His True Colors Chapter 2075


        There was a loud sound, but everyone was dismayed to find that the loud sound was not the imagined sound of Dasan hitting Wang Simin.

        Instead, it was Dasan who suddenly seemed to have hit some steel plate and then inertially retreated, but because the inertia was too strong, while his back foot directly stepped heavily on the stone platform.

        Dasan raised his eyes in dismay, only to see a man standing in front of him, his right hand gently wrapped around Wang Simin's waist, and his left hand holding his fist in a one-handed cloth grip.

        "It's you kid?" Da Shan was incomparably surprised, and it was obvious that this man was none other than Han Qianqian, whom he had just let loose in mockery.

        "It's my boy!" Han Qianqian smiled faintly, gently releasing Wang Simin and said to her, "Go down, I'll take care of this place."

        Wang Simin looked at the masked man in front of her in surprise, not knowing why, obviously not knowing this man, but always feeling an inexplicable sense of familiarity from his body.

        For some reason, in front of this guy, she wanted to refuse, but the words came to her throat but she couldn't say them straight away.

        Before Wang Simin could reflect, Han Qianqian had already sent her slowly out of the ring with a bolt of energy.

        Although she had known Wang Simin for a short time, she had taken out her life to resist Ye Wuhuan in order to help herself in the Carefree Village, so in Han Qianqian's heart, this spiteful and capricious but kind-hearted young miss of the Wang family was in the ranks of her friends.

        "Shit, who's that kid? Isn't that the guy who was under Duke Zhang before?"

        "Duke Zhang, capable, just now saying that he won't fight in the ring is an act for us to see? The purpose is to paralyse us, isn't it?"

        When the group of people saw Han Qianqian take the stage, one by one they couldn't help but look strangely at Duke Zhang, who had a slightly subdued and embarrassed smile on his face, but inwardly he was panicking a bunch.

        He didn't know what the hell this guy was doing! He was completely confused too, okay?!

        "A bit of skill, this guy can actually take a direct punch from a big mountain with one palm!"

        "Heh, so what? Da Shan only saw that his opponent was a girl, so he took pity on her and didn't hit hard at all, now if it was that kid instead, hehe, one punch would have to kill him."

        "That's right, and that kid made a bad move, not to say that suddenly on again, Dasan also did not reflect it. If it comes down to it, that guy is nothing."

        A group of people then said disdainfully, they naturally couldn't see Han Qianqian coming on, after all, Dasan's performance had completely conquered them.

        Wang Dong at this moment hurriedly started to pick up Wang Simin who was put down on the stage, looking left and right, fearing that his daughter had suffered any damage.

        "Father, that man looks like a dead sick chicken." Wang Simin looked at Han Qianqian's back in the ring and could not help but murmur.

        Wang Dong smiled bitterly, "Silly girl, no nonsense."

        Above the stands, at this moment, Fu Mei as well as Fu Tian, including a group of senior executives of the Fu family, however, all frowned.

        "That ...... guy, isn't that the guy who came to our Fu family in the first place."

        "I don't know, looking at the mask it seems to be very similar, but there are just too many impersonating masked people in recent times."

        "Besides, my Fu family is not the same as it was in the past, how dare that guy come here to die at this time? In my opinion, he is just a person who is trying to get a reputation, relying on the fact that he has some skills, so he is pretending to be a man who works for these rich bosses to make a living."

        When a group of executives heard this, they relaxed a little.

        On the contrary, his forehead was already sweating coldly.

        His fist, which was held by Han Qianqian, suddenly became very painful, as if it was about to be shaken to pieces by Han Qianqian's hand, and he tried to pull it back, but he exerted a lot of strength but it was to no avail, as Han Qianqian's hand was stuck in his fist like a vise.

        "This is impossible, this is impossible, how can you have such strength?" Da Shan looked at Han Qianqian's hand incredulously.

        In the next second, he didn't care about his image and directly exerted his full strength in an attempt to pull his hand out.

        As he exerted himself, his feet even cracked the stone platform, which was enough to see how strong Dasan's strength was, but even so, his hand was stuck in Han Sanqian's hand and he couldn't move it at all.

        Beads of sweat were pouring down Dasan's forehead.

        It was difficult, it was just too difficult.

        "Want to get out so badly? Fine, as you wish." Han Qianqian suddenly smiled and let go of his left hand.

        Swing! Swing! Swing!

        Dasan's entire body immediately lost its inertia due to too much force and retreated dozens of steps, then with a boom, his entire body collapsed onto the stone platform like a mountain!

        "Ah, brat, you dare to trick me, you've successfully fucking pissed me off." The big mountain, who had fallen to his knees, slapped the stone platform in chagrin, causing the place where the force was applied to crack, and the whole man stood up violently, looking angrily at Han Qianqian, roaring.

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and looked at Dasan playfully, as if he was looking at a mole, "What do you want then?" After saying this, he suddenly compared an international middle finger.