His True Colors Chapter 2062

 Han Qianqian looked at the dry clearing in front of him, which was almost completely cracked.

        Because of the extreme lack of water, the cracked gap is almost as wide as two fingers.

        Han three thousand head are big, but also no nonsense, pick up the bucket will directly pick water.

        But nearly an hour or so, Han Qianqian's physical strength and endurance, at least pick back dozens of buckets of water irrigation in the ground, but when Han Qianqian looked at the ground, the whole person speechless to the extreme.

        The ground is still dry and unchanged!

        "Strange heck, this miscellaneous thing? This ground has been dry for too long? Too much need for water?" Han Qianqian rubbed his head, depressed very much.

        However, Han Qianqian decided to change his approach.

        After all, if the drought was too long and there was too much water shortage, a few buckets of water or even dozens of buckets would not solve the problem; irrigation was necessary to make the drought stop.

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian found a lake behind the island, and then used the spell lazy, directly the water in the lake through the energy belt, as into the gully, flowed into the distant corpse valley land.

        Han Qianqian energy used quite a lot, the water flowed extremely fast, but an hour later, let Han Qianqian incomparable dumbfounded thing happened.

        All the water inside the lake was transported to the corpse valley by Han Qianqian, and the whole lake even bottomed out because there was no water, but the corpse valley side, but it was exactly the same as it had never been filled before.

        Still cracked and extremely dry!

        This is hell, a lake is sucked dry, but it is still dry as hell? Is it that exaggerated?

        "Is this land that water-starved?" Han Qianqian couldn't help but scratch his head in wonder and ask.

        Su Yingxia also felt that something was not right, in a way, the field is short of water, but not so short as this. To know the lake is at least ten times the area of this land, or even more times, but so much water irrigation down, even if the corpse valley land did not completely solve the dry, but also not to reflect at all.

        "It has also been decades since the death of the master, there has been no one to take care of it, so will there be a real shortage, or, to find some more water?" Su Yingxia said.

        Thinking about what Su Yingxia said also makes sense, Han Qianqian no longer think more, the whole person flew to mid-air, bird's eye view of the nearby water sources.

        Finally, he placed his eyes on the only water source a few hundred meters away from the corpse valley.

        There is still a lake, but it is at least four times larger than the previous lake, so even if it is the only one, but irrigated by the lake here, there will certainly be no problem.

        Think and do, Han Qianqian this time directly nonchalant, using all the energy, directly moved the entire lake of water all to the field.

        In the air, a huge ball of water, just slowly lifted from the lake, and then boom landed in the corpse valley.

        The name of nature's mover, Han Qianqian is not to be denied!

        With the water falling straight into the corpse valley, Han Qianqian helplessly joked at Su Yingxia: "This is already the only water source around here, if this water rat can't get enough, then we can only use the weak water over there to water it."

        Su Yingxia helplessly bitter smile: "What? Are you going to destroy it if you can't get it?"

        Weak water will melt away even the stones, let alone the soil in the small field, this weak water, it is estimated that the corpse valley is gone.

        But just as Su Yingxia's words fell, the other two wide-eyed thing happened.

        The sky is full of water, but in the fall into the corpse valley, just a bubble will all disappear in the dry ground, not even what is left.

        And that a bubble, in the eyes of Han three thousand, more fucking like a mockery.

        In his head until now, there is still that water running boing sound!

        "This nigga's!" Han Qianqian felt a hot pain in his face, can not really force himself to use weak water to die with it?

        "How can this be?" Su Yingxia also frowned.

        Obviously, to this point now, it is long past the problem of long drought and lack of water, but there is a weird problem in this corpse valley land.

        Because by now, the two lakes of water have gone down, not to say that this corpse valley ground can be wet, but at least it is not as it is now, not the slightest change, even the surface of the water directly showered by the place is still rubbing hands into ash.

        "How about, three thousand, try the weak water?" Su Yingxia suddenly looked at Han Qianqian said.

        Han Qianqian froze: "You really want me to take revenge?"

        "Do you still remember the murals?" Su Yingxia said.

        Speaking of the murals, Han Qianqian carefully thought back, and seemed to understand that Su Yingxia's words were not a joke, the water on the murals at the time the two people looked at, both felt unusually strange.

        Only, at that time, the two people said it was not clear why the water on the mural was strange.

        Now think about it, perhaps, those strange water, there is another reference.

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian ran directly to the weak water spring, but after several attempts, there is no way to take out the weak water.

        With the ordinary apparatus is naturally not, with energy, those energy on the weak water, but also like a punch on cotton, not the slightest effect.

        "Three thousand, I heard that the weak water is not stored in the three realms, not within the five elements, so our ordinary realm of spells, it is difficult to have any effect on it." Su Yingxia said at this point.

        Not in the three realms, outside the five elements?

        "But since it exists on Immortal Spirit Island, this means that the people of Immortal Spirit Island have a way to move it." Han Qianqian frowned and said.

        Su Yingxia agreed with Han Qianqian, but what method did the people of Immortal Spirit Island use to move this water?!

        Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia immediately fell into contemplation, and a moment later, the two looked at each other in amazement, and their gazes were tacitly locked on the Immortal Spirit Divine Ring in Han Qianqian's hand.

        "Try it?" Han Qianqian looked at Su Yingxia and said in a soft voice.

        Su Yingxia frowned and nodded.

        Han Qianqian directly a energy into the Immortal Spirit divine ring, immediately, the Immortal Spirit divine ring ring in the red mass then suddenly a twist, and then from the ring out of the time, is already a red light.

        The mind is united!

        Han Qianqian fiercely stable mind, directly control the red light, and then red light to reach out to the weak water in the valley.

        With the red light gradually rise, those weak water at this time has also undergone a stunning change.

        The red light wrapped the weak water slowly, and with Han Qianqian's intention, it rose directly to mid-air!

        "It worked?" Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian with delight, her eyes full of admiration.

        The serious Han Qianqian, is too handsome!

        Han Qianqian was also not talking nonsense and seriously controlled the weak water, then sent it all the way to the corpse valley.

        With the withdrawal of the red light, a splash of weak water straight shower corpse valley ground.

        The two mouths do not even blink, staring dead at the corpse valley, waiting for it will be what kind of reflection!

        And at this time, the splash of weak water, but also finally with the corpse valley dry ground formal contact!