His True Colors Chapter 2067

 The Great Heavenly Locust Pixie nodded under Han Qianqian's gaze.

        "No wonder you are so hostile to me." Han Qianqian was helpless, it should be that the Great Heavenly Locust Pixie sensed that there was a change on Immortal Spirit Island, so it came to help, leaving behind the little Heavenly Locust Pixie that was still just an egg.

        But I did not think that the small Tianlu Pixiu because of unattended, was found by humans and sold to the auction house.

        And Han Qianqian happened to buy this small Tianluo brave, and then met the big Tianluo brave here.

        The Big Heavenly Lu Pixiu treated Han Qianqian as an intruder, plus the little Heavenly Lu Pixiu was still with him, and when it was determined that the little Heavenly Lu Pixiu was his son, he naturally did not relent to Han Qianqian.

        "What an interesting destiny." Han Qianqian shook his head helplessly: "The matter of Immortal Spirit Island is over, you go back, as for the little Heavenly Lu Pixie, I also return to you."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian hands a move, will be their own with the little heavenly Lu brave recognition contract removed, patting its little butt, let it go back to the big heavenly Lu brave.

        The small Tianlu Pixiu three steps a back, reluctant to look at Han Qianqian, originally but a few meters of distance, hard to walk a few minutes.

        However, when the little Heavenly Lu Pixiu and the big Heavenly Lu Pixiu came together, after tentatively sniffing each other, snuggled with each other, intimate.

        "Let's go." Han Qianqian smiled, and waved at them.

        The big Tianlu Pixiu took a look at Han Qianqian, and lowered his head again, as if in gratitude to Han Qianqian, then, with the little Tianlu Pixiu fiercely jumped into the water.

        The small Tianlu Pixiu fondly glanced at Han Qianqian, finally, or under the care of the big Tianlu Pixiu, with a cheerful beast song, swimming towards the distance.

        Looking at two different sizes of figures snuggled together far away, Han Qianqian some sadness, but more is a happy emotion.

        Although Tianlu Pixiu from birth and their own side by side to do battle, a master and a servant feelings have always been good, but because of this, Han Qianqian is not willing to break up other mother and son.

        After finishing these, Han Qianqian flew back to the fishing village, when heard Han Qianqian said that in the future there will be no more monsters to disturb their fishing, and then see Han Qianqian and others are returning by boat, the whole fishing village was happy, had to stay Han Qianqian and others to eat.

        They couldn't resist their enthusiasm, and after a meal, the group was sent off by the fishermen, heading towards the direction of Tianhu City.

        The first two days, a group of people is day travel and night ambush, everything is considered normal.

        But the closer we get to Tianhu City, the situation is getting worse and worse.

        On the way, many people were rushing in the direction of Tianhu City. Han Qianqian stopped a person and asked, "Brother, I want to ask, why are many people on this road going in the direction of Tianhu City?"

        The man took a look at Han Qianqian, but saw that he was wearing a mask, and was about to ignore it, but when he saw Fu Mang and many beautiful women behind Han Qianqian, his eyes lit up: "Haven't you heard, the two families of Ye Fu in Tianhu City are recruiting, and the positions of the divine martial arts general in Zhonglang and the general director of the Ye family garrison are vacant."

        The first time I heard this, Han Qianqian couldn't help but smile, the Fu family is really interesting, Zhong Lang Shen Wu General, this is not the position that Fu Tian gave himself before?

        I didn't expect to take it out again so soon to recruit troops.

        "So good?" Han Qianqian laughed.

        "That must be good, however, the competition is also very fierce, people like you better go less to get together." The man said blandly.

        Han Qianqian smiled and shook his head, "I'm not interested in these positions."

        "Count on you to have some self-awareness, although the two Fuye families give excellent treatment, but there are only two positions, so people like you don't even have to think about it."

        "Is that so?" Han Qianqian laughed.

        "That must be, these seats, to sit should also be our Duke Zhang sit, you also go to the Heavenly Lake City? Pretending to ask me what's wrong with Tianhu City, forget it, see that strong man behind you has some skills, or I can take pity on you and take you to see our Duke Zhang?" The man disdainfully swept a glance at Han Qianqian, his face was written with arrogance.

        He saw Han Qianqian as a kind of small person, deliberately looking for topics to approach himself, the purpose is of course to follow his master to mix a meal.

        Fu Mang heard this but a dumbfounded face, but inwardly panicked into a dog, look at me? You are afraid of blind your dog's eyes, fucking the biggest in this is this masked man in front of you? But you prefer to look at my part?

        However, when Fu Mang was speaking, he was stopped by Han Qianqian, who smiled: "Yes."

        That guy swept a glance at Han Qianqian disdainfully: "Okay, then you come with me."

        After saying that, he led Han Qianqian's group of people towards the front plus step.

        In less than ten minutes, a group of people rushed to the front of the large force, the team around the two or three hundred people, including a number of sturdy big man, a fierce and fierce, do not approach the appearance of the living.

        "All right, you guys wait, let little master me go report first, after all, Mr. Zhang is not something that people like you can just see." After saying that, that guy ran incomparably proudly to the crowd in front of him.