His True Colors Chapter 2063

 As soon as the weak water hit the ground, then, it will soon be the same as the previous water, along those gaps directly immersed in the sunken ground.

        Everything, and those springs fell to the ground, almost exactly the same!

        Another soak?

        Two mouths look at each other, can not guess wrong?

        But if this is not the case, what else can it be?

        At this moment, Su Yingxia suddenly excitedly pointed above the ground: "Three thousand, you look!"

        Waiting to look back, the dry ground of the corpse valley, at this time began to rise from the bottom of the source of some flowing water, the innermost layer of the soil also began to slightly moistened.

        Han Qianqian whole person is also ecstatic.

        Originally cracked dry land gradually restored the cracks, the soil also began to become moist because of the timely replenishment of water.

        A few moments later, the dry land disappeared, and in its place, a wet and fertile land.

        "Three thousand, it worked." Su Yingxia was immediately excited like a child, directly hugging Han Qianqian, dancing and jumping.

        Although Nian'er did not know what was going on, she still joined her mother, hugging her father and jumping and shouting, anyway, for children, joy is all that matters.

        "Plant something!"

        After the joy, Han Qianqian put a seed of the Extreme Ice Fire Grass down.

        This thing could only grow among ten thousand years of cold ice, but the growth cycle took almost ten thousand years before it sprouted and ten thousand years before it took root, so the Extreme Cold Fire Grass was quite a valuable material for alchemy.

        Han Qianqian intends to test the water.

        After packing up their things, the two couples took Han Nian in the backyard and then played.

        Time, always in the company of family passes quickly, in the blink of an eye three days have passed.

        In these three days, the alliance disciples have not stopped, in addition to the necessary practice, the rest is male and female weaving.

        The alliance needs to grow, and there are so many people, which means that they always have to go out of the island and into the island, so the boat is necessary. To live on the island, the conditions need to be better, so cleaning and renovation of Immortal Spirit Island is also necessary.

        And Han three thousand in the past three days, every morning will go to the corpse valley to see the extreme ice fire grass sprouted, and then is to take his wife and children to enjoy the "I for you to build a mountain" fun.

        This day early in the morning, when Han Qianqian once again to the corpse valley, the whole person boiling.

        In the corpse valley, a small shoot emerged from the soil.

        This also means that Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia's prediction and judgment were correct!

        Until now, Han Qianqian had finally understood the true value of the corpse valley.

        It could simulate various ecological environments in order to allow various plants to grow under its blessing, and because of this, there were all kinds of seeds in the underground palace.

        When on the seventh day, after Han Qianqian received the fiery red Extreme Ice Fire Grass, Han Qianqian was completely excited.

        On the spot, he took out dozens of cherished varieties, planted them all into the corpse valley, and then obediently waited for them to mature.

        Of course, Han Qianqian didn't stay idle either. During the waiting days, Han Qianqian used this Extreme Ice Fire Grass to start his alchemy journey according to the method recorded in the book, with the Double Dragon Cauldron.

        In order not to make a fool of himself, this period of Han Qianqian are specifically to go to the underground divine palace refining, and use the most low-level refining for experiments.

        After the underground divine palace experienced N explosions, Han Qianqian's first elixir that could at least be seen from the sale was produced.

        Immediately after, the second, the third ......

        Until another seven days had passed, Han Qianqian had completely mastered many of the techniques and methods of alchemy according to what was taught in the book and a lot of tests.

        On the floor of the underground divine palace, there were also quite a few low-grade finished pills laid out.

        "These things, as long as in refining down, later can even batch, which then basically solve most of the disciples' daily use. However, these are not enough."

        The high-ranking pills would not only give everyone more confidence in the alliance, but at the same time, it would also give everyone more impetus if they used it as a reward.

        "It's up to you." Han Qianqian set his eyes on the Extreme Ice Fire Grass.

        However, before refining this, Han Qianqian returned to the corpse valley land and harvested the few extremely high-quality materials he had planted earlier.

        Then, only then did he begin to continue with his next big plan.

        Already have a rich experience of previous failures, Han Qianqian will change the alchemy place in the Immortal Spirit Island special alchemy room, began their own "Hongtu great plan."

        This toss, is a full month.

        During this month, the eight worlds underwent great turmoil and change.

        The Pill God Pavilion's strange defeat in Qinglong City made the developing Pill God Pavilion very angry and disgraceful, and after the execution of Master Fu, the "culprit", the Pill God Pavilion decided to wash away the shame in its own way.

        In just one month, the Pill God Pavilion south recruiting north expansion, the refusal to comply with the more direct attack, many sects were directly exterminated to kill the chicken to make an example of monkeys, a time, many sects heard the Pill God Pavilion and pale.

        But the Pill God Pavilion is obviously not satisfied with this.

        And the Fu family, also ushered in the "spring" moment.