His True Colors Chapter 2085

Although the two beauties did not sing the words, they hummed along with the melody, making people feel like they were in a fairyland.

        The cheongsam-clad beauty walked slowly to the table with a jade bottle of jelly in her arms, stood behind Han Qianqian and poured him a glass of wine.

        Immediately afterwards, as the song changed slightly, the lightness of the song was lost and it became more passionate. A group of beautiful women dressed in red tulle, with a delicate figure and fair skin, walked in quickly, the red tulle matched with the fair skin, and the style was very diverse. With their faces covered in veils, leaving only their charming eyes, they danced along to the melody.

        Sometimes like a phoenix in fire, sometimes like a tranquil virgin, causing an extremely strong visual impact.

        "Brother, how is this song and dance." Fu Tian said happily.

        Han Qianqian did not deny it and said with a smile, "The people are beautiful, the music is beautiful and the dance is beautiful."

        Han Qianqian was complimenting from the fact, however, in Fu Tian's different thoughts, there was a different view.

        "It is good that you like it."

        Fu Tian smiled, and the group of beautiful women's dance came to a climax, as a series of difficult moves were displayed, and the woman with the best figure in the centre ended with a dance move holding a beautiful flower in her hands and offering it to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian was stunned, not really expecting the dance to end with this movement.

        Han Qianqian followed her gaze to look at the flower and realised that there was a green jade pearl about the size of a tennis ball in the stamen of the flower.

        It was like a piece of emerald, green with a crystal, seemingly translucent, with a complex but seemingly very clever pattern in the innermost part, so that no matter which angle one looked at it from, one could see something completely different.

        The most important thing was that although this bead was not large, however, the spiritual energy within it was abundant, and even though it was some distance away, Han Qianqian could still feel its spiritual energy compelling.

        "What is this?" Han Qianqian looked at Fu Tian in disbelief.

        Fu Tian smiled, "Oh, throughout the ages, this grass can bloom and trees can bear fruit, but has the warrior ever heard that flowers can open trees and trees can bear fruit?"

        "Oh?" Han Qianqian frowned.

        "This is the Jade of Flowers. Legend has it that it is an exotic flower that is rare to find in a million years that blossoms and then bears a stone tree, which in turn bears a stone flower, which eventually condenses into a top-grade divine stone after millions of years?" After saying this, Fu Tian suddenly took out his dagger, and just when Han Qianqian was a little wary, he suddenly picked up the dagger and directly pulled open his sleeve, slashing fiercely on his arm.

        Blood instantly flowed down the wound!

        Han Qianqian frowned, what was this guy doing? Is he crazy? What's the point of self-harm?

        Han Qianqian's gaze swept over to Fu Mei who was on the side, but she was different from himself, with a faint smile on her face.

        Just as Han Qianqian was baffled, Fu Tian gently removed the green stone from the pistil and then used it to gently dab at the wound.

        A miraculous scene occurred.

        The blood stream disappeared and the wound was completely non-existent, and even to the naked eye, Fu Tian's arm seemed whiter than it had just been.

        At the very moment when Han Qianqian's eyes were wide open, Fu Tian broke the flower in the dancing beauty's hand into two pieces again, then after throwing one of the pieces away, he placed the stone on the remaining half in his hand.

        In just a few moments, the broken flower reappeared in Fu Tian's hand as good as new.

        Han Qianqian could not help but sigh in amazement, if healing was not that rare, but the speed and efficiency with which it healed was astonishing.

        What was even more important was that Fu Tian used it to regenerate the flower in his hand.

        This is clearly not simply healing anymore, but regeneration!

        Healing and regeneration, in a sense, had similarities, but there was also a huge difference in the sky between the two.

        If the former is the earth, then the latter is the sky!

        For it was clear that regeneration was far more difficult and a million times more effective, and could even be the key to turning the tide of battle at certain critical moments.

        Therefore, Han Qianqian was very interested in this stone.

        "How about it, warrior?" Fu Tian gently laughed.

        "Not bad, it's a bit interesting." Han Qianqian said matter-of-factly.

        "It's good that the warrior likes it!" Fu Tian smiled, and then, pointing to the beauties present, "Right, I haven't introduced them yet, these young girls are all eighteen years old, in their prime, proficient in everything from the piano and chess to calligraphy and painting, and both their figures and faces are of the highest quality."

        "They are the twelve most beautiful girls in Tianhu City, who are renowned throughout the world. The one presenting you with flowers is the most beautiful of the twelve ladies, the one playing the zither is the qin lady, the one playing the pipa is the fulcrum lady, and the two ritual ladies who pulled the screen for us just now are the two ritual ladies. Together with the several beauties behind them, the combined show is the most beautiful of the Twelve Magi." Fu Tian laughed.

        In fact, Han Qianqian had heard something about these twelve ladies, before entering the city, both Fu Mang and Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng had unintentionally mentioned them.

        These twelve girls were said to be the most beautiful in the world, not only with their good looks, but also with their graceful bodies, each with their own personality and temperament, forming twelve beautiful scenery lines, and were also the most reputable in the Heavenly Lake City.

        However, the Twelve Beauties have always sold their art but not their bodies, which makes many people somewhat disappointed, but at the same time, many people are more attracted to them, the less they can get, the more attractive they are.

        Many aristocrats have paid exorbitant prices to have a dance with the Twelve Girls, but they would have no regrets if they could only have the Twelve Girls sing and dance.

        To many, the Twelve Girls are the top female troupe in the Eight Directions!

        However, many people do not know that the Twelve Girls were actually trained by the original Ye Wuhuan of Tianhu City, and they proved to be a great success, not only gaining the appreciation of the world, but also making him a lot of money.

        After Ye Wuhuan's death, Ye Shijun inherited these "legacies". However, although he coveted the beauty of the Twelve Beauties, Ye Shijun was also in danger when Ye Wuhuan suddenly passed away, and his base was unstable, so he never dared to forget his father's teaching that, as the signboard of Tianhu City, he must not destroy them arbitrarily.

        Today, however, it was taken out by Fu Tian.

        "Just for those who want to enjoy them playing and dancing, those gentry drop at least tens of millions of purple crystals a year." Fu Tian laughed.

        "In that case, they are a moving treasure in Heavenly Lake City." Han Qianqian laughed and stood up.

        "That's natural, but, as the saying goes, a sword is given to a hero, so if the warrior likes it, the twelve Jiji are yours, and of course, this is included." After saying this, Fu Tian placed the green jade bead in Han Qianqian's hand.

        Han Qianqian was slightly stunned and suddenly smiled disdainfully, "Chief Fu, what do you mean by that?"