His True Colors Chapter 2047

 Han Qianqian frowned slightly, and at this time, Master Zhang suddenly also stopped, but there was a hint of blood red in his eyes.

        "Haha, hahahahaha!" He suddenly laughed hideously and incomparably, with an unusually wild laugh.

        Returning to the yin like a god, like the sea like a tide, the gods of heaven bless me and take a blood oath to be reborn!

        After Master Zhang finished chanting a sentence grotesquely, in the next second, a finger was pointed above his forehead, and a mouthful of blood suddenly spurted out of his mouth.

        "Not good, he's going to explode himself!" Han Qianqian coldly shouted, in the hands of an energy fierce transport, forcing up a wall of energy to block in front, to protect the three women.

        "Heavenly gods bless me, heavenly gods bless me ah." Master Zhang shouted hideously.


        With his body exploding violently, blood was in all directions!

        The tremendous impact caused all the furniture in the whole house to turn into pieces, and the soldier and the maid, too, were blown to death in place, their eyes wide open before they died, filled with fear and resignation.

        Withdrawing the energy shield, Han Qianqian shook his head helplessly.

        "Is this guy crazy? Doesn't even want to live?" Su Yingxia frowned and said.

        "I guess he's been brainwashed." Qiushui said.

        Han Qianqian smiled bitterly: "It's good to die, at least the way he died like this makes me more sure of my suspicion in my heart that this is not simple."

        If it was just a simple sale of people, this guy should not be guilty of taking his life so decisively for that matter.

        After all, that is just to make money, money and life compared to, but it is just an external thing, which with such an extreme!

        "Perhaps, there are some ulterior motives hidden behind this." Han three thousand said.

        And at this time the meditation rain.

        Already led by Zhang Xiangbei came to the Zhang family's heavenly prison.

        The Zhang family's heavenly prison is newly built, but the scale is very large, the cell is built underground, the entrance is unusually hidden, it is hidden in the middle part of a water well.

        If Zhang Xiangbei did not personally lead the way, I'm afraid that even if Hei Yu thought out of his head would not think that the entrance would be in such a place.

        From the water well half a person high pit lateral entry to go inside about three fans, can be down the stairs, into the eyes is a wide underground space.

        All around are cells, in four rows.

        As soon as he saw Hei Yu pulling Zhang Xiangbei up, the cell soon came the cries for help from many women!

        "You beast!" Seeing those women locked in the cells, each one miserable, Hei Yu was enraged and slapped a palm directly on Zhang Xiangbei's back.

        Zhang Xiangbei was instantly knocked to the ground, struggling to roll over and looking at Hei Yu in fear: "It's not my business, it's not my business."

        Hei Yu glared at him in annoyance, hands gently condensing the air to draw a circle, countless waves will move with the hand, the jade hand gently swing, the waves broke into thousands of thousands, towards the surrounding cells, as if consciousness to fly.

        When the waves gently touched the iron lock on the cell door, the iron lock immediately clicked and opened directly.

        Those imprisoned women have pushed open the cell door and ran out of the cell.

        "All go out." Hei Yu's hand is another drawing, a water-formed qilin Ling and out: "Follow it, you can safely leave here."

        A group of women nodded gratefully, each of them slightly bowed to her, and then followed the water qilin towards the hole of the water well.

        Hei Yu stood in place, watched them leave one by one, and counted the number of people.

        "Forty-three ......"

        After all of them left, Hei Yu muttered a sentence under his breath, then, his gaze slightly raised, worriedly looked at the inner cell.

        The innermost corner of a cell, although the light is dark some can not see clearly, but Hei Yu still found the corner of the white clothes that reveal the silk.

        Condensed air and a water circle, directly Zhang Xiangbei covered in it, Zhang Xiangbei completely immobilized, Hei Yu only then quickly walked towards the corner of the cell.

        When he came to the corner of the cell, Hei Yu but froze in place.

        The scene in front of you can only be described as incomparably miserable, the hay on the ground was trampled on the messy scattered, some places and even some spots of blood, a young woman unkempt shrink on the corner, shivering, long hair as weeds on the ground, a messy pile on the head.

        Through the gap between the hair, see is that beautiful beautiful eyes, but at this time it is completely occupied by fear and panic and pale and godless.

        Hei Yu froze in place, tears faintly in the eyes.

        At this time, the sound of footsteps slightly up, Han three thousand with three women, outside the courtyard after seeing the water qilin and the gang of fleeing girls, also followed the direction to find into the dungeon, see Hei Yu froze standing in front of the cell, then slowly walk over.

        Just, when Han three thousand people came over, that girl pale and godless eyes suddenly fear plus fear, the body can not help but shrink hug tighter, and tremble more powerful.

        "She seems to be very afraid of you?" Su Yingxia gently reminded Han Qianqian a sentence, then, blocked Han Qianqian behind himself, trying to calm the girl's emotions.

        Han Qianqian nodded noncommittally.


        Hei Yu teeth clenched, a trace of hatred rose in the teary eyes, loudly a drink, a movement in the hands, far Zhang Xiangbei eyes flashed with panic, the next second the whole person together with the body of the water circle directly flew to Hei Yu's front.


        The whole person wrapped in the water circle smashed heavily on the ground, a series of several circles before stopping.

        Too late to cry out in pain, Zhang Xiangbei hurried to take advantage of the broken water circle, a buttocks crawled up, hastily glanced at the woman in the prison, kneeling on the ground kowtowing to beg for mercy: "Fairy, it's not my business, it's my father ...... is my father that beast did ah."

        "Is it just him?" Hei Yu coldly looked at Zhang Xiangbei.

        Zhang Xiangbei desperately shook his head, but his eyes deliberately evaded Hades Yu's cold direct gaze.

        This woman called Xing Yao, although a village girl peasant woman, but is not only the most well-behaved and beautiful-looking of these forty-four women, but also the most beautiful girl that the Zhang family father and son have encountered over the years, and how can they escape the clutches of this father and son?

        But, Heiyu and Han Qianqian are here, in order to save his life, Zhang Xiangbei and how dare he admit it!

        "Singing Yao is a kind-hearted and dignified girl, although she comes from a lowly background, she will surely find a good husband and marry a good son and live a good life. With a cold voice, Hei Yu pinched his finger and flicked it, a small water ball flew straight towards Zhang Xiangbei's head.

        "Wait a minute!" At this moment, Han Qianqian suddenly spoke out.

        But the water ball has flown to halfway, but see at this time the meditation rain suddenly wrist a turn, the water ball actually instantly turned into water, evaporated away!

        "Grandpa, grandpa." Seeing Han Qianqian, Zhang Xiangbei squeezed a smile that was worse than crying, as if he saw the straw that saved his life.