His True Colors Chapter 2049

 Hei Yu gently took a step forward and asked tentatively, "Xing Yao, do you still remember me? I stayed in your house yesterday, my name is Hei Yu."

        "Don't be afraid, these are the ones who came with me to save you, as you can see, the person who bullied you just now, he has helped you to take revenge."

        In the darkness, the corner of the shivering girl's head woodenly shake slightly, seems to want to see clearly from the hair slit Ming meditation Yu, and so clearly after looking at meditation Yu, she then suddenly had a reflection, although the body is still scared curled up together, but happened to cry out in pain.

        Meditation Yu hurriedly ran into the cell, gently embraced the girl into his arms, gently patting her shoulders with his hands, comforting her.

        Han Qianqian pulled Su Yingxia three women, got up and left, this time to let them be quiet, is the best choice.

        Not a few steps, Han Qianqian subconsciously back to the head, but suddenly skimmed to see buried in the meditation Yu shoulder crying Star Yao, as if through the gap between the hair has been staring at him closely, and the corners of her mouth seems to hang the slightest very strange smile.

        But the light is too dark, plus her hair is scattered, Han Qianqian see is not clear, people have been that dog father and son into that, and how will smile out? Shaking his head, Han Qianqian went out.

        Waiting for about twenty minutes at the wellhead, just when the four wanted to go down to see if something had happened, Hei Yu came up with the girl Xing Yao.

        Hei Yu intentionally combed Starryao's hair, took off his jacket and put it on her, and also washed her face, so that Starryao was not only much more normal, but even, could let people see her original face.

        The starry eyebrows, small mouth and thin lips, quite British and soft, even without dressing up, in facial value is definitely a big beauty, not inferior to Qiushui and Shiyi.

        However, her hands and feet were bound with water chains from behind by Hei Yu.

        Han Qianqian wondered, "Miss Meditation Rain, what's going on?"

        "Ai." Hei Yu sighed helplessly, looked at Xing Yao, and said with divine sadness, "I was also forced to do nothing, this child was really hit too hard and was bent on seeking death. Therefore, for the sake of her life's safety, I can only confine her."

        Hearing Hei Yu's words, tears rolled down in Xing Yao's eyes again, "Hei Yu, I beg you, please let me die? I don't want to live in this world anymore, I'm dirty, I'm dirty!"

        Su Yingxia three women also let out a long sigh.

        For a woman, chastity is sometimes even more important than her own life, being so insulted, it is too normal to want to seek death.

        "How can you die? Your father is still waiting for you at home." Han Qianqian advised. "The previous ones are just a nightmare, you are still young, there is plenty of future."

        As soon as Han Qianqian's words fell, Xing Yao cried even more, and Hei Yu also hung his head slightly.

        "After Xing Yao disappeared, I came out to look for her, but after searching in vain back to find that his father had been killed, the gang should be trying to kill to silence, I also followed to track the gang of killers to find out here." Hei Yu lowered his head and looked at Han Qianqian said.

        "My father is dead, I am also a dirty person, there is no place for me in this world anymore, Hei Yu, please kill me, let me reunite with my father, okay?" Xing Yao cried miserably.

        Han Qianqian realized that he seemed to have mentioned something he shouldn't and felt a little guilty.

        Hei Yu looked at Xing Yao worriedly.

        Then, she gritted her teeth and said, "How about this, you come back to the Heavenly Sea Palace with me, is that okay?"

        Hearing these words, Starry Yao finally nodded her head in resignation.

        "But legend has it that a sea maiden cannot bring any woman back to the Heavenly Sea Palace Queens, otherwise, she will become a sea demoness." Su Yingxia frowned and said.

        "This is not a legend, but true." Hei Yu nodded gently and smiled bitterly at Su Yingxia.

        "Ah? Then wouldn't you be miserable ...... alliance master, how about we take Xing Yao with us?" ShiYu at this point begged to Han QianQian.

        "We?" Han Qianqian was stunned!

        "Yes, you are taking people anyway, and our palace master can teach her cultivation ah, no one will dare to bully her in the future, moreover, the sisters and sisters up and down Baguio Palace can also protect her and love her." Qiu Shui also followed.

        Han Qianqian was a bit embarrassed and touched her head, and was about to speak when Su Yingxia also looked at Xing Yao pitifully and said, "I think they have a point, besides, I am now an alliance master's wife, can you just send a maid to me?"

        Seeing that Su Yingxia had opened her mouth, Han Qianqian naturally did not have any reason to refuse, and looked at Xing Yao: "Girl, are you willing?"

        Xing Yao did not say yes, instead, she looked at Hei Yu blearily, and Hei Yu did not answer, but kept looking at Han Qianqian, seemingly considering Han Qianqian's person.

        "This girl, just rest assured, our alliance master is a decent gentleman, and our Baguio Palace has now joined his alliance."

        "Yes, girl, our alliance master is a great mysterious man, you can't trust us, but you should also trust the name, right?" Qiu Shui and Shi Yan said happily.

        "You are a mysterious person?" Heiyu frowned slightly.

        Han Qianqian was a bit helpless at these two girls' quick mouths, but at this point, he could only nod: "That's right!"