His True Colors Chapter 2068

 In the centre of the crowd at the front, there were two palanquins, luxurious beyond compare.

        When the guy said a few words to the people at the side of the palanquin, the troops stopped and in the first palanquin, a man poked his head out slightly, a gentleman like a jade, but with a few handsome features.

        After sweeping a glance at Han Qianqian, he nodded, and the guy then waved to Han Qianqian's group of people.

        Han Qianqian took a few steps over with his men.

        After sizing up Han Qianqian, Duke Zhang showed disdain and glanced at Fu Mang, still with displeasure in his eyes, and finally after his gaze fell on Su Yingxia and Qin Shannon, Duke Zhang then smiled slightly, "Alright, keep it."

        After saying that, Duke Zhang threw out a pile of purple crystals on the ground with a hint of bravado in his eyes.

        "What are you waiting for, why don't you thank Duke Zhang?" The man hurriedly urged.

        Han Qianqian skimmed at the purple crystals on the ground, and was also considered to be generous, throwing out ten thousand.

        Of course, to Han Qianqian, this was nothing at all.

        However, Han Qianqian smiled and bent down to pick up the amethysts on the ground.

        "How's that? My Prince Zhang is generous, isn't he? Oh, if you follow my Prince Zhang, you will enjoy endless glory and wealth." The man laughed smugly.

        Han Qianqian did not say anything, and the troops, too, resumed their journey at that moment.

        "My name is Niu Zi, from now on you will follow me." The man came in front of Han Qianqian at this point and said as he walked forward.

        After walking for a moment, seeing that Han Qianqian still didn't say anything, Niu Zi suddenly came over and said mysteriously, "Actually, you saw my gongzi's bravado just now, how does it feel to have taken 10,000 purple crystals?"

        "Not bad." Han Qianqian chuckled softly.

        "Oh, as long as you can make our Duke Zhang happy, not to mention a hundred thousand, a million or even ten million is at hand. Let me tell you directly, this group of beautiful women behind you my gongzi likes very much, choose a few and send them over, gongzi Zhang will definitely not treat you badly." Niu Zi patted Han Qianqian's shoulder and looked at him with a very ambiguous look.

        "Not interested." Han Qianqian said.

        "You brat, don't you want to be punished for your wine? For our Duke Zhang to look at a trash like you is to give you face, otherwise, with your trash-like appearance, can you have a chance to make a name for yourself?" Niu Zi immediately drank with great dissatisfaction.

        "Huh." Han Qianqian let out a bitter laugh and didn't want to retort, he naturally had no interest in arguing with such people.

        Niu Zi shook his head speechlessly and ignored Han Qianqian.

        The group of people just marched towards Heavenly Lake City in such a vast manner.

        In the evening, Niu Zi went to Duke Zhang's place, and when he returned, he angrily called on Han Qianqian, saying that Duke Zhang wanted to see him alone.

        Han Qianqian smiled noncommittally, gesturing to Su Yingxia and the others not to worry, and then just followed Niu Zi to the centre of the large group.

        The ground was covered with a thick layer of blankets, and the palanquin just landed on it, plus the palanquin was originally like a small palace, looking extremely luxurious.

        The palanquin was surrounded by light white gauze, and when the breeze blew, what was visible in the palanquin was a huge and luxurious round bed, with fine counters and all kinds of decorations around it.

        Zhang Gongzi was leaning slightly against the bed, and on the small counter in front of him was a thick dish of amethysts, while Zhang Gongzi, was playfully playing with a few of them in his hands.

        Next to Duke Zhang's sedan chair was another sedan chair, inside which lay a beautiful woman with a perfect figure, although only slightly powdered, she still couldn't be described as stunningly beautiful.

        When Han Qianqian was brought to the front of the palanquin, the oxen gently retreated.

        Mr. Zhang swept a glance at Han Qianqian and smiled softly, "Do you know how much money I have on this?"

        Han Qianqian shook his head, "I don't know."

        "It's right not to know, because it's so much that you can't even count it, and to you, it should be an astronomical amount." After saying this, Duke Zhang smiled condescendingly and reached out with his hand, pushing the purple crystals on the counter straight to the outside of the palanquin.

        Looking at these piles of purple crystals, many of the guards beside him could not help but swallow their mouths in disgust.

        Just from this area alone, this pile of purple crystals was no less than half a million, to say the least.

        To many people, this was a huge sum of money, but to Han Qianqian, these did not count at all.

        A night of casual spending in the auction house would not cost more than that amount.

        "Sir Zhang, what do you mean by that?" Han Qianqian did not look away, not even glancing at those purple crystals.

        "I really like those women around you, Niu Zi should have told you that."

        "I did, but I also replied that I wasn't interested." Han Qianqian said blandly.

        "Not interested? All refusals stem from not having enough chips, here is half a million purple crystals, think about it." Duke Zhang laughed gently, seeming to have it all figured out.

        "I won't answer the same question a second time." Han Qianqian said.

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Niu Zi angrily wanted to rush up and beat Han Qianqian up, this was half a million purple crystals, don't be too insensitive.

        "Interesting!" But Duke Zhang was not angry, he clapped his hands and several servants slowly walked over carrying several large boxes.

        Then, they opened the boxes, and inside were all dazzling purple mists, three whole boxes of purple crystals, at least five million, if not ten million.

        This amount was a huge sum of money, not to mention for individuals, even for many powerful families.

        Duke Zhang smiled, still arrogant as ever, "What now?"

        Han Qianqian smiled bitterly helplessly, not even looking at those purple crystals, and turned around to leave.

        Niu Zi immediately blocked directly in front of Han Qianqian, and those muscular men around him also took a step forward at that moment, their eyes very unkind.

        "Stop right there! Brat, have you had enough? Our Duke Zhang is already giving you face, you should know that five million amethyst coins can buy quite a few women."

        "If you go out with so many women, you're obviously a white boy, relying on women to eat soft rice.

        "That's right, give you five million, you can find a whole bunch of women, brat, apologize to Mr. Zhang."

        Niu Zi led a group of strong men to drink in a cold voice.

        "Brother, it looks like you've met your match." In the other palanquin, the beautiful woman laughed softly. To her, Han Qianqian was a white boy who lived off women, and although she often kept some good-looking white boys, Han Qianqian's kind of physique was clearly not what she wanted.

        After saying that, the woman gently swung her jade arm and swung open the curtain in front of the sedan chair, revealing her extremely beautiful features, glanced contemptuously at Han Qianqian and laughed, "Take off your mask."

        "Did you hear that, Miss Zhang told you to take off your mask, damn it, you're still pretending to be a masked man here, how long ago was the old script."

        "Why should I take it off?" Han Qianqian couldn't help but laugh.

        "If you look okay, this lady can consider it, this five million purple crystals plus this lady accompanying you for one night in exchange for those few women of yours." Miss Zhang smiled confidently.

        Han Qianqian suddenly laughed coldly with disdain, "Fine. But are you sure you're qualified?" After saying that, Han Qianqian removed his mask.