His True Colors Chapter 2043

 By now it was nightfall. Although it is still early, the surroundings are completely different.

        The cold wind was sluggish and the empty silence was silent.

        On the ground, leaves and dust were swept up by the cold wind and fluttered around, adding a touch of desolation to an already somewhat chilly night.

        "Come out." Han Qianqian smiled faintly and said aloud.

        As soon as the words fell, the surroundings seemed more peaceful, but in the next second, there were suddenly faint footsteps in the midst of the darkness, and several black shadows flashed past violently and quickly.

        Shiyue and Qiushui instantly drew their swords and were on guard.

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and shielded Su Yingxia, his face not the least bit panicked.

        "Just come out, you think I'm still afraid of you?" A cold cry of disdain came out.

        Then, nine people quickly burst out of the alleyway in front of them.

        When they saw these nine people, the three women were clearly shocked and angry at the same time.

        It was because it was none other than Zhang Xiangbei and his eight men.

        "What? You didn't have fun posing as a masked man and now you want to come as a dog?" Han Qianqian laughed coldly.

        "What do you mean?" Zhang Xiangbei was stunned.

        "Young master, he mocked you for being a good dog." The bald old man whispered quietly.

        "Fuck you." Seeing that he had been connoted by Han Qianqian, Zhang Xiangbe was so angry that he exploded, and with cold eyes, he bellowed, "You dare to call Laozi a dog? Later I'll beat you into a dog!"

        "Just by you?" Han Qianqian said.


        With two slaps, a group of thugs jumped out from the eight sides of the ground and surrounded Han Qianqian's group, there were quite a few of them, 70 to 80 people.

        "That's quite a lot of people, you really think highly of me." Han Qianqian said disdainfully.

        When facing 10,000 people, or even 50,000 people, Han Qianqian wouldn't even blink, so how could Han Qianqian put a mere 70 or 80 people in his eyes?

        To some extent, it was not only not intimidating, but also a joke.

        "Humph, you think you trash, do I need to use so many people? I can kill you with just one finger, just for the sake of the three supreme beauties." Zhang Xiangbei gave a smile.

        Then, looking at Su Yingxia and the other three, he said, "Three beauties, you have seen my strength, Zhang Xiangbei, at the auction, according to me, you should obey me, and enjoy all the glory and wealth, why follow this kind of trash who impersonates others?"

        "You are the one who is a waste." Su Yingxia could not bear it anymore and angrily scolded.

        She already kind of didn't want to cause trouble and had been advising Han Qianqian, but this person didn't know what was good for him, so it was fine to be in the auction house, but what turned out to be worse was to come directly to block people, there was simply no end to it.

        "Fuck, bitch, I was kind enough to save you, but you don't know what's good for you. If you don't get laid a few more times, you won't know the viciousness of this society! Do it! The women stay, the men kill!"


        The men led the order and attacked Han Qianqian straight away.

        "Honey, he scolded me, what are you going to do?" Su Yingxia was also furious.

        "Die!" Su Yingxia was someone Han Qianqian couldn't even afford to get angry with, these bitches had already given them a chance, but they didn't know how to cherish it.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian suddenly disappeared.

        The next second!

        Bang, bang, bang!

        A series of bang!

        A group of people who rushed towards Han Qianqian were smashed in all directions in response to the sound, and were killed in seconds before they could even cry out in pain! In the next second, the black shadow attacked Zhang Xiangbei.

        Zhang Xiangbei, who was so proud of himself, jumped!

        What the hell is this?

        "What are you waiting for? Let's go." Zhang Xiangbei shouted with some fear.

        The bald-headed old man didn't say anything and led seven big men to charge directly at Han Qianqian.

        The seven men were like giant bulls, and the ground cracked under their feet, and the rumbling sound was like an earthquake.

        Only, the seven huge men, who looked so majestic, lasted less than, one second!


        The black shadow killed the centre of the seven men, and there was a sudden flash of red and blue light on the shadow.

        Once the black shadow passed, Han Qianqian was already standing behind them, and the seven figures immediately stood still, motionless.

        The seven big men looked as normal, as if time had just suddenly stopped.

        But in the next second ......


        Like seven small mountains, the seven men's bodies showed several cuts before they stepped down with a bang!

        The seven men, strong as oxen, were only left with countless pieces of flesh scattered on the ground in an instant.

        Seeing this scene, the smugness on Zhang Xiangbei's face had long since disappeared, full of shock and horror!

        The bald-headed old man, who had rushed at the forefront, turned around at this moment and also looked at this shocking scene, looking at Han Qianqian incredulously.

        "This, how is this possible, you ...... are only at the middle stage of Ethereal cultivation, how can you ...... be able to kill them in seconds ah?" The bald old man couldn't help but have his legs go soft at this point.

        Even though he had followed Zhang Xiangbei and done a lot of bad things and killed a lot of innocent people, such a bloody second kill still scared him to the point where his legs went weak.

        "Who told you that I'm in the middle stage of the Ethereal?"

        As soon as the words fell, before the bald old man could reflect, suddenly Han Qianqian disappeared again, waiting for the next second, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest, followed by bang bang bang bang dozens of palms then hit directly on top of his chest, a strange force even made his whole body fly backwards several meters and hit the ground heavily.

        Zhang Xiangbei just wanted to run, but saw a black shadow in front of him: "No ...... no, no, you can't kill me, do you know who I am? I am the masked man, if you kill me, there will be, there will be many people taking revenge."

        "No, you're not, I am!" Han Qianqian smiled wickedly.