His True Colors Chapter 2054


        Almost at that moment, the green stripe on Han Qianqian's arm suddenly flashed, and the Heavenly Lu Pixie fiercely flew out of Han Qianqian's arm, transforming into a solid body and roaring to the sky!


        Almost at the same time, a huge wave of fear hit the water!

        Immediately afterwards, a huge figure leapt out of the sea.

        Waves splashed everywhere!


        A roar that spread the sea to the sky rang out violently.

        When the waves receded, a huge beast was in mid-air, majestic and uncompromising.

        Its body was purple and green, with golden wings on its back, its body resembling a qilin and its head like a lion!

        "A Heavenly Lu Pixiu?" Han Qianqian couldn't help but stare.

        If Han Qianqian's Tianlu Pixiu was the size of a short-legged horse, it was a huge mountain.

        Its body was so big that it blocked even the sunlight!

        "No wonder the villagers said that this thing was as fast as lightning and fierce, so it was this guy that existed." Han Qianqian couldn't help but say.

        "Wait, the Heavenly Locust Pixie grows in the land of extreme cold, how could it run to the western sea?" Su Yingxia couldn't help but frown.

        Without waiting for Han Qianqian's answer, the huge Heavenly Lu Pixie had already turned into lightning and pounced directly towards Han Qianqian.

        Even though Han Qianqian's Heavenly Lu Pixie was small, it was already fast, and this huge Heavenly Lu Pixie was even faster. Even though Han Qianqian was quick enough to react, when the big Heavenly Lu Pixie came in with a bang, his whole body was almost cut by its sharp claws.

        The boat on the shore was also reduced to pieces in a matter of moments.


        Almost at that moment, there were suddenly four water ripples all around, and with four loud roars, four dragon shadows lunged violently towards the distance, directly against the Heavenly Lu Pixie!

        It was the four dragons that had been following from afar to guard Han Qianqian!

        On Han Qianqian's orders, the four dragons had always followed him slowly, hiding in the surrounding mountains, and if there were people around, they would not normally show themselves without Han Qianqian's orders. But today was different. The four dragons felt the powerful beast's breath beside Han Qianqian, and after confirming that no one was around, and that they were on the water, they showed themselves!


        Faced with the four dragons stalking him, the Heavenly Lu Pixie roared in anger and pounced straight on him.

        One beast against four dragons!

        The four dragons were invincible, but the four claws of the Heavenly Lu Pixiu were as sharp as swords, and with their long wings, they were incredibly fast.

        Immediately afterwards, the Heavenly Lu Pixiu turned around and attacked directly towards Han Qianqian.

        Just as the big Heavenly Lu Pixie was fiercely close to Han Qianqian, only a childish roar could be heard as the little Heavenly Lu Pixie suddenly crossed in front of Han Qianqian.

        "Ow !!!!"

        Although the Little Heavenly Luo Pixiu is very different from the Big Heavenly Luo Pixiu in both size and strength, especially this roar, the Little Heavenly Luo Pixiu did not even emit energy, but the imposing Big Heavenly Luo Pixiu suddenly stopped hard.

        The next thing that happened was that the Great Heavenly Luo Pixiu completely gave up attacking, and the fierce light in its eyes completely dispersed, revealing the slightest hint of charity and vigilance, slowly bringing its body to the body of the Little Heavenly Luo Pixiu and sniffing it.

        "This little Heavenly Lu Pixie can't be its son, right?" Su Yingxia saw this scene and could not help but whisper.

        "I don't know, when I bought it, it was still just an egg. Moreover, I still bought it in Dew Water City." Han Qianqian was also a bit unsure.

        "Ow !!!!!"


        As the two Heavenly Lu Pixies roared at the same time, Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia also laughed helplessly and bitterly in sync, "It's over!"

        They had really met father and son, or mother and son!

        "The little Heavenly Lu Pixie is your pet, so it looks like we've passed this hurdle." Su Yingxia shook her head and laughed bitterly.

        "I don't think so." Han Qianqian was even more bitter.

        Su Yingxia's thoughts were also Han Qianqian's thoughts, but after seeing the expression on the Great Heavenly Lu Pixie's face, he felt that the idea was impractical.

        "Ow !!!!"

        The Great Heavenly Lu Pixie roared at Han Qianqian, obviously treating Han Qianqian as the "sinner" who had taken his child!

        The big Heavenly Lu Pixiu then ignored the roar of the little Heavenly Lu Pixiu and charged fiercely at Han Qianqian.

        If he was alone, although the Heavenly Lu Pixie was fast enough, his own Tai Xu Divine Steps were not weak at all, so if he had to fight, Han Qianqian was really not afraid.

        But because Su Yingxia was there, Han Qianqian was unable to use the Tai Xu Divine Step.

        Or rather, there was little point in doing so.

        But Han Qianqian didn't want to hurt the Heavenly Lu Pixie, after all, it was his pet's father or mother.

        With an explosion, the Heavenly Lu Pixie was violently shaken away by several metres, but Han Qianqian was also shocked to find that not only was his energy shield shattered, but even his Immortal Xuan Armour was slightly scratched by its sharp claws at this moment.

        "This thing is so fierce?" Han Qianqian looked at the cracks in his armour and couldn't help but say with some slight surprise.