His True Colors Chapter 2090

 Miss Zhang Yiru while depressed looking at the man on the body, the brain while fantasizing about Han Qianqian's power-filled strike and the stunning face that has been hovering in her head.

        For Zhang Yiru, since that time, Han Qianqian has left her with a full heart shock, making her heart simply unforgettable.

        The one finger on the ring of Fuye to break the big mountain, but also let this desire to get a great expansion.

        Both strength and face value are the highest standards that Zhang Yiru has ever dreamed of, not to mention that Han Qianqian is the perfect combination of both of her highest standards.

        For Zhang Yiru, this is simply the only best candidate in her heart, she looked at all the slander, thinking about all the panic, just like a hungry lion suddenly saw a delicious lamb.

        She has long been difficult to endure, so take advantage of the night, looking for a strong man, to fantasize about Han Qianqian and temporarily quench their thirst.

        But the more so, the more Zhang Yiru could feel the difference of Han Qianqian, but at that moment, there was a burst of knocking outside the house.

        As it happens, Zhang Yiru has long been uncomfortable with the man on top of her and kicked him away: "Useless thing, get out of my house."

        The strong man retreated in fear, holding his clothes, like a rat, opened the door and ran out quietly.

        Looking at the wretched strong man, the door Fu Mei first froze, then could not help but sneer, started to walk into the room.

        Seeing that it was Fu Mei, Zhang Yiru dressed, slowly smiled and walked off the bed: "Yo, I thought who was it, it turned out to be our Mrs. Ye, but it's late at night, Mrs. Ye is not spending the night with her husband, but came to find me a single woman?"

        "Don't mention anything about Mrs. Ye, if you mention it again, I will turn my face with you." Fu Mei said in no good mood, sitting on a chair and pouring herself a cup of tea.

        "What's wrong, Mei'er? That kaiju Ye Shijun made you angry?" Zhang Yiru laughed with concern.

        "Does that kaiju dare to mess with me?" Fu Mei sullenly took a sip of tea, glanced at Zhang Yiru: "Meet a man I want, in short, it is difficult to say, I came so late at night, is not disturbing your elegance?"

        Zhang Yiru smiled: "But a waste, there is no elegance?"

        "Yo, that's a waste? What, have you become more demanding lately?" Fu Mei couldn't help but say strangely.

        Just now she saw the man who left in a hurry in front of the door, his body is very good, his appearance is also quite good, how did he become a waste?

        Fu Mei and Zhang Yiru, considered a friend who met long ago, Ye Shijun the lap, in fact, was also introduced by Zhang Yiru, so the relationship between the two was also a step closer.

        "Oh, because in front of the prince charming I met, he is not worth mentioning." Zhang Yiru did not deny it.

        Fu Mei reached out and touched Zhang Yiru's forehead: "No fever, huh? When did our Miss Zhang, also met true love?"

        Zhang Yiru's personality, Fu Mei knows very well, very slutty, see men as toys, this is her motto, but also her life goal.

        However, Zhang Yiru has now changed her sex, which makes Fu Mei very curious.

        "Yes, as long as he is willing, I can give up a whole forest, henceforth accompany him, teach his husband and children, never cheat, and obediently be his plaything alone." Zhang Yiru did not hide the excitement and thoughts inside.

        "Oh, is it so exaggerated? It can actually make even our Miss Zhang give up her freedom and unrestrained?" Fu Mei suddenly could not help but be interested, this kind of situation is basically not uncommon, because even myself, far from being as slutty as Zhang Yiru, could not possibly give up my whole life for a man.

        "Meier, you do not know ah, on the way here, I met a man that I can not forget for the rest of my life, not only a good body, but also strong, and most importantly, he is also very handsome, you know what? I now every time I think of him, my heart can not help but swell a million, I ...... "a talk about Han three thousand, Zhang Yiru will be a million emotions of excitement.

        Fu Mei frowned slightly, looking at Zhang Yiru hair wave appearance, can not help but feel strange, there is such a great charm of the man? "So ...... you find that man tonight ......"

        "That's right, the substitute is just. However, tasteless." Zhang Yiru nodded, then, a sigh: "Hey, compared to that man, he really is trash waste, why should I meet such a perfect person? Suddenly my life without him will feel everything is boring."

        Seeing Zhang Yiru lost look, Fu Mei helplessly bitter smile: "You really a little too exaggerated, there are many men in this world are very good, just you do not see it, just take the man in my heart now."

        "Holy shit, you're only married and you're out of the wall, huh? But, can let you play so big, must be a good man, right, say, who is it, let this lady help you discretion." Zhang Yiruo heatedly laughed.

        To her, there is no shame, only more excitement.

        "You say yours first." Fu Mei laughed.

        "Mine?" Zhang Yiruo heatedly laughed and said with great interest, "Who made us good sisters? I'll tell you, the masked man in the ring yesterday!"

        "Masked man?" Fu Mei suddenly froze.