His True Colors Chapter 2064

 Fu Mei found a thigh.

        And this thigh is not bad.

        Han Qianqian's former "rival", Ye Wuhuan's son Ye Shijun.

        After Ye Wuhuan's death, Ye Shijun inherited everything his father left behind, and has 100,000 soldiers and horses as well as a lot of wealth in Tianhu City, which makes him a wealthy man.

        The Fu family relies on this tree, naturally happy, Fu Tian even threatened, from now on, the Fu family and the Ye family will be a strong union, re-emerging glory.

        In fact, this move, and indeed some effect, in the Ye family and the old Fu family under the joint, this force to attract many people to join.

        There are even rumors that the top of Blue Mountain is very interested in the Ye Fu alliance and intends to bring it into the sphere of influence.

        In front of the interests, there is no eternal friend, there is no eternal enemy, the top of the Blue Mountains to see Ye Fu has power, natural view is no longer the same.

        Faced with the ever-expanding power of the Eternal Sea and the Pill God Pavilion House, the Top of Blue Mountain certainly wanted to pull in all the powers that looked good to subjugate and resist.

        However, Fu Tian is a cunning old thing, neither rejecting the top of the Blue Mountain nor accepting, turning his head and seemingly and the eternal sea as if, obviously, he is playing the circumlocution card, because, Fu Tian himself still has ambitions.

        In order to achieve his ambition, the Fu family intends to move, moved to the water blue city next to the sky lake city, want to take two sides in an angle, rely on each other.

        But this does not mean peace.

        On the contrary, the dark currents are even more save.

        And the center of the vortex of the dark current is Han Qianqian stayed in the sect "Void Sect".

        The Voidless Sect is located at the junction of the two cities in the mountains, for Ye Fu two, occupy the Voidless Sect, you can completely open up the hub of the two cities, to achieve mutual support.

        And at the same time, stuck in this position, once the two cities support each other, they can present a combined mode, or even slow development, control the entire southeast region.

        And the Pill God Pavilion also coveted the Voidless Sect.

        Because the two Ye Fu families can see such an important location, how can the people of the Pill God Pavilion not see it? Moreover, once they occupy this position, they can also jam the throat of the two Ye Fu families, not only to prevent them from being so powerful, but also to dismantle the heart of the top of Blue Mountain to annex the two Ye Fu families, so that the two Ye Fu families can only choose themselves.

        Therefore, the Voidless Sect now seems calm, in fact, the war seems to be ready to touch.

        Voidless clan recently, is also desperately looking for allies, want to try to survive.

        When Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng returned with these news in the boat made by the alliance and the map drawn by Han Qian Qian according to the route in his head, he was about to report to Han Qian Qian when he suddenly heard a loud explosion violently in the backyard.

        When the crowd rushed to the backyard, only to see the originally good alchemy room is now blown apart, only a frame left standing in place.

        In the middle of the original place, a dark and unattractive man was standing there, holding the lid of the tripod in his hand, dumbly frozen next to the tripod.

        "Shit, Lord, what's wrong with the Lord?"

        "Haha, it can't be that the alchemy gave a blow up, right?"

        "Holy shit, that's too much to die before the master, right?"

        A group of allies all giggled and looked at each other, and then joked, thinking that something had happened, and the ...... result was like this.

        However, they could joke because they had all seen Han Qianqian's ability, and naturally knew that a small potion explosion could not hurt him at all.

        "Ha!" The black shadow opened his mouth, a white smoke came out of his mouth.

        This black shadow, in addition to the always alchemist Han Qianqian, who else could it be?

        "Oops, shame on the individual." Su Yingxia speechlessly rolled his eyes, hurriedly took a towel rushed over and wiped Han Qianqian's face.

        "I told you to go back to the underground palace to refine, but you have to run to the alchemy room with fascination and confidence, now it's done." Su Yingxia is really angry and funny.

        Sometimes the Han three thousand mature and stable incomparable, even cold intention to kill, and sometimes childish to cute.

        Of course, Su Yingxia knew that only in front of herself, Han Qianqian would lean more towards the latter.

        This, Su Yingxia's heart was happy, because only in front of the person he loved, the person would show his childish side.

        "Holy shit." Han Qianqian suddenly cracked his mouth and smiled at Su Yingxia.

        Because the face is too dark, so the teeth are extremely white, a smile, revealing a crescent-shaped.

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

        Poor Su Yingxia a clean clothes instantly dyed black by someone, the whole person is Han Qianqian turn some dizzy head.

        When Han Qianqian stops, Su Yingxia also knows that many people are watching, pouting with a finger pointing at Han Qianqian's forehead: "so many people are watching it, your brain is fried?"

        "I'm done." Han Qianqian stared at his eyes, and the whole person shouted with incomparable excitement.

        "What became ah, oops, husband, put me down, so many people are watching." Su Yingxia was very red-faced and said in a delicate voice.

        "Dan, Dan has become!" Han Qianqian laughed and moved his mind.

        Suddenly, in the Double Dragon Cauldron, a dazzling light shot up to the sky!