His True Colors Chapter 2089

 Fu Mei blushed slightly, and her face was slightly flushed.

        Although she was very active and slutty, but to Han Qianqian suddenly came close to the body, a time did not reflect, froze looking at him in front of his own sniffing.

        However, she is very confident, after all, her body rouge and powder, that can be a heavy purchase.

        The fragrance of human tea, but as it is.

        "What's wrong?" Fu Mei said with a red face.

        "En ......" Han three thousand skimmed his mouth and shook his head: "Stink, stink, stink, really stink. Hey, a pity pity, why don't you go take a shower first?"

        A word, Fu Mei first froze, she went out when she was specially bathed, is there anything unclean?

        But the next sentence, her face abruptly red, because she suddenly reflected what Han Qianqian said!

        This is clearly not to say that her body is not clean, but refers to the smell of Ye Shijun!

        The strong sense of shame made her whole face red, and at the same time, there was full of anger and hatred for Ye Shijun.

        Fu Mei a time to sit also not, go to the bath also not, the whole person is unusually embarrassed, if you can choose, she would like to burrow out from under the table.

        Fu Tian also did not know what to say for a while, only hanging awkward smile frozen on the edge of his mouth.

        Han three thousand sinister smile, let you say bad things about my wife, change the way to play you to death.

        "By the way, these twelve beautiful women are quite clean, first go to the inn and wait for me." Han Qianqian smiled.

        The twelve Ji immediately slightly owed and gave Han Qianqian a salute, however, her eyes were placed on Fu Tian and Fu Mei, as subordinates trained by the Ye family, they had to obey the final orders of the two of them.

        "It's your blessing that the Mystic Warrior can look at you, in the future, you must serve the Mystic Warrior well, understand?" Fu Tian nodded heavily at them.

        Luckily, they came prepared today, otherwise with one Fu Mei alone, things might be over egg.

        "Yes!" The twelve Ji answered obediently and gently retreated.

        Once the twelve Ji had left, Fu Tian raised his cup again and tried to defuse the awkwardness of the scene.

        "Come, warrior, Fu Mou toasts you, wishing us a happy cooperation!" Fu Tian smiled.

        Han Qianqian nodded, clinked his glass, and downed it in one drink.

        Fu Mei flashed a wink at Fu Tian, who smiled, "Since the things have been accepted by the warrior, our sincerity has arrived, where is yours, warrior?"

        "What sincerity does Clan Chief Fu want me to show?" Han Qianqian faintly stared.

        Fu Tian smiled: "Warrior, since you and we are now on the same side, shouldn't we ......" finished, Fu Tian smiled grimly.

        "Haha, good point, good point, when the time comes, you can come, I will never interfere." Han Qianqian smiled wickedly.

        "Good, good, good!" Fu Tian was instantly excited.

        At the same time, the heart can not help but sneer: Fu Mang ah, Fu Mang, you really think, you escaped from the heavenly prison, then really safe? You still want to start a new stove? Dream on!

        And Fuyao, what awaits you will be endless torture, and never see the light of day in detention.

        After the reception, Han Qianqian went back, Fu Tian and Fu Mei also led the people back to the Ye family residence.

        In the evening, Fu Tian went to the Ye family's heavenly prison, looking at the cruel torture instruments, imagining in his mind how to torture Fu Mang and Fu Yao when the time comes, with a hideous smile on his face.

        City Master's room.

        The sound of clattering water came from the bathroom, which had been going on for half an hour.

        Fu Mei gritted her teeth, her face was unusually annoyed, and she kept smearing flower petal foam on her body like crazy, using the water to desperately wipe her body.

        Because of too much force, the skin of the entire body was basically rubbed red by her, and emitted a hot and intense pain.

        "Ah !!!!"

        Fu Mei can no longer hold back, hysterical a fist smashed in the water in the bath tub, the water splashed in all directions.

        Fu Mei a pair of beautiful eyes viciously glared.

        She is not willing, she hates, she is annoyed.

        The mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the world.

        However, because of this bastard Ye Shijun touched himself, and everything is ruined.

        No chance is not scary, scary is that you are watching yourself about to succeed when, but because so close to a throw, so lost.

        Han three thousand those affirmation of Fu Mei beauty, and even imply that he is willing to words, become her heart great hope, but also to meet her vanity and self-confidence, but only that the rejection of her conditions, but became a thorn in her heart.

        For a woman like Fu Mei, Han Qianqian's words completely controlled Fu Mei's mind.

        She never thought that if it wasn't for Ye Shijun, where would her Fu family be today? How could she be qualified to negotiate with Han Qianqian?

        At that time, she had also been complacent because she had finally had a relationship with Ye Shijun and tied up this thigh. But she forgot, she only knows clearly now, those small sweet and small fortune, but has become the root of today's hatred.

        It was Ye Shijun who ruined her.

        Just then, Ye Shijun also drank some small wine and returned to the bedroom.

        The words of Han Qianqian in his ears made him very afraid, so much so that he has been in a bad mood, plus Fu Mei also went out today, he simply dragged a few friends to find a few female companions to drink and spend a lot of time.

        However, Ye Shijun is very fond of Fu Mei, and did not stay overnight with his female companions, as his friends did, but instead returned home.

        Hearing the sound of water in the bathroom, Ye Shijun grinned, drunkenly took off his clothes and hid.

        A few moments later, Fu Mei came out of the bathroom, wrapped in golden silk and jade silk, and walked out slowly with an ostentatious figure.

        The first thing you need to do is to get back to the bed, suddenly, Ye Shijun rushed over and directly jumped on Fu Mei.

        The first thing that happened was that she saw Ye Shijun, and when she saw him, impatience appeared in her eyes, and in the face of Ye Shijun's kiss, she directly turned her head to the side.

        Ye Shijun tried a few times, but was unsuccessful, he smiled: "Madam, what? Want to play with your husband, don't you?"

        Fu Mei suddenly glared at Ye Shijun in annoyance and said coldly, "Do you know you stink?"

        Seeing Fu Mei's anger, Ye Shijun froze, then, burped and scratched his head, "Does it? Do I stink?"

        "Stink, of course it stinks, so much so that I'm sick to death." Taking advantage of Ye Shijun's daze, Fu Mei kicked Ye Shijun away, then, coldly said: "Get out of the way, don't touch me."

        Ye Shijun sniffed left and right, although some alcohol, but, he smells good.

        However, his wife has orders, he can only hurry back to the bathroom and took a shower, and when he rushed out with great excitement, at that time, the room is simply no longer Fu Mei's shadow, which makes Ye Shijun unusually depressed.

        The gang of female companions successfully hooked his interest, he "kept his body like a jade" back ready to find his wife to vent, but at this time can only be held back.

        And at this time, under the moonlight night, a certain mansion.