His True Colors Chapter 2072

 The stench from the barrel made all those present pinch their noses, and some were even so disgusted by the sight of the dung inside that they were about to vomit on the spot.

        But at the same time, everyone was even more stunned.

        This was a big banquet, what was the purpose of bringing out buckets of dung?

        "My family's decline and even fall from grace was due to the fact that I was blind and placed my hopes on Fuyao, but as it turns out, Fuyao is just a piece of waste material that cannot be sculpted. It is precisely because of this that my Fu family has been dragged down by such incompetent people, to the extent that our family has fallen." The Fu family spoke out.

        "The patriarch is right, Fu Yao is the divine daughter of my Fu family, yet she hooked up with an Earth bastard, not only did she bury the future of my Fu family, but she also brought my Fu family into disrepute."

        "Bitchy women like this should not be allowed to die a good death in life, nor should they have peace after death."

        "This pair of dogs and women should be made public."

        As Fu Tian spoke out, the senior management of the Fu Family's doors all echoed in righteous anger and fury.

        They pushed all the sins of the Fu family onto Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian.

        "Therefore, from today onwards, I officially declare that this pair of dogs and men will be expelled from my Fu family." After saying this, Fu Tian directly lifted the bucket of dung water and poured it directly down on the tablet of Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia, who was far away from the periphery, watched with her fists clenched, so angry that she was about to tremble.

        I had seen shameless people, but I had never seen such shameless people.

        Even if they "die", the Fu family still want them to take the blame for the Fu family's pot.

        Underneath Han Qianqian's mask, his expression was indifferent. He could not say that he was angry at what Fu Tian had done, because he had no feelings for the Fu family.

        Besides, Han Qianqian had already spared them quite a few times, and had long been merciful to them.

        Looking at the humiliated spirit tablet, Fu Mei smiled grimly in delight.

        This appetizer, although it looked revolting, was really very appetising to her stomach.

        Kicking down the spirit tablets of Su Yingxia and her husband, Fu Tian laughed coldly and said loudly, "Gentlemen, although the Fu family has gone into decline because of this pair of dogs, God has blessed my Fu family, and a phoenix will spread its wings, and Fu Mei is the golden phoenix of my Fu family, and because of her, my Fu family will definitely sweep away its previous decline and regain its power!"

        "The patriarch is right, here, on behalf of the Fu family, I would like to confess our mistake to Fu Mei, in the past, it was us who underestimated you, you are the true phoenix's daughter of our Fu family, it was us who were blind and saw Fu Yao."

        A group of senior executives also took advantage of the heat at this point to kneel down and lick Fu Mei.

        This appetizer was carefully arranged by Fu Tian, so that he could dump all the previous Fu family's past on Su Yingxia, humiliate the couple to vent their anger, and most importantly, pay a big compliment to Fu Mei to show the status of Fu Mei nowadays.

        "To be consumed by them even after death, you are really unlucky to have such family members." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng laughed bitterly and said to Su Ying Xia.

        "My family is only my husband and my daughter." Su Yingxia, who had been angry, was now more relieved.

        "They are too disgusting, aren't they? Is there a need to humiliate a dead person?" At this moment, in the VIP seats, Wang Simin muttered in dissatisfaction.

        Although she didn't know Su Yingxia, the name Han Qianqian was still fresh in her mind. The dead sick chicken since the farewell of the carefree village, and then heard of him has been he fell into the endless abyss of death, Wang Simin sad for a long time hard to extricate herself.

        "Simin, don't talk too much." Wang Dong drank in his daughter in time to keep her from talking nonsense.

        Wang Dong's thoughts were actually very complicated towards Han Qianqian. Initially, he was very angry after knowing that he had taken away the elixir, but after Wang Simin returned and explained everything clearly, plus the news that soon came out that Han Qianqian had fallen into the Endless Abyss and died, Wang Dong's anger towards Han Qianqian had actually disappeared.

        Instead, it was a feeling of regret.

        After all, as far as he was concerned, the Wang family had lost the quality son-in-law that his father had spoken of. If he had been a little more despicable in his own tactics, perhaps his life could have been rewritten.

        Only, there were no ifs in this world, and apart from feeling sorry for him, it was still necessary to live as one should in the moment.

        The forces in Tianhu City had changed, and as a force to be reckoned with, he could only go along with the trend of the moment.

        Wang Simin was furious and glanced at Fu Tian on the stage with hatred, "I really don't know how you can work for such scum, Father."

        Wang Dong sighed and wanted to say something.

        Just then, Fu Mei, accompanied by Ye Shijun, gently got up and slowly walked over.

        Disdainfully sweeping a glance at the spirit tablet on the ground, Fu Mei looked at Fu Tian and laughed softly, "There is no need for Patriarch Fu to apologise, how could I be angry because of a pair of wasteful dogs and men."

        "That's right, my madam is the proud daughter of heaven, would she bother with those cats and dogs?" Ye Shijun also said in a cold and condescending voice at this moment.

        "Husband, don't ever say that, in fact I'm not really that delicate, it's just that, compared to that bitch Fuyao, my vision is much more accurate, finding a dragon and phoenix among men like you."

        "Oh, madam, I'm just mediocre, it's a blessing for me, Ye Shijun, to marry a beautiful and smart lady like you."

        The couple blew each other's rainbow farts, causing goose bumps to fall on the stage, Su Yingxia was even more angry and amused, looking at Han Qianqian, and said.