His True Colors Chapter 2096

 "Hahahahahaha, I guess by now Fu Tian is already scratching countless circles on the ground cursing you, I counted at least ten sneezes for you on this journey." Fu Mang laughed harshly.

        "It can't be helped, Fu Tian has simply made the alliance master miserable, he lost his things and had to be humiliated by him, and when he returned he had to be counted by the people in his family, alliance master, you are simply too bad." Shiyue hid her mouth and snickered.

        The matter of Fu Tian was indeed something Han Qian Qian had asked Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng to put out.

        When Han Qianqian messed up like this, it was bound to make them dog eat dog.

        "If Fu Tian does this, he will inevitably lose hearts and minds, while Fu Mei will invariably be seen by the senior management of the Fu family as a saviour from on high, and this will go on and on, the more power Fu Mei has, the less Fu Tian will have. And will Fu Mei be restrained in the face of power?" Fu Li hit the nail on the head and pointed out the most poignant issue here.

        Although the two families seemed to be united, the allied forces never won a battle. Throughout the ages, the six kingdoms could not destroy Qin even if they were united, and the Wu-Shu alliance could never replace Cao-Wei, for the reason that the allied forces appeared to be strong on the surface, but in reality, they each had their own interests at heart, and would become suspicious of each other if they were held back a little.

        What Han Qianqian wants to do is to break the gap between their apparent trust.

        With Fu Mei's harem on fire and Fu Tian's majesty in ruins, not only will the relationship between the two families break the ice, but Fu Mei and Fu Tian will also begin to have a delicate relationship due to their different situations.

        But with a great enemy at hand, the conflicts between the two Fu Ye families would be put aside for the time being, and this was something that Han Qianqian could have guessed. Han Qianqian did not expect, or even hope, that they would fall out now, but merely planted a mine for them for the time being.

        Its explosion, at least, was supposed to come slowly after dealing with the Pill God Pavilion.

        Unlike Han Qianqian's group who were laughing and smiling along the way.

        At this moment, the Voidless Clan was in a deadly mood.

        With the Pill God Pavilion and the United Leaf Army attacking on both sides, the Voidless Clan, which was in the centre, was in grave danger.

        Whichever side won, it would be meaningless to the Voidless Clan.

        There are only two ways for the Voidless Clan to survive.

        Either it fights to the end and defeats both enemies, but the chances of that are slim, and with the strength of the Voidless Sect, even if it sits back and watches the tiger fight, it is definitely not qualified to reap the benefits.

        Either that, or choosing to join either of the two forces, but this act was also risky, because once one was on the wrong team, it would be tantamount to annihilation.

        Moreover, even if one were to take the right side, would it be good for the Voidless Clan?

        Because of the special geographical location of the Voidless Clan, even if the side that took sides won, their Voidless Clan would still be heavily fortified, and the Voidless Clan would then exist in name only.

        The weather in the Voidless Clan was almost as cloudy as the expressions on many people's faces these days.

        In the main hall of the Voidless Sect's main peak, Master Sanyong was sitting sadly in the position of the Sect Head, and to his left, a huge golden chair stood there, and on the chair, Cool-Son Yeh had a foppy face as he stepped one leg on the chair, and next to him, several female slaves had someone to shake the fan, someone to feed the fruit, and someone to massage, practically an emperor-like existence.

        In such a serious place in the main hall, in front of the ancestors of the Voidless Sect, I am afraid, only Cool-Son Yeh could be so arrogant.

        On the right hand side, Lin Mengxi, with Qin Shantou and several other elders, looked at Cool-Son Yeh with deep resentment.

        On top of the main hall, Cool-Son Ye was so disrespectful to his ancestors.

        "How about it, Master Master, one day has come and gone, it's time for you to give me an answer, right?" Cool-Son Yeh did not care about the eyes of Lin Mengxi and the others, instead he became even more smug.

        "Senior Sect Leader, the Voidless Sect will only have a future if you meekly join the Pill God Pavilion, what are you still thinking about?" The First Peak Elder stood next to Ye Gucheng and sneered coldly.

        "Do you hardly think that our Voidless Clan is capable of resisting?" The Fifth and Sixth Peak Elders also followed closely in mockery.

        Master Sanyong frowned tightly and did not say a word.

        "Hmph, joining the Pill God Pavilion? I'm afraid that if the Voidless Clan joins in one foot, this will be the Pill God Pavilion's military stronghold in this area the next, so when that happens, there will still be a foothold for the Voidless Clan here, right?" Lin Mengxi coldly looked at Cool-Son Yeh and said in a stern voice.

        Hearing Lin Mengxi's words, Ye Gucheng's face suddenly turned cold, obviously, what Lin Mengxi said was actually exactly what he was thinking.

        Sanyong nodded slightly, in fact, he also agreed with Lin Mengxi's view, but he was also afraid of making the wrong choice and should not offend Cool-Son Yeh rashly: "This is a matter of great importance, perhaps I should not think about it for a few days."

        As soon as Sanyong's words fell, Cool-Son Yeh directly manipulated the fruit plate next to him with one hand and threw it directly at Sanyong.

        "Old thing, I gave you face and called you Master Master, and you really take yourself seriously?" Ye Kucheng shouted angrily.

        Although Sanyong was not hit by the fruit plate, he only dodged hastily, in a wretched state.

        Seeing this, Lin Mengxi became displeased and shouted sternly, "Cool-Son Yeh, what are you doing?! In front of the ancestors, you are actually so treacherous?"

        "Humph, a mere broken sect leader of the Voidless Sect, do I, Cool-Son Yeh, need to be polite to him?" Cool-Son Yeh laughed coldly.

        "My family, Cool-Son Yeh, is now the Left Grand Commander of the Pill God Pavilion, not to mention smashing that old thing with a fruit plate, what's wrong with riding on his head and taking a piss?" The First Peak Elder said with cold disdain.

        "San Yong, if you're useless in your old age, then get lost, why are you still occupying the thatch pit and not shitting? You know how faint and incompetent you are, once you let a Han Qianqian cause my Voidless Clan to suffer a great deal of damage, and the chickens and dogs are in turmoil, and now, you want to lead our Voidless Clan to destruction?" Wu Yan also shouted coldly at this moment.

        "If the Voidless Clan had Han Qianqian, it wouldn't be here today!" Just at this moment, Qin Shant could no longer hold back and spoke out.