His True Colors Chapter 2046

 By the time Han Qianqian's body had stabilised, there were corpses piled up all over the large mansion!

        The old man in plain clothes looked at the situation in front of him with horror, a good mansion had become a veritable purgatory in an instant.

        The corpses were like mountains, the blood was like rivers, and there were woes everywhere!

        "Who the hell are you ...... and why did you slaughter my Zhang Mansion in blood?"

        "Mysterious man!" Han Qianqian said quietly.

        "Mysterious man? You're still selling a story at this point?" The old man drank slightly, but in the next second, he suddenly froze in place, "Wait, are you saying that you're ...... the mysterious man who called himself Mysterious Man with a mask at Baguio Palace yesterday?"

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        The vegetarian old man's entire face was instantly completely white, that masked man who had killed so many people, had ...... actually killed his way to the Zhang Mansion?!

        "Go ...... quickly and inform the master!" The old man in plain clothes gushed at a soldier beside him who was still alive and gulped softly.


        After receiving the order, the soldier glanced timidly at Han Qianqian, and then ran towards the front hall as if he was fleeing.

        In the front hall, Master Zhang had just finished putting on his pyjamas after being served by his maids. Two minutes ago, he suddenly heard noises in the backyard, as if someone was attacking.

        He was just about to go and have a look when suddenly the door of the room broke wide open and a soldier rushed in covered in blood: "Master, no ...... no, it's not good."

        A body of blood frightened the servant girl Huarong lost colour, Master Zhang suddenly displeased, angrily bellowed: "What panic?"

        "Master, someone ...... someone has killed in, you ......" the soldier panted, after he got the order from the housekeeper, he came running desperately and furiously, now he was tired and out of breath.

        "Someone has come up to the Zhang House to cause trouble, I am aware of it, the soldiers in the back hall are not on guard there!" Master Zhang said, there are eight hundred soldiers in the backyard alone, who can easily break in ah.

        "Dead ...... dead." The soldier panted.

        "Dead? Then let the front hall go over to support." Master Zhang continued, there were sixteen hundred soldiers in the front hall and they were elite.

        "Also dead ......," the soldier was crying with anxiety.

        "What!" Master Zhang froze!

        "The tube ...... steward just asked me to inform you to run away quickly, it ...... is the masked men who have killed." The soldier finally rested enough and shouted out in a desperate manner.

        As soon as he heard this, Master Zhang almost stumbled and fell to the ground out of fear, and when he slowed down, he kicked away the soldier in front of him and hurriedly ran towards the outside of the house.

        But just as he reached the door, Master Zhang's figure stopped and took a step backwards.

        "Where to?" Above the doorway, Han Qianqian's figure stood there, wearing a mask but like a ghostly mockery, reflected deeply above Master Zhang's eyes.

        Han Qianqian slowly walked in with the three women.

        The soldier also fell to the ground, wanting to run but finding that his feet would not listen to him, and the servant girl was trembling and did not dare to move.

        "Don't kill me, don't kill me, young warrior spare my life, at most, at most I'll give you money, as much as you want, I'll give you as much as you want, okay?" Master Zhang was afraid and said with a shiver.

        "Are you begging me?" Han Qianqian sneered.

        "Yes, yes, I'm begging you, how about I kneel down for you?" Although Master Zhang had some cultivation, he knew he could not resist at all in the face of the masked man who had frightened people.

        Although he and most people in the city felt that the masked man on Baguio Palace was most likely posing as a mystic, the power of this masked man was just as unafraid.

        Even if, those were legends, the fact that over 2,000 of his own soldiers did not even last a few minutes was the best proof.

        Without giving it much thought, Master Zhang knelt directly in front of Han Qianqian.

        "When you violated those girls, they knelt down and begged you, and did you spare them?" Han Qianqian's voice was faint, but it was unusually cold, chilling the backbones of everyone present.

        Master Zhang's body trembled, how could he not understand these words of Han Qianqian?!

        "Young warrior, I ...... don't know what you're talking about." Master Zhang barely managed to squeeze out an ugly smile trying to cover it up, all these things he had done were extremely hidden, how could they be discovered?! So, he carried the slightest hint of luck.

        "Still pretending to be confused? Your son has said everything."

        Upon hearing this, Master Zhang's face was ashen!

        "I ...... was forced to do it, warrior, spare me, I didn't want to either." After Master Zhang finished speaking, he hurriedly and fiercely kowtowed his head.

        Han Qianqian smiled coldly: "Then who forced you? If you tell me, I might consider letting you off the hook."

        Upon hearing this, Master Zhang froze, hesitating for a moment, he suddenly shook his head, "No ......, no, don't, don't force me, I ...... I won't say anything, if I do, I I ...... I will ......"

        The words fell, Master Zhang was terrified a buttocks soft on the ground, the whole person as hit the ghost, very leg hands staring at random.