His True Colors Chapter 2055

 "The Heavenly Locust Pixie is the overlord of the Land of Extreme Cold, and in its full form it is even a Purple Gold level Saint Beast, what did you expect." Su Yingxia hurriedly said.

        Purple gold?!

        Back then, in the Voidless Sect, just the red beast had caused Han Qianqian to suffer a lot, but now he had met a purple-gold beast directly, so he didn't know whether it was good or bad luck!


        Another roar, and the Heavenly Lu Pixie attacked again.

        "Boss, run, this guy is in the middle of a rage, he is very vicious, we four brothers will take over."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, the four dragons roared through the sky and took off again directly from the water to fight the Heavenly Lu Pixie.

        "Damn it, there is no such thing as a junior brother fighting for his life while the boss runs away, besides, I have no intention of running away!" Han Qianqian was also enraged, holding Su Yingxia in his left hand, and wrapping the Moon Wheel in his right hand, wrapping it around his sword, he pushed it away with one palm, and the jade sword transformed into a long arrow and ran at the four dragons trapped in the Heavenly Lu Pixie.


        The huge inertia instantly sent his huge body flying backwards several meters, but only to see it shake its wings, the jade sword immediately flew back to Han Qianqian's hand, and the place where it was stabbed, surprisingly, was only a faint wound.


        Han Qianqian couldn't help but sigh, although the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel wasn't combined together and wasn't extremely powerful, the single force was still very fierce, but this creature took such a blow and nothing actually happened!

        It was indeed a Violet Gold level Qi Beast.

        If one had such a strange beast fighting alongside one another, it was indeed like a tiger adding wings to a tiger. It was no wonder that the people of the Eight Directions World treated divine weapons and strange beasts as essential items.

        Just as Han Qianqian was sighing, the pain-stricken Heavenly Locust Pixie had already exploded into fury, violently shaking all four surrounding dragons apart, followed by a thunderous blast of attack.

        "Nimrod!" Han Qianqian let out a depressed low cry, hugging Su Yingxia, and with a movement in his hand, his jade sword in hand, he charged straight ahead.

        Bang, bang, bang!

        A man and a beast suddenly exchanged blows, and the calm surface of the sea exploded in all directions.

        For a moment, heavenly thunder fought earthly fire.

        Although Han Qianqian did not want to seriously injure Tianlu Pixiu, but Tianlu Pixiu's killing intent was bound to appear, and because he wanted to protect Su Yingxia, Han Qianqian not only did not use a huge lethal attack, but also kept his hands back everywhere, which doomed Han Qianqian to start losing.

        When he was not paying attention, the Heavenly Lu Pixie slapped Han Qianqian's body with a feathered wing.

        Han Qianqian felt as if he had been hit by a mountain, his brain felt shaken and his body flew straight backwards.

        The little Heavenly Lu Pixie quickly caught Han Qianqian, allowing him to recover.

        "Little thing, as you can see, it's not that I won't let you, but your father or your mother is too cruel." With a bitter smile, Han Qianqian moved his hand and directly intended to summon the Pan Gu Axe!

        But at that moment, countless pillars of water suddenly rose up from the sea, disrupting the battle and then converging together to form a water dragon that ran directly towards the Heavenly Lu Pixie.

        The water dragon was scattered with a fierce claw, but the water dragon turned into countless waves and stuck directly to the Heavenly Luo Pixiu.

        Immediately afterwards, hundreds more water circles suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea, and a blue figure weaved rapidly and infinitely in the middle of the water circles.

        "Hades Rain?!" Su Yingxia froze.

        Each to water circle was like a rotating mirror after being passed by the blue light, and in just a moment, all the hundreds of water circles turned, and the calm sea also seemed to be attracted by the water circles, and the waves moved loudly, and the waves surged.


        A nice soft drink, the blue figure of Hei Yu suddenly now the most central, a drop of seawater in his hand gently point, hundreds of rotating water circles suddenly face straight towards the sky in the sky Lu Pixi.


        When the sunlight shone on the water circle, the water circle also instantly refracted it out, and when hundreds of rays of light intersected, the Heavenly Lu Pixie in mid-air was illuminated by the light to appear completely white.

        "Hei Yu, it's really you!" Su Yingxia finally couldn't help but say in surprise when she saw Hei Yu's figure standing still.

        Hades Rain smiled gently, her feet did not move, but the sea automatically carried her to the front of both Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia: "I really did not expect that we would meet here again."

        "By the way, Meditation Rain, how come you are here?" Su Yingxia said in surprise.

        "I am a sea maiden, I should be the one to ask you guys how you came to be here, right?" Hei Yu laughed.

        This could make Su Yingxia a little embarrassed, and looking at Han Qianqian, she said, "We, we are here to help the fishermen find someone."

        "Someone has been attacked by this beast again?" Hei Yu froze.

        "By the way, it ......" Han Qianqian looked at the Heavenly Locus Pixie surrounded by white light in mid-air.

        "It's just a God Trapping Technique, it won't last long, this beast is too fierce and I can't do anything about it." Hei Yu said.

        Then, in her hand was another water circle in the air, followed by a giant turtle swimming out of the water circle when it landed on the surface of the sea, revealing its huge shell.

        "It can give you a ride." Hei Yu finished in a soft voice and looked at the old turtle, saying in a cold voice, "Old turtle, these are my friends, give them a ride and take them to find someone."

        "Yes!" The old turtle grunted softly in the water.

        "I'll go and lure this monster away." After saying that, Hei Yu's feet did not move, but the surrounding seawater suddenly surged and moved, carrying Hei Yu quickly towards the distance.

        And hundreds of circles of light, shooting white light like a rope, dragged the Heavenly Lu Pixie, following behind Hades Yu, far away.

        Looking at the distant back, the old turtle suddenly spoke out at this time, "Oh, why did you lie to her?"