His True Colors Chapter 2077

 Fu Mang!

        When Han Qianqian read out this name, was very proud, even wanted to wave a gesture of Zhang Gongzi almost a stumble fell to the ground.

        Fu Mei and Fu Tian had just smiled when they saw Duke Zhang get up after the question, but when they heard the name, their smiles froze on their faces!

        Fu Mang?

        How could the Fu family be unfamiliar with this name anymore?

        At this moment, at the back of the crowd, Fu Mang at this moment bravely pushed through the crowd and slowly walked out.

        Although Fu Mang did not know why Han Qianqian had suddenly called out for himself, but since Han Qianqian had opened his mouth, there was no reason for him not to respond.

        Only, he didn't know what medicine Han Qianqian was selling in his gourd!

        When he saw Fu Mang appear, Fu Tian's face was extremely angry, and the Fu Mei and a group of senior executives of the Fu family beside him were also in a state of mixed feelings at this moment.

        "Fu Mang? The traitor of the Fu Family, he actually dares to appear here?"

        "What's he doing here today? Is this to smash the venue?"

        "Guards, guards!!!"

        The Fu family was instantly anxious, and as someone shouted, hundreds of soldiers hurriedly and quickly rushed over from all around, surrounding the entire ring.

        A group of guests, some of whom were confused at this point, but others had read the wanted notices of the Fu family as well as the rumours of Qinglong City and knew roughly what kind of existence Fu Mang was.

        They were very curious as to what Fu Mang's purpose in coming here was.

        "Fu Mang, you traitor, how dare you show up?" Fu Tian was extremely hostile and drew his sword directly at each other on the spot.

        He was most aware of what had happened between him and Fu Mang, and he was also most worried about it being exposed, especially at this critical moment when the Fu family was just starting to take off.

        "What do I not dare to come?" Fu Mang smiled coldly and walked slowly onto the stage.

        After sweeping a glance at the soldiers surrounding the stage, Fu Mang glanced at Han Qianqian.

        Fu Tian also glanced at Han Qianqian and laughed softly, "What? You think I'm afraid of you just because you brought an expert here? I have 100,000 elite soldiers in Tianhu City, so I can say that it is a net of heaven and earth, so it is difficult for you to fly even if you insert your wings."

        "Aren't you afraid to speak too strongly? We can even get out of your family's heavenly prison, what's a little human wall?" Han Qianqian suddenly laughed disdainfully.

        Hearing this, Fu Tian's face instantly changed and he looked fiercely at Han Qianqian: "You ...... are the masked man who came to my Fu family in the first place?"

        The senior management of the Fu family also looked at each other in shock.

        How could they have imagined that the masked man, whom they had just thought was just a clown, would ......

        The masked man who had broken into the Fu family's home was really the masked man!

        Every time they think back to that night, the Fu family trembles with fear. Although Han Qianqian did not hurt them at first, the fact that the heavenly prison was broken and the buildings and pavilions were broken into was obviously another kind of insult.

        Fu Mei looked coldly at Han Qianqian, her back teeth gritted to the bone, recalling the humiliation of being rejected that day, Fu Mei's heart was furious.

        "You guys, what the hell do you want?" Fu Tian shouted coldly.

        "Clan Chief Fu, don't worry so much, we came, and didn't we just want to mix a position." Han Qianqian smiled faintly and walked towards Fu Tian with a few steps.

        Looking at Han Qianqian as he walked over, Fu Tian involuntarily backed up slightly, obviously fearful of Han Qianqian, the masked man.

        After all, this was a demon who could even come and go from his family's building and pavilion as he pleased, and even as he walked over, Fu Tian could feel a chill run down his back!

        A group of soldiers, at this time, all rushed over as well, gawking at Han Qianqian.

        Seeing Fu Tian scared like this, Han Qian Qian smiled faintly: "What? Do you want to fight with swords after winning against your Chief Garrison Secretary?"

        Fu Tian's face turned blue, this was clearly a troublemaker, not something that came to fight.

        "How about a little cooperation?" Han Qianqian chuckled softly.

        "Cooperation? What do I have to cooperate with you?" Fu Tian said in a cold voice.

        "Besides, why should I cooperate with you? Just because you've captured the Garrison General Division? Even if I acknowledge the result, you are still nothing more than my subordinate." Fu Tian drank in discontent.

        "On what basis? On the basis of us wiping out the Baguio Palace, can we?" Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        But while Han Qianqian's words were breezy, the people present were trembling with fear.

        "What? That ...... guy is the masked man who defeated the 70,000-strong army of Zenith Mountain?"

        "No way? Is he the Masked Man himself?"

        "Holy shit, why wouldn't he be? Have you guys forgotten how Dasan was killed by him in seconds?"

        "I remember, that guy is really the masked man from Baguio Palace because of that Fu Mang beside him, I remember the people alive on Zenith Mountain talking about that name!"

        "Oh my god, what is that ...... demon doing here?"

        All of them couldn't help but take several steps backwards and couldn't help but stay far away from Han Qianqian, afraid that if they got too close, in case this master was unhappy somewhere, it would spill over into the pond.

        On the stage, a group of people from the Fu family also took a step backwards, and the group of soldiers who had been very close to the front directly held their guns timidly, expanding the originally small encirclement several times.

        Within a few meters of Han Qianqian, at this moment, no one dared to approach.

        To anyone, Han Qianqian, the masked man, was like a god of death.

        After all, this guy was the one who could kill tens of thousands of people with a wave of his hand, so who the hell wanted to be cannon fodder in there?

        It wasn't that Fu Tian didn't want to leave, but because he was too close to Han Qian Qian, his legs were a little numb from fear, and he couldn't move his legs at all.

        "How about it? Shall we cooperate to kill the Pill God Pavilion together, or shall I kill you first and then go and kill him?" Han Qianqian laughed grimly.

        Fu Tian's cold sweat was already pinching his back and his face was pale.

        Han Qianqian seemed to be giving him a choice, but what choice did he have?

        Fu Tian was not worried about cooperation, but rather about Fu Mang revealing the secret, and was about to refuse when Fu Mei gritted her teeth, "It's fine to cooperate, but we have conditions."

        Fu Mei did not know the past of the Fu family head, and only considered the trade-offs in the moment, so the choice was well made.

        "You say." Han Qianqian smiled.

        "To really fight, we are actually not afraid of you, you have your skills, however, we also have our men and horses." Fu Mei said in a cold voice, "So, to cooperate, how about we are the main ones, and you are the secondary ones?"

        And almost at that moment, a large group of soldiers rushed to support them.

        "Meaning to listen to you?" Han Qianqian said disdainfully.

        "Yes." Fu Mei said coldly.

        "With your intelligence, are you sure?" Han Qianqian said amusedly.

        Fu Mei's face suddenly looked ugly.

        "Fuck, what did you just say? You dare to humiliate my wife? My wife is not only good-looking, but also extremely smart, so it's naturally right to listen to her." Ye Shijun saw Han Qianqian talking about his wife, and with a large number of reinforcements arriving, he shouted angrily at this point.

        "Oh, a broken shoe that I don't even want, look at how excited you are." Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully, then, looked at Fu Mei: "Am I right?"