how could the Voidless Clan be where it is today? Why would anyone have dared to come and bully my Voidless Clan, allowing them, a bunch of ratbags, to be so reckless in front of my Voidless Clan's ancestors?" Qin Shannon replied with a cold face.

        With Han Qianqian's ability today, would anyone still dare to make a scene here? Let alone his one Cool-Son Yeh, even if there were ten, a hundred, what could they do?!


        A crunching sound, Qin Shantou touched his reddened face and looked at Lin Mengxi with hatred, after Lin Mengxi shouted to stop talking, she also looked at the slap she slapped out with regret.

        "Don't mention that trash again, hasn't he harmed you, enough?" The slap on Qin Shant's body, Lin Mengxi herself was more upset than her, that was her own daughter ah.

        But she really didn't want to let Qin Shannon mention that man one iota, even, including his name.

        If it wasn't for Han Qianqian's appearance, Qin Shou would not have fallen into love, and naturally, she would not have come to this point.

        Qin Shrost touched her face, even though her heart was sad, she still held back her tears and just looked at Lin Mengxi silently yet defiantly.

        "Pfft, hahahahahahaha!" Ye Gucheng suddenly burst out laughing, followed closely by Wu Yan and the other elders, who could not help but sneer coldly.

        "Hey, some people are still thinking about that trash even today, I really doubt if your first time, Senior Sister Qinshang, was given to that trash, otherwise, why can't you forget about it?"

        "Oh, an outstanding disciple of the Voidless Sect, but in the end, a little slut." The First Peak Elder couldn't help but sarcastically say the same.

        "It's fine for you guys to insult me, but, please don't insult him." Hearing these words, Qin Shannon looked angrily at Cool-Son Yeh and the others, the anger in her eyes even expressing unabashedly that she wanted to kill them.

        Cool-Son Yeh's teeth were instantly clenched in anger.

        He would not allow nor accept that Qin Shrost, a great beauty, was boasting about the goodness of others in front of his own eyes! To defend him even when he didn't even care!

        He, Cool-Son Yeh, was the best in this was the world!

        The corners of his eyes shrank fiercely, and Cool-Son Yeh said in a cold voice: "I am going to insult him, so what? I will insult you as well. I tell you, Qin Shantou, when the Void Sect City opens, it will be the day I break your body."

        With a slap on the bench, Ye Lucheng rose in a certain rage, looked at Sanyong and bellowed coldly, "Sanyong, tomorrow when the sun first sounds, if you have not lifted the ban on the Voidless Clan, you will wait for the Voidless Clan to be annihilated from now on, and by the way, several thousand disciples of the Voidless Clan will be buried with you!"

        Dropping his words, Cool-Son Yeh bellowed, "Let's go!"

        Wu Yan and the others coldly swept a glance at Sanyong and Lin Mengxi and the others, followed behind Ye Gucheng and left with high spirits.

        Lin Mengxi took two vicious steps after them, but eventually stopped.

        "Ai, it's really unfortunate for my division. This isn't a disciple of the Voidless Sect, it's clearly a jackal." The Second Peak Elder couldn't help but shake his head and sigh.

        San Yong let out a long sigh and shook his head in disbelief.

        "Senior Sect Leader, things have come to this point, it can no longer be delayed, you need to make a decision, I see, Cool-Son Ye has come to be real." The Three Peaks elder frowned at this point.

        San Yong nodded heavily and silently raised his head, "And what are your opinions?"

        "The Pill God Pavilion has heard that there are hundreds of thousands of troops, although Cool-Son Yeh is arrogant, what he says is not without merit, there is no point at all in the Voidless Clan's holding out, I think ...... we should just surrender." The second peak elder shook his head and sighed.

        "Yes, although the power of the two Fu Ye clans has risen, what is it compared to the Pill God Pavilion?" The Third Peak Elder also said.

        "You guys ......" Lin Mengxi looked at the two elders who had always been on the same page as her and suddenly changed their minds.

        "Senior sister, give up the struggle, it's useless."

        "Yes, it's not like we haven't thought of resisting, but it's been many days since we sent out signals to those allies who are on good terms with us, has anyone come?"

        Sanyong let out a bitter laugh, "I'm afraid no one dares to come when they know about our two opponents, which is to be expected, we do seem to be running out of road."

        "Who said there was no way out." Qin Shannon's face was resolute as she looked at Sanyong, her whole being unusually determined.

        "What road?" Sanyong said.

        "Have you heard of the Masked Man?" Qin Frost said, "If we seek his help, the Void Sect will be saved!"

        "The Masked Man?" The Second Elder froze, "I have heard of him, he seems to have come to Heavenly Lake City recently and has joined the forces of the two Fu Ye families. However, ah Qin Shant, the Masked Man is only posing as a mysterious person in the end, even if he joins the forces of the two Fu Ye families, he is still a far cry from the Pill God Pavilion."

        "Yes, the Pill God Pavilion has the support of the Eternal Sea behind it, so what are they worth? The two Fu Ye families aren't going to become scary just because of a masked man." The Third Elder also echoed.

        "Who says it's not scary?" Watching the second and third elders deny it with all their mouths, Qin Shannon was anxious in her heart, "You think it's not scary, that's because you don't even know that the masked man is the mysterious man, and the mysterious man, is Han Qianqian!"