His True Colors Chapter 2091

 "Yes, he is powerful enough on stage, right. Oh, a finger can make a big mountain fall straight down, think about it, if this with the finger ...... "Zhang Yiruo lewdly smiled.

        If it is usual, Fu Mei must also be amused by her, but now, her heart is full of surprise.

        Because the man Zhang Yiruo said, is not it the mystery man?

        And what Fu Mei is looking at, is also that man!

        Between sisters, there shouldn't be any secrets, but for this secret, Fu Mei knows, absolutely can't say out.

        Because of the relationship of love rival, so know the enemy let the enemy does not know themselves, they are in the dark, in order to win over the bright Zhang Yiruo. To Fu Mei, although Zhang Yiruo such a slutty woman is not worth mentioning, but, after all, she looks good, there is enough flirt, who can guarantee the what-ifs?

        "Although he is indeed fierce, however, Dasan is just a reckless man, perhaps gullible." Fu Mei pretended not to recognize and splashed cold water, trying to make Zhang Yiruo's enthusiasm for the mystery man withdrawn.

        "Oh, Dasan is lightly defeated, but that gang of my brother's men is but lightly defeated, on the way here, do you know? He can make my brother's gang of elite men all fall down in just one second, and one punch can even beat my brother's Hercules arm into a pulp." Zhang Yiruo did not know what was in Fu Mei's mind, still praising the man she liked to the utmost.

        Fu Mei inwardly a cold, this plan failed, the heart quickly found an excuse: "Even if the strength of that so what? With your Miss Zhang's family and beauty, as long as the pomegranate skirt a wave, countless experts will also be attached to ah. He wears a mask, maybe, underneath the mask is a strange and ugly face."

        Fu Mei used a joking tone to avoid arousing Zhang Yiruo's suspicion and dissatisfaction, but also to beat the snake to three inches to belittle Han Qianqian.

        Speaking of which, Zhang Yiruo nodded: "To be honest, I actually think similar to you, originally, I also do not care, after all, there are too many men with strength. But you know what? He has taken off his mask in front of me."

        "Mysterious ......" Fu Mei almost exclaimed that the mysterious man would take off his mask in front of you, but in time to reflect, she hurriedly laughed: "I mean, he made so mysterious? Then how does he look? It should be general, otherwise ...... otherwise why bring a mask to cover it up?!"

        Zhang Yiruo has been calling the mystery man masked man, Fu Mei knows that she does not yet know his true identity.

        Because this identity, for the time being, may only be known to himself, Fu Tian and the Mystic Alliance, so, what can be concealed should naturally be concealed.

        If Zhang Yiruo were to know, then she would only become even more fascinated with that man and become one of her powerful opponents.

        "Huh." Zhang Yiruo a smile, gently a mouthful of tea down: "General? If he is average, all the men in this world do not deserve to be called handsome."

        "That face, simply grows on all my aesthetic points, and deeply stimulates them, too handsome, simply too handsome, every time I think of it, I can't get enough of it." Zhang Yiruo said while peach blossoms covered his face.

        Fu Mei teeth clenched, Zhang Yiruo's look has proved that what she said, there can not be any fake, even, he may really handsome!

        This also means that this mysterious person, not only is his martial arts skills superb, but at the same time, his looks are also very handsome.

        For Zhang Yiruo, this is a huge temptation, but for Fu Mei, at a time when she knew more about Han Qianqian's powerful identity, a sentence that he was handsome was like opening the Pandora's Box in Fu Mei's heart.

        If she was overwhelmed with hope for the mystery man before, now she may be dreaming of it.

        But the more she thought about it, the more annoyed and angry she became, because she was so close to getting it!

        The more she thought about it, the more she hated Ye Shijun, the man who made her "stink"!

        "By the way, Fu Mei, which man do you like?" Zhang Yiruo said.

        Fu Mei smiled gently: "I have a husband, which is like you thinking about it, but it was a quarrel with Ye Shijun, so I looked for you to get some air."

        "Then you just said you're looking at a new man again." Zhang Yiruo a little disappointed said.

        "Oh, otherwise, how can I know a little of your little mind ah." Fu Mei laughed.

        Zhang Yiruo did not suspect Fu Mei's lies, a smile, and also treat her as a good sister.

        And at this time, in the inn.

        In the guest room on the second floor, all of a sudden there was an outbreak of ha-ha laughter.

        When Han Qianqian told the crowd about what happened at the Drunken Immortal Building at noon today, Fu Mang hand covering his stomach, are about to die of laughter alive.

        "Fu Mei, that bitch, also has the guts to insult our family Fu Yao, haha, the result is ironically useless, probably this will be at home to take a bath hard." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng is also happy, at this time can not help but laugh.

        Fu Mang laughing almost breathless, at this time out of voice: "I see more than ah, perhaps also because of the three thousand words, let Fu Mei that bitch see hope, but always almost meaning, so, will vent all the grievances on the body of Ye Shijun, I see not long, the two seemingly loving newlyweds, will spread the rumors of discord in life. "