His True Colors Chapter 2087

 Then, after raising his wine glass and clinking glasses with one of the two, he examined the Jade in Flower in his hand and couldn't help but smile, "Another superb treasure, another ravishing twelve concubines, and over a hundred thousand troops for me to command, to be honest, such a bargaining chip is simply hard to refuse."

        Looking at Han Qianqian's loving appearance, Fu Tian and Fu Mei instantly looked at each other and smiled, putting down the big stone in their hearts.

        As long as they could kneel the mysterious man to the Fu Ye families, then the Fu Ye families' power would expand infinitely, and even if they were given some time to develop, they would be qualified and capable of becoming the fourth largest power in the Eight Directions World, and even reclaim the position of the three great families someday in the future.

        It was for this reason that Fu Tian and Fu Mei, two people who each harboured evil intentions but whose greed turned out to be the same, had brought out their look-alikes, plus stirring up trouble, to try to take in Han Qianqian.

        If the two men knew that the "divine man" they had gone to so much trouble to beg on their knees actually belonged to their family, he would have fought for the entire Fu family without even needing anything, even if he had to die before himself.

        And all of this was their own doing.

        Before Fu Yun passed away, he had planned everything for the Fu family well, and even thought at one point that his arrangement would not only not allow the Fu family to go into decline with his own fall, but on the contrary, it would allow the Fu family to embark on a stronger path again because of the existence of Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia.

        Until one day, it would replace the top of Blue Mountain and take control of the eight worlds.

        He probably did not think to his dying day that it was his unfilial sons and grandsons who had destroyed everything with their own hands.

        If Fu Yun knew in heaven and could be true to himself before he was transformed, his coffin would probably have exploded and he would have jumped up and slapped Fu Tian furiously in the face!

        "Alright, I'll take the stuff." When Han Qianqian finished speaking, he didn't say anything and directly collected the Jade in Flower into his spatial ring.

        Seeing this, Fu Mei also took off her outer clothes at this time, leaving her in a sexy little short dress, using the momentum to gently lean towards Han Qianqian's body, only, with this lean, Fu Mei almost stumbled and fell straight to the ground.

        Because Han Qianqian moved out of the way.

        "What are you doing?" Han Qianqian said, pretending to be surprised.

        Fu Mei was so angry that her teeth clenched, but quickly, replacing her embarrassed smile, she said, "Has the warrior forgotten that Mei'er also belongs to these things?"

        "Oh, I want the Jade in Flower and the Twelve Ji yes, but you the add-on ......" Han Qianqian barred his mouth and shook his head, "Fu Mei is a human wife, you say it's not interesting, is it, are you not a human wife? "

        "I ......"

        "You are both human wives, how can Fuyao be better looking than you? Moreover, the most important thing is ......" Han Qianqian skimmed his lips, and after a long interval, until the two people stretched their necks for half a day, waiting for his next half sentence, he said, "The segment is not enough."

        Hearing these words, Fu Mei's lungs were about to explode.

        She had lived in Su Yingxia's shadow all her life, and was already resentful and jealous, and what bothered her most was when people said that she was inferior to Su Yingxia, which simply struck at the very core of her heart.

        But Han Qianqian had not only said that, but more importantly, she had mocked her for not being of sufficient rank!

        "Is that bitch worthy of being compared to me? She's just a broken shoe worn by an earthling, while I, on the other hand, am the City Lord's wife!" Fu Mei gritted her teeth, her emotions were already hard to control.

        But suddenly, she smiled, "Or perhaps you are afraid of my husband? Afraid of offending the City Lord of Heavenly Lake City and giving him a green hat?"

        Han Qianqian was about to spit out the rice she had just eaten, and looking at Fu Mei's confident streak, Han Qianqian really didn't know where on earth she got her bewildering confidence from.

        "The problem is, Ye Shijun is so ugly, think of him on top of you, and think of me on top of you, I'm a bit disgusted." Han Qianqian pretended to be depressed.

        Fu Mei's whole face was red with anger, but she couldn't refute it.

        She was beginning to regret a little for having found Ye Shijun, an ugly man, otherwise, she wouldn't have been rejected.

        Thinking of this, she suddenly hated Ye Shijun.

        Han Sanzian didn't mind spreading his legs, and continued to strike the iron while it was hot, "Think about it, it's like you're a special, superb delicacy, I do want to take a bite, but after it falls into the shit, even if it's washed clean, will you still be able to eat it?"

        Fu Mei froze, even forgetting to breathe, and after a long time, she took a heavy breath, but her hands were still trembling with anger.

        However, she was not angry with Han Qianqian, because Han Qianqian affirmed her and said that she was a youkai and a delicacy, which also showed that he looked up to himself, so she was angry with Ye Shijun, Han Qianqian had a point, she ...... herself could have gone to the next level, but ......

        But it was polluted by Ye Shijun the turd!

        The actual fact is that you can't even help but laugh when you look at Fu Mei's angry silent gritted teeth look, Han Qianqian really can't help but laugh out loud, fortunately there is a mask to cover up, did not let Fu Mei notice anything different.

        At that moment, Han Qianqian suddenly bent over and put his body in front of Fu Mei's face. Just when Fu Mei was at a loss for words, Han Qianqian suddenly tightened his nose and sniffed ......