His True Colors Chapter 2071

 When they saw Han Qianqian's nod, Zhang Gongzi and Niu Zi were overjoyed and wanted to drag Han Qianqian to the centre of the large group to celebrate together with a drink.

        However, this was rejected by Han Qianqian.

        "Fine, fine, low profile, low profile, I understand, I understand." Duke Zhang laughed loudly and then instructed Niu Zi, "Since my brother doesn't want to go, you take care of him for me."

        After saying that, he gave a salute to Han Qianqian before barking at Niu Zi through clenched teeth, "If my brother makes a mistake, I'll have your head to meet, got it?"

        "Yes!" Niu Zi was terrified, his body shivering and trembling.

        As soon as Duke Zhang left, Niu Zi immediately ran to Han Qianqian's side, his attitude completely reversed, how angry he was before, how humble he was now.

        "Brother, are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Do you want me to go and get you something to eat? Or maybe get two underlings to give you a massage." Niu Zi showed a silly smile and lewdly compensated.

        "No need!" Han Qianqian looked at the crowd and couldn't help but laugh helplessly.

        "Do you want to rest then? I'll find someone to get you a sedan chair, or, do you need anything else?" Niu Zi still persisted in asking.

        "I just need you to leave me alone." Han Qianqian said.

        The ox was frozen in place.

        As soon as it was light, the troops resumed their journey towards Tianhu City.

        Around noon the next day, the sky-high walls of Tianhu City once again reappeared in front of Han Qianqian.

        To Han Qianqian, this was a place that was special to him, a place where he had first entered the jianghu, and now he was back with a different identity and status. It was just that, revisiting an old place, one could not help but think of old people. I wonder how Xiao Tao is living now?

        I wonder how Xiaotao is doing now? Is she doing well with her cousin?

        As he was lost in thought, Han Qianqian was brought back to reality by the noisy noise of people in Tianhu City.

        Obviously, the momentum created by the Fu and Ye families had had a significant effect, and many people from the Jianghu area had come to visit.

        After walking into the city, following the crowd, Han Qianqian and the others slowly walked towards the main city.

        In the centre of the main city, the two families had set up a huge venue with a thousand tables, each of which was made of top-quality solid wood and covered with gold and jade-encrusted tablecloths, and then placed a variety of delicious food.

        At the very front, there are several rows of jade tables and golden bowls, with a large rectangular stone platform directly above the VIP area.

        At this moment, on top of the stone platform, Fu Mei is dressed in flowery clothes, her face is full of charm, and her eyes are even more energetic, for her, after so many detours and so many dragon husbands, she is now finally a foot in the gentry, and her status has risen steeply.

        Next to her, Fu Tian and another ugly-looking young man were sitting on either side of her, behind them stood some senior members of their respective families, while the ugly young man was naturally Ye Shijun, the son of Lord Ye City.

        Although ugly is ugly, but, after all, he is the new City Lord of Tianhu City, otherwise, how would he look at Fu Mei?!

        As one of the important chiefs, Duke Zhang was invited to the VIP table, and he was also seated next to dignitaries or heroes and heroines with similar specifications to him.

        "O patriarch, everyone is here, won't you go up and say a few words?" Fu Mei gently tasted a small sip of wine, her vermilion lips lightly nodding, her poise distinctive.

        For this occasion today, since midnight last night, Fu Mei had used nearly ten subordinates to dress herself up carefully.

        It was far bigger than her marriage to Ye Shijun!

        Some may wonder why she is acting so abnormally, but to Fu Mei, this is a normal thing.

        When she married Ye Shijun, she wanted a chance to ascend to heaven, but today, she is in heaven, the king of all the people, so it goes without saying which is more important.

        The reason for getting married is to make a name for herself and to be the envy of all the people.

        As soon as Fu Tian heard this, an embarrassed look appeared on his face. One look at Fu Mei's dress today and he already knew her intention, how dare he say anything else! "Mei'er, you're making fun of me, what's an old man like me doing up there when there's so much attention?"

        "Yes, Mei'er, the patriarch is right. If it weren't for you, how could the Fu family be in such a good position today? So, if we want someone to make a speech, then no one else is qualified except you, Mei'er."

        "That's right, Mei'er you are the hope and future of our Fu family, if you don't speak who will."

        The group of senior executives all wanted to put their faces in their trousers at this point to praise Fu Mei. Since the last incident with the Wordless Heavenly Book, the Fu family had been added to the snow and were having a hard time.

        Fu Mei, who was so confident that she could seduce Han Qianqian, became a target of the Fu family, but an unexpected encounter made Fu Mei see the new King of Diamonds.

        And this time, Fu Mei succeeds and the Fu family follows suit, how can they not treat Fu Mei like an ancestor thereafter?

        "Don't say that, there is an appetizer, if I don't make it in advance, how can I speak? Patriarch, I wonder what your appetizer is?" Fu Mei only sneered at these compliments with disdain, but her words were filled with dissatisfaction.

        "Fu Tian, tell us." Ye Shijun said in a gangly voice.

        Fu Tian smiled, very pleased with himself, and said to his subordinates, "What are all still standing around for? Bring the stuff up to me."


        The subordinates obeyed the order and hurriedly retreated.

        A moment later, the subordinate ran over with two spirit tablets in a blaze of glory.

        On top of the tablets, one read Han Qianqian's spirit tablet and the other read Fu Mei's spirit tablet.

        Seeing these two tablets, the corners of Fu Mei's mouth curled into a cold smile.

        Fu Tian stood up and took a few steps to the centre of the stage, looking at the thousand tables and ten thousand people under the stage, and with a wave of his hand, the stage fell silent.

        "Gentlemen, I'm glad that you have all appreciated the honour of coming to this selection meeting between our two families, the Fu and Ye families, and I'm here to welcome you on behalf of the Fu and Ye families. However, before we begin, there is one thing that I have to do first."

        After saying this, Fu Tian waved his big hand, and his men took to the stage holding two spirit tablets.

        The group of people looked at each other in disbelief, what did it mean to suddenly hold two spirit tablets on this great day?

        "Huh? Isn't this the spirit tablet of Han Qianqian and Fu Yao? What is the Fu family doing here? Is it hard to say that they are paying tribute to these two couples?"

        "I wonder what show Fu Tian is singing here."

        Those sitting in the front VIP seats could clearly read the words on the tablets and were all amazed at this point, wondering what the Fu Tian were up to!

        But just as everyone was amazed, another subordinate came up with a bucket emitting a foul stench, and then placed it beside Fu Tian.