His True Colors Chapter 2093

 Seeing Han Qianqian's hand, Fu Mang's heart was finally relieved and his whole body could not help but let out a long breath.

        However, Fu Tian froze.

        "Warrior you ......" Fu Tian looked at Han Qianqian in disbelief.

        At noon, hadn't it been clearly agreed?

        "You wouldn't be trying to go back on your word, would you?" Fu Tian frowned slightly.

        "Oh, the mysterious man is also considered a great warrior on one side, but it turns out that he is the one who does not keep his word?"

        "If word of this gets out, I'm afraid that in the future, the entire Jianghu's love for you will turn into contempt."

        Behind Fu Tian, the two executives also came out close behind.

        If the mysterious man were to step in to help them, then their plan to catch the pigs tonight would be a complete failure.

        "Don't worry, this man has always kept his word. Fu Tian, what did I tell you at noon?" Han Qianqian smiled.

        "You said that you would never interfere with me and Fu Mang and the others."

        "Right, did I just use my hand?!" Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        Fu Tian was stunned, he had clearly used his hand just now, otherwise, how could his group of elites suddenly fall down? But in the next second, Fu Tian suddenly reflected.

        He hadn't used his hands, but he had used his feet, his so-called meddling hands!

        Holy shit!

        "Pfft, hahahahahahaha!" Behind Han Qianqian, Fu Mang couldn't help but suddenly burst out in laughter.

        He also didn't expect that Han Qianqian's non-interference actually meant this.

        Jianghu Baixiao Sheng and the others also reflected what Han Qianqian was referring to, and each of them couldn't help but cover their mouths and snicker.

        Fu Wei was so angry that he blew out his beard and stared at Han Qianqian.

        He felt humiliated, even, intellectually humiliated.

        Han Qianqian had promised not to interfere, but he had ended up farting around with the cell and the torture equipment, and finally came here with his men in a blaze of glory, only to end up with this!

        The executives behind Fu Tian were also furious and ashamed at this point.

        There is really a sense of humiliation and anger of being rubbed on the ground by someone's intelligence, but, opposite again is the mystery man, who dares to really get angry except for the anger in his heart!

        "Mystic, is it interesting for you to play such word games with me? Using this to deceive me, Fu Tian and the Twelve Ji, do you think that if word gets out, you will be considered a man of your word?" Fu Tian shouted coldly.

        "Then go ahead and spread the word, and see if the world laughs at you, an idiot, or at me for playing word games with you." Han Qianqian laughed faintly.

        Fu Tian was instantly stunned, he was merely threatening Han Qianqian so that he would be pressured not to interfere, but he was unwilling to do so if word were to get out, for it was obvious that the whole world would laugh at him, the foolish patriarch!

        When the Fu family knew these things internally, they were bound to be quite critical of him as well.

        "Despicable and shameless!" Fu Tian gritted his back teeth, furious.

        "Why are you glaring at me so fiercely? Can't you eat me up?" Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully, "Look at your look of hating me but not being able to fuck me up, you'll only make me happier like that, do you understand?"


        "Why are you so angry? I'm not even angry with you, and you're still angry with me?" to

        "You took something from me, but you're playing word games with me, and you're still angry with me when you turn around?" Fu Tian really felt about to explode with anger, he was the one who lost a lot, when it came to his mouth, it made it seem as if he was the victim.

        "Humiliating Su Yingxia in front of me? If it weren't for our alliance, do you think this is enough to compensate me for the interest I've lost mentally?" Han Qianqian laughed coldly.

        "You!" Fu Tian glared angrily, but he didn't know how to retort.

        "Get lost before I get angry. Also, if you have any grievances against me, it's fine if you don't want to ally, I still say, either we beat the Pill God Pavilion to death together, or, I'll beat you to death first. Get out!" Han Qianqian bellowed coldly, followed by a fierce stomp of his foot.


        A golden energy was immediately released directly from his foot, and after smashing into the ground, golden waves spread out and blasted towards the crowd.

        Dozens of experts from Fu Tian's gang were all under the golden wave of Qi, as if they had been tossed over by the waves, one by one, all of them tumbling over and wailing all over the place.

        With the help of a few of his men, Fu Tian stood up in a mess, looking at Han Qianqian with hatred, his eyes full of resentment, and finally, he withdrew with his group of men.

        "Haha, look at that look in Fu Tian's eyes, he just can't beat you, if he could beat you, he probably would hate to pull your tendons and skin and drink your blood." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng looked at Fu Tian as he walked away with the grey, he immediately said happily to Han Qian Qian.

        "Holy shit, dead three thousand, you really scared me to death, I really thought you wouldn't make a move." Fu Mang had a backward glance and cursed with laughter.

        Fu Li also laughed, "Yeah, Three Thousand acted so realistically that I thought we were going to suffer tonight."

        Han Qianqian bristled and shook his head, "You guys should stop blowing rainbow farts, you see Yingxia never fell for it from the beginning to the end."

        Su Yingxia laughed bitterly, "Because the whole world abandoned me, you won't abandon me either, so will I believe what you said about not interfering?"

        Fu Li and Fu Mang, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng and the others looked at each other and made a disgusted face, "Please don't feed the dogs late at night, okay? Both of you?"